23. - 28. JULY 2018 - HJØRRING - DENMARK
B12 2017

Tucuman 1 (ARG) – Vidar FK 1 (NOR) 2-0 (5-3)

’I hope to see you in the final.’

That is what the head of Dana Cup, Jette Andersen, told Tucuman and Liverpool FC on Monday, when the mayor of Hjørring, Arne Boelt welcomed the two teams in the town hall.
On Friday Argentinian Tucuman fulfilled Jette Andersen’s wish and even managed to win the final in the club’s first visit to the Dana Cup.

After four minutes of play, Tucuman was 2-0 in front and seemed to have won the game but, in just two golden minutes in the second half, Vidar equalised. However, Tucuman scored again and in only a few minutes the score went from 2-2 to 4-2. Yet, once again Vidar managed to bring excitement into a very entertaining game, when the Norwegians equalised with five minutes left. Tucuman’s goal in stoppage time was only adornment. Super game by both teams.

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G17 Summit


When Fortuna Hjørring and KoldingQ met Friday morning in the semi-final in class G17, it was a Danish summit. Both clubs are among the best four clubs in the Danish 3F League and at youth level both teams also play in the best league.
’Prior to the summer holiday, we won the Danish championship in our age group and, luckily, all the players are here at Dana Cup,’ says Kolding’s head coach, Jesper Bisgaard, who naturally regrets loosing 2-1 to Fortuna.
’My job is to ready the players for the next level in Danish football and practice the style of football that we would like to play in KoldingQ. We like to pass the ball instead of kicking it, but there is no answer book in football and one way of playing is not better or more correct than another. Actually, I think that we saw two ways of playing the game today,’ Jesper Bisgaard says.
On the other side of the centreline Fortuna Hjørring’s head coach was obviously more satisfied.
’It was a kind of summit, and I think that it is great that we are able to play so well knowing that we played three games yesterday. So did KoldingQ but my players also had to work in the kitchen, clean or had other duties at Dana Cup. I think that fact puts the result in perspective.’
Henrik Larsen agrees with Jesper Bisgaard that the many spectators witnessed some of the best Danish girls’ football.
‘We have 5-6 national players and so does KoldingQ,’ says Henrik Larsen, who admits that he has an important task of building on the foundation that coaches in U16 and U14 make and, thereby, preparing the best for both the 3F League and perhaps even the national team.

‘ When the players come to me, I expect, not least, that the technical skills are all right. We continue practicing skills, but certainly also tactical understanding,’ he emphasises. Having won the game, Fortuna Hjørring plays the final in G17 tonight in Nord Energi Arena.


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B11 2017

Frederikssund FB (DEN) – Cantalao (PER) 5 – 2 (1-1)

Cantalao from Peru has proud traditions in the Dana Cup. The South Americans won class B11 in 2016 and have won that class four times. Apparently, the Danish boys from Frederikssund did not know that.

They played a great game based on technical skills and a good tactical understanding, totally without respect for their opponents and, thus, already went in front 1-0 after six minutes of play. However, five minutes before half time, Cantalao equalised with a perfect header.

Just one minute into the second half, the story repeated itself. Due to a well-played attack, Frederikssund went in front again but only a couple of minutes later Cantalao equalised. Then the best player of the match, Frederikssund’s number 10, took control of the game. Scoring a real hat trick, he clearly underlined the Danish dominance, so Frederikssund deservedly won the match 5-2.

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G12 2017

Kreis Cloppenburg NFV (GER) – Minsk FC (BLR) 3 – 4 after extra time (2-1)

The fortunes of battle fluctuated. An old worn phrase in football but, nevertheless, it fits well to describe the first final between Kreis Cloppenburg NFV from Germany and Minsk FC from Belarus.
From the very beginning of the game, the Belarusians put a lot of pressure on the opponents and, actually, dominated the game until the Germans scored after 11 minutes of play. Six minutes later they went in front 2-0, but when Minsk scored one minute before half time, the game changed. Consequently, Minsk FC equalised one minute into the second half.

After 28 minutes Kreis Cloppenburg scored again from the distance, but five minutes later Minsk equalised again, and as nobody scored again, the game went into extra time.
In extra time Minsk FC won the game when the captain, one of the best players of the game, scored.

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During the Dana Cup tournament the SPORTMASTER-tent has been very busy. Among other things, it is due to the fact that many players would like name and number on their shirts.

’Naturally, the participants can also get name and number on the official shirts of their favourite football clubs,’ Kasper Hansen from SPORTMASTER emphasises. Name costs 80 kr while it costs 30 kr for each number. The SPORTMASTER-tent is open on Friday 9-22 and on Saturday 9-14.


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U.S. Virgin Islands Competes at the Dana Cup


For the second year running the Virgin Islands American Youth Soccer Organisation (VIAYSO) U19 soccer team participates in Dana Cup. What is more, earlier in the spring the St. Croix AYSO hosted The St. Croix International Centennial Soccer Tournament, where teams from the V.I. and Denmark played a number of friendlies. The team is very happy to take part in the Dana Cup, because they like being exposed to the game at the next level.

’We come from an island where we only have four men’s teams and, thus, the boys’ exposure to the game is very limited. With only four teams they have a high school season with only 9 games. And for us to come here and play without being outplayed by anybody is an accomplishment in itself ’ says coach Yohannes Worede and adds that it is good to know that they can put up a fight. This afternoon, the team from St. Croix lost 1-2 to Norwegian Odds BK, despite a brave fight.


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U.S. Parents on European Tour


This year a large group of parents from North Carolina, USA, have chosen to come along with their 34 Lake Norman Soccer Club players and two coaches to the club’s 4th Dana Cup. Before arriving at Dana Cup, the group travelled to Iceland to compete in friendlies against local teams. At the same time, they tried to take in Iceland by visiting Gulfoss Waterfall and enjoying the Blue Lagoon. The parents like this combination of football games and sightseeing.

‘ Our club has been coming here for a few years. It is a great experience for us. It allows our kids to see competition from around the world and as a parent it is great to be able to see a very family friendly soccer environment with teams from multiple countries and to have a little holiday. Moreover, we get a chance to bond with our team and club to create community feeling and, at the same time, we get to see our kids play against other competition,’ Cedric Coco says.

Moreover, Cedric Coco is very impressed by the camaraderie at Dana Cup because it is like a miniature World Cup and, additionally, he thinks that Dana Cup and the city of Hjørring have created that unbelievable atmosphere.


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Felm SV supports Germany


In these days dramas do not only unfold on the about 60 fields at the Dana Cup, where all is about making it to the final; however, the quarterfinals are also about to start at the UEFA Women's Euro 2017 in the Netherlands.
As group winner Germany will meet Denmark on Saturday at 8.45 pm and, actually, you will have the chance to see four of Fortuna Hjørring’s players. Also the G19-team Felm SV from Germany, who participates in Dana Cup for the second time, is hoping for goals.

‘The spirit at Dana Cup is super and the weather seems to behave,’ the players say.

Moreover, in reply to the question, which team is going to win on Saturday, Felm SV team leader says:

‘Germany definitely! Fingers crossed! But it’s really impressive that four players from Fortuna Hjørring are on the national team, so we will also keep our fingers crossed a bit for them. Especially, since the population in Denmark and also Hjørring is quite small, it is quite impressive.’


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Russians Encountered Resistance


Russia is the biggest country in the world. In 17,1 million square kilometres around 145 million people live. 5,8 million Russians play football and about 20 of them take part in Dana Cup for the first time. This year the football club Panther was the sole representative of Russia and, still, it was a team from small Denmark that ended the Russian girls’ participation in class G14.

With 6-0, 1-0 and 5-0 wins in the group stage, Panther played Danish Sundby; however, the skilled Danish team was too strong for the Russians.

The Danes quickly took control of the match and, as a consequence, the Danish team won 4-1.


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Amma FC Brings Girls Together


Amma FC is a football club situated in the northeastern part of India. But Amma FC, which participates in Dana Cup for the second time, is not just a local or regional club with local players. When Amma FC participates in class G17 the opponents will play schoolgirls from all over India.

‘Prior to Dana Cup we organise a tournament, where we gather the best players from all over the country and, then, we pick the best,’ explains Mrs Poonan Rawat, who coaches the girls together with Mr Juan.

‘Dana Cup is a great experience for the girls and, as a matter of fact, five to seven of them also participated last year. The girls come from good families and pay for most of the trip themselves. Indian girls’ football is growing but, unfortunately, does not attract many sponsors,’ Poonan Rawat adds. By taking part in Dana Cup Amma FC helps promoting Indian girls’ football.

‘But, in general, football is not a major sport in India. On the other hand, cricket, tennis and badminton are very popular,’ she clarifies.


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Laundry Open 24 Hours a Day


With rain and wet football pitches, the need for clean sports clothing grows. But do not despair.
‘Our laundry is open 24 hours a day. We have seven washing machines and, for instance, we wash the clothes of the staff in Dana Cup’s kitchen, but we’ll happily wash the clothes of players, referees and coaches,’ they say at Dana Cup’s laundry, which is situated in Dana Cup Town next to the two artificial grass pitches.

It costs 100 kr. to have one’s shirt, shorts and socks washed and 150 kr. for a tracksuit.

‘We never say no and if more rain means more work, we simply ask for more time telling the customers to return in four hours or when the washing is done,’ they say.


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