23. - 28. JULY 2018 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

Ambitious elite concept in Denmark


Dana Cup Academy offers development for women football players for the highest elite level

Dana Cup Academy has published the concept of Denmark's most ambitious elite plan for the development of women footballers. You can see the concept here

Dana Cup Academy in Hjørring will open in August 2017. The academy is the first of its kind in Denmark. Dana Cup Academy offers Danish and international female football players personal development with football as the main focus but also hand in hand with other educational options, tailor made for each individual student.

The academy has first class facilities and top level coaches. The schooling and studies are adapted to each individuals wishes and level and there is a wide range of different educational institutes located close to the Dana Cup Academy.
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Skallerup-Vennebjerg IF


We are extremely happy to participate in the Dana Cup Hjørring. It is fantastic to be able to offer our players such an experience.

I have been a football coach for 25 years, I have seen Champions League in Italy and many other exciting things with football. But the best experience I have had was last year when we participated in the opening ceremony at the Dana Cup. Walking through the city streets and feeling the amazing atmosphere beats everything else that I have experienced. I was touched, proud and happy at the same time.   
We can highly recommend all clubs regardless of nationality to take part in the Dana Cup. Dana Cup gives experiences you will remember the rest of your life.
Skallerup-Vennebjerg IF
Chairman and U15 coach
Mogens Juulsen
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Destination Denmark

Transport to and from Dana Cup Hjørring


As you know we offer free transport to and from your accommodation for Dana Cup participants paying the A-band fee and who are arriving and departing with the:

- Ferry in Frederikshavn, Hirtshals or Grenaa
- Plane in Aalborg or Aarhus
- Train in Hjørring

If you need to or wish to arrive in Billund, Copenhagen, Hamburg etc., and you are looking at booking a bus or train then we can assist you. We can book buses as requested and we can book train tickets 2 months prior to your expected departure date, just get in touch for more information.

Here in 2017 we are offering teams the options to be placed on a “Shared bus list” this means we can sign you up if you are interested in sharing a bus to and from any of these paid pick up places and we can try and put your team together if possible in a shared bus. It all depends on arrival dates, times and number of persons but if possible it can help cut the costs of your bus transfer, if not then you still have your bus booking option and or train booking option.

Get in touch if you wish to be placed on our list or if you need assistance with your transfers This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
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Strong sponsors are now behind Fortuna and Dana Cup Hjørring

Fortuna and Dana Cup have entered into new agreements with New Balance, SELECT and SPORTMASTER - all leaders in the sporting brand industry.    

From 1st of July, you will see a new logo on the sports clothes that the players wear in Fortuna and new footballs in their games. The new agreement by Fortuna and Dana Cup, with New Balance and SELECT will also see products from these quality sporting brands at the Dana Cup tournament.

Fortuna and Dana Cup have also extended one of their major sponsor agreements with SPORTMASTER who are an essential element in supplying the equipment. Dana Cup and Fortuna have had an excellent cooperation with SPORTMASTER for many years and that will now continue. The new agreement will start on 1st of July.
Fortuna will present the three partners in conjunction with their quarterfinal match in the UEFA Women’s Champions League between Fortuna Hjørring and Manchester City Women on Thursday night.
- These are three very good agreements that have fallen in place. Together with New Balance, we can achieve a capacity that will unite the World together. They give us the opportunity to develop football in Fortuna, both on at the elite and amateur level – says the CEO for Fortuna Hjørring, Jette Andersen.
- There is established an agreement with major economic content, which is very significant for Fortuna. I also hope that our partners will benefit from engaging as comprehensive as they are in both Fortuna and the Dana Cup – says Jette Andersen.

New Balance are already sponsors in football clubs like Liverpool FC, Celtic FC, FC Porto, Sevilla FC and LOSC Lille while standing behind many of the World’s best football players – like Danish Kasper Schmeichel.

- We are committed to strengthening our presence in the global football market by aligning ourselves with the best international football clubs, players and tournaments – says the General Manager of New Balance Football Richard Wright.

New Balance will engage with the elite and amateur through Fortuna while being a positive partner at the grassroots level through the Dana Cup. See a welcome video from Jürgen Klopp here

The Sales Director and former Danish National Team player Søren Busk from the Danish company SELECT, known to supply the World’s best footballs, is also looking forward to seeing the Danish football roll in Fortuna’s elite games and in the more than 2.000 games played at the Dana Cup. The former Danish footballer, star goalkeeper and founder Eigil Nielsen, had an eye for quality and development and their footballs are renowned for their quality and stability. There is 3,5 million Select footballs sold every year.
- We see it as another endorsement of our footballs, when the elite club Fortuna have chosen SELECT – says Søren Busk. The Danish National Team has played with the SELECT ball for more than 65 years and through this new agreement we are looking forward to being a part of the development of Danish youth and women’s Football – says Søren Busk.

SPORTMASTER are also extremely proud with the new agreement and association with Fortuna and Dana Cup.

- We believe that both locally and internationally we have chosen the best partner for our brand. Fortuna Hjørring shares the same values that we have and want at SPORTMASTER. It is a club with vision and they work seriously and diligently. We also wish to do our part in creating more focus for girls and women’s football, so we could not find a better partner – says Sales Manager, Thomas Christensen from SPORTMASTER.
Get Media Releases from New Balance and SELECT
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Dana Cup Hjørring - Quality and content


The Dana Cup has been around since 1982, steadily growing each summer from 222 teams to over 1.100 teams from every corner of the World. Dana Cup is Denmark’s largest sporting event and the most international youth soccer tournament in the World.

Our ambitions for the tournament are not about being the largest in the World, although we are placed in the TOP 3. The most important factor for us is the quality and content of our tournament! The quality and the tiny details that need to be in place to ensure that every team can experience one week of amazing youth football in Hjørring.
From the time you arrive to our tournament, we have a platform set in place to ensure that all you have to worry about is getting out on the playing field and playing some fantastic football games against teams from far off corners of the World.
With a smooth check in for the tournament and at your school, transport at your door step to the Dana Cup center and the playing fields, fantastic green grassed fields and a tournament plan that runs like a clock without any delays and much more– the necessary components are in place.
Once again, in 2017 we have entries from teams from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. You will experience international games against some of the biggest soccer nations from around the World.
The following nations have been represented at the Dana Cup:
Albania - Algeria - Antigua and Barbuda - Argentina - Armenia - Australia - Austria - Azerbaijan - Bangladesh - Barbados - Belarus - Belgium - Bermuda - Bolivia - Bosnia-Herzegovina - Brazil - Bulgaria - Burkina Faso - Canada - Cameroon - Chile - China PR - Colombia - Congo - Congo DR - Costa Rica - Côte d'Ivoire - Croatia - Cyprus - Czechoslovakia - Czech Republic - Denmark - Dominican Republic - Ecuador - Egypt - England - Equatorial Guinea - Eritrea - Estonia - Faroe Islands - Finland - France - Georgia - Germany - Ghana - Greece - Greenland - Guatemala - Haiti - Honduras - Hong Kong - Hungary - Iceland - India - Indonesia - Ireland, republic of - Israel - Italy - Japan - Jordan - Kenya - Korea DPR - Korea Republic - Kosovo - Latvia - Lebanon - Liberia - Liechtenstein - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Macedonia, FYR - Malaysia - Malta - Mexico - Moldova - Morocco - Nepal - Netherlands - New Zealand - Nigeria - Northern Ireland - Norway - Pakistan - Palestine - Peru - Philippines - Poland - Portugal - Réunion - Romania - Russia - Saudi Arabia - Serbia - Scotland - Serbia & Montenegro - Singapore - Slovakia - South Africa - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - Taipei, Chinese - Tanzania - Thailand - Turkey - Turkmenistan - Uganda - Ukraine - United Arab Emirates - Uruguay - USA - Venezuela - Virgin Islands - Wales – Zambia.
Join the Dana Cup Family this summer – we can promise you an experience of a lifetime!
To recieve our tournament prices, just send a quick e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Our entry deadline is 1st of May 2017, you can enter online here
We look forward to welcoming you and your club to Hjørring, you will be more than welcome.
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friday2 10.03

I have a dream


In 1982 the founder of the Dana Cup, John Robert Larsen said "I have a dream" just as Martin Luther King said in his famous freedom speech at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC the 28th of August, 1963. John Robert Larsen's dream was to start an International Youth Soccer Tournament for young soccer players from all around the World to unite and play the beautiful game of football.

From 222 teams the first year, there is now more than 1.100 teams from 45 nations each year and we are honored and humble to welcome the youth of the World to Hjørring. The dream lives on each summer, with more than 20.000 participants battling it out on the playing fields in competitive but friendly games. After one week filled with fantastic football, the young players are united through their amazing experience and some can treasure the championship title and trophies.
The tournament offers a platform for young soccer players to unite and experience their passion for football, respect, unity, equality, friendships and much more.
Classes and age limits:
Boys B19, B17, B16, B15, B14, B13, B12(7) & B11(7)
Girls G19, G17, G16, G15, G14, G13 and G12(7)
To recieve our tournament prices, just send a quick e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Our entry deadline is 1st of May 2017, you can enter online here
We look forward to welcoming you and your club to Hjørring, you will be more
than welcome.
Join the Dana Cup Family in 2017 - Dana Cup Hjørring 24-29 July!
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Dana Cup International Football Camp


Dana Cup is proud to present our brand new "International Football Camp" from the 16-22 July, 2017.

Do you want to be a better football player?

That is the message and that is what we can help you with, if you participate in our camp this summer - the week before the Dana Cup.

Experience one week or three days together with other ambitious football players. We will cover technical, tactical, team training, games, physical, mental training and much more. 

We offer professional facilities and professional coaches who have played and coached at the highest levels. 
Our camp is held at the Dana Cup SportsCenter, the perfect place for your training camp. All of the sporting facilities are found within walking distance of the Dana Cup SportsCenter.
Read more about the Dana Cup International Football Camp here - see you here this summer!
dcifc 1
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Thocks India

Dana Cup changed Adhithi's life


- The level at the Dana Cup competition was very high, so it created a challenging environment to play at which kept me looking ahead for every match we played! This was the remark from Adhithi Rajgopala, captain of the Indian team "Amma FC" after her coach, Bikram Thockhorn asked why she wants to return to the Dana Cup?

Adhithi Rajgopala played in the Dana Cup for the very first time in 2016 and she will return with her team mates in 2017.

- Dana Cup was definitely a major highlight of my life because it not only taught me football but it also gave me an opportunity to meet different people from various countries, understand their culture, got me ever lasting friendships, gained me respect, gave me confidence, exposure and an amazing experience.
- Dana Cup is definitely a turning point in my life because it made me realize how tough and competing the outside world is and how hard one must work in order to excel in their field. This tournament has changed my entire life by making me take football as my profession and it still keeps me going with that fire inside me to become an international football player and bring pride to my country.
For the Dana Cup it is fantastic to hear how much Adhithi has achieved through her experience at the Dana Cup and how it has changed her life in a positive way. Football is, in many ways, a game with perspective!
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nyhed 02.02.17 3

24-29 July


Uniting young soccer players from all around the World to play the beautiful game of football. Are you ready to test your skills against teams from far off corners of the World? Are you ready to make friends across borders, friends that you will remember for years to come? Dana Cup is the answer, both for your football development and your social engagement.

Entries are flooding in for 2017 from around the World - Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. Last year we were honored to welcome 1.153 teams - join our fantastic football festival this summer.
35 years of experience
* 115 nations
* 4.129 clubs
* 25.315 teams
* 63.582 games
* 270.229 goals
A summary of the Dana Cup Hjørring:
* More than 1.100 teams from 45 countries
* Denmark's largest sporting event
* The World's third largest youth soccer tournament
* The World's most international youth tournament with 90% foreign teams
* Excellent grass fields in a safe environment
* 20,000 participants playing in international groups
* Kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches close by
* A fantastic organization with top class personal customer service
* Memories for the rest of your life
Classes and age limits:
Boys B19, B17, B16, B15, B14, B13, B12(7) & B11(7)
Girls G19, G17, G16, G15, G14, G13 and G12(7)
To recieve our tournament prices, just send a quick e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Our entry deadline is 1st of May 2017, you can enter online here
We look forward to welcoming you and your club to Hjørring in the summer of 2017, you will be more
than welcome.
Join the Dana Cup Family in 2017!
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Photo: Are they training to go to the Dana Cup this year? That is the question after the Dana Cup visited the French school in Havana.

French school to form a team together with local Cubans


Football unites!

L’école française de La Havana, a French school located in Cubas capital, is proof of that. Now it looks like the school will strengthen their solidarity with the local Cubans by participating at the Dana Cup. In 2016 the Dana Cup welcomed a new nation, St. Croix and the efforts continue to include the entire World. Up until now, 115 nations have participated and if the efforts pay off in Cuba we can reach 116 nations this year. 

- Our visit to the French school where we met with the Sports Director, Aidan Bueno was a fantastic experience with eager young kids who love to play football. Now I hope that we will be able to give them the experience they are wishing for at the Dana Cup this summer, says Dana Cup Director - Jette Andersen. Jette was together with Alison Leigh Forman from Marketing and Mexican, Patricia Espinosa who organized the trip to Cuba and assisted translating in both Spanish and French.

french 1

Photo: Jette Andersen chatted lightly with the children at the French school and she has no doubt that they would love to take part in the Dana Cup. 

- We had the opportunity to present the Dana Cup, not just the content but the whole idea around the tournament and the children were very wide eyed. I have no doubt that they will do everything they can to be able to come and play football in Hjørring, says Jette Andersen. The Sports Director, Adian Bueno is also very interested. Now we need to discuss this with the parents and we will work towards putting together a trip to the Dana Cup and Europe, says Adian Bueno. As we do daily here in Cuba, we are going to include the children from the local football club in the project. It is very important for our students to have close contact with the local Cuban children and such a football trip will be a fantastic experience.

The Dana Cup delegation had the opportunity to watch the football training where the French school students and the Cuban children participated. The Cuban children have a 41 year old female coach, Yoanis Linaris who is also still playing football. It was a wonderful experience and now our hope is that Cuba will be a new nation, nation number 116.

french 3

Photo: A nice football and Dana Cup conversation on the training field in Havana. From the left, Sports Director - Adian Bueno, the 41 year old female coach and national team player - Yoanis Linaris and Dana Cups translator and agent - Patricia Espinosa.

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cuba article2
Photo: Dana Cup's Director Jette Andersen could ascertain a tremendous media interest when she recently visited Cuba in the hope of making Cuba nation number 116 this year. 

The Cuban press considers the Danish tournament a true adventure


There is no doubt that young Cubans will have a wonderful time, filled with great experiences if they participate at the Dana Cup. We hope to form a close relationship between the Dana Cup and Cuba, so the children can enjoy this experience.

Journalist José Luis López Sado from Juventud rebelde, one of Cuba's national newspapers, showed an enormous interest in helping young Cuban's unite with the rest of the World on the playing fields in Hjørring.

The Cuban journalist made an agreement with the delegation that visited Cuba, to explore the possibilites and José Luis López Sado received an exclusive interview for his Sunday newspaper. The interview has not only be seen all around Cuba but it has been distributed throughout the World via Cuban Ambassies. 

For the Dana Cup it is a constant wish to add new nations to the participant statistics. Cuba has shown a more open attitude since 2015, so it is only natural to work towards making Cuba nation number 116 at the Dana Cup this year.


Photo: From the interview in Havanna, from the left Director Jette Andersen - Dana Cup, Journalist José Luis López Sado - Juventud rebelde and Marketing Alison Leigh Forman - Dana Cup.

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