22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

Pequeninos do Jockey (BRA) – HamKam FB (NOR) 2-1 (2-1)

With two shots on target within the first 30 seconds, the defending Dana Cup Champions in class B14, Pequeninos do Jockey from Brazil, emphasised that the club wanted to bring the trophy back home to Sao Paolo for the fifth consecutive year and 12th time in total.

When the Brazilians went in front after just four minutes, most people thought that they would witness a true samba show. However, Norwegian HamKam thought differently and when the Brazilian goalkeeper could not hold on to the ball, it was easy to equalise in the empty goal.

Then, the Brazilians’ best player with number 19 scored a few minutes later.
The goal spree failed to materialize, but some of the Brazilian players showed great skills, not seen before in the finals, and HamKam was definitely a worthy opponent.

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Kolbotn IL (NOR) – Viking FB (NOR) 0-1 (0-1)

While Viking’s girls in class G15 were unable to defend the colours of the club successfully in the final, the team in class G14 was able to lift the trophy after 40 minutes of position warfare against Kolbotn IL, who was also from Norway.

Both teams had vast difficulties creating any goal scoring chances and, thus, it came as no surprise that Vikings’ goal in the first half was actually an own goal.

Both teams worked hard and Kolbotn’s players also seemed happy about winning silver.

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Djerv 1919 (NOR) – Egersunds IK (NOR) 3-0 (1-0)

After three minutes of play, an own goal helped Djerv 1919 against Egersunds IK in the Norwegian final in class B19. But it took 30 minutes before Djerv got into gear and played some structured football.

Both teams tended to kick long balls instead of putting a lot of pressure on the opponents but with two cautious defences in place, it was easy to head or kick the ball back, so despite a 3-0 win there was a lack of goal scoring chances.

When Djerv went in front 2-0, Egersunds had no countermove and, accordingly, the victory was never at risk and the 3-0 goal was only extra colouring for a hard fought match.

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Mutiny FC (USA) – Viking FC (NOR) 3-2 (1-1)

The girls from Mutiny and Viking both fought bravely, and they hold records for most goals scored in the finals, so far.

Especially in the first half it was a very close game. Mutiny FC passed the ball well and, after six minutes of play, the team went in front 1-0. 10 minutes later Viking FC equalised with a beautiful header.

When the Americans made it 2-1 and 3-1, it looked as if the winners had been found, but Viking fought back and, naturally, when they powered home a header from a corner kick, they were very happy.
Then, both teams tried to take control of the match; however, without creating any real chances. Mutiny FC won the final, but Viking FC might as well have won.

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Stadtlohn Sus 1920 (GER) – Gneist IL (NOR) 4-5 (0-0) after extra time and penalty shootout

So far, this game has been the finals’ only 0-0 draw after regular playing time. Despite an intense fight with lots of hard tackling, the boys from German Stadtlohn Sus 1920 and Norwegian Gneist IL failed to create any real chances in ordinary (50 min) or extra time (2 times 5 min).

Then, in order to determine the winner of the final the game ended with a penalty shootout. Gneist IL won the penalty kicks by scoring one goal more than Stadtlohn. Despite not creating any chances, the match was still the game of the finals with the most goals.

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Fyllingsdalen FK (NOR) – Düren-Niederau FC (GER) 1-0 (1-0)

With a narrow 1-0 win, there was, more or less, no doubt about who was going to win the trophy during the entire match.

Fyllingsdalen went ahead 1-0 after nine minutes in the final against Düren-Niederau and, even though, the Germans were in control in the second half, Fyllingsdalen managed to overcome the challenge.

By far, most of the play was in midfield and, thus, the game became more of an intense duel than an exciting football game.

However, this was an excellent final with two hard-working teams.

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Liverpool FC (ENG) – Ottestad IL (NOR) 2-1 (2-1)

English teams are rare guests in the finals at the Dana Cup. The last time an English girls team went home with the gold medals was in 2009, when Ipswich Town won class G16. Accordingly, on Saturday, Liverpool FC had much to live up to, but the players in red from Merseyside did well. With a 2-1 win, Liverpool FC picked up the trophy as the best team in G16 in the club’s first Dana Cup.

Liverpool FC went ahead after two minutes of play, but Ottestad responded swiftly by equalising three minutes later. However, a misplaced pass by Ottestad enabled Liverpool FC to score again after 17 minutes.
After the half-time break Ottestad took control of the match. The team fought bravely and even hit the post.

But as the game progressed, the Norwegian team created fewer chances and as they were unable to score seconds before the final whistle the Norwegian girls had to be pleased about winning silver.

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Trauma IF (NOR)- Rhein-Hunsrück (GER) 1-2 (1-2)


When Rhein-Hunsrück from Germany won Saturday’s first final, the size of the players became one of the decisive factors. The German players were bigger and faster than their Norwegian opponents and as Rhein-Hunsrück went in front after one and a half minutes, it was difficult to predict how Trauma IF would react.

And even though the Norwegian boys went behind 0-2 after 11 minutes, they still continued the fight against a superior team and, as a consequence, they deservedly scored after 17 minutes of play. Nonetheless, they did not manage to win.

In the second half the Germans put the game on cruise control winning gold. A great game requires two good teams and credit to Trauma IF for not giving up and, thus, contributing to an excellent final.


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Fortuna Aalesund FK (DEN) – Fortuna Hjørring (DEN) 0-3 (0-3)

When Fortuna Hjørring went in front 1-0 after just one minute of play in the final against Fortuna Aalesund from Norway, the players in blue knew that it was going to be difficult. Fortuna Aalesund fought bravely, but as the Norwegian girls used too much energy defending they were unable to create good chances.

Consequently, Fortuna Hjørring was in control of the game. The 3-0 win was never at risk even though the lead was to some extent a pretext for doing nothing and, subsequently, the second half was not as entertaining as the first 25 minutes.

Fortuna Aalesund won silver and has every reason to be content because, on this day, the Norwegians simply lost to a better football team.

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Fairplay2017 Boys

The Winners of Fair Play 2017

The jury at Dana Cup has found the winners of this year’s Fair Play trophies among the boys and girls. Mansfield Crew FC in class G15 from the USA was awarded the Fair Play trophy among the girls and Cantalao in class B11 from Peru won the boys’ Fair Play trophy with the following reasoning.
Since the arrival in Hjørring, both teams have shown a remarkably pleasant appearance in connection with transport and accommodation.

Likewise, both teams have been extremely cooperative and have always complied with various requests from the referees concerning player information.

During the completion of all games, the players have displayed a very remarkable behaviour and helped ensure that all involved parties around the matches have had a good and unforgettable experience.
Mansfield Crew FC participates in the Dana Cup for the first time.

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Fortuna Hjørring (DEN) – Langfjorden FK (NOR) 3-0 (1-0)

Even though Langfjorden FK had strong support from enthusiastic spectators in the stands, the Norwegian players were busy preventing Fortuna Hjørring from scoring in a game, in which the Norwegian players in the red shirts failed to create a single chance; however, at one point, the Norwegian players and fans felt that they should have been awarded a penalty.
Hence, with a 3-0 win, Fortuna Hjørring deservedly won the trophy in G17.

After at 1-0 lead at half time, it looked as if Langfjorden FK was best in the beginning of the second half. Fortuna Hjørring’s players seemed nervous making too many mistakes, but Fortuna scored two second half goals to give them a well-deserved victory.

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