23. - 28. JULY 2018 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

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Plan the Trip Home

Staff at the tournament’s department of transport have felt rather warm today, even though temperatures have only begun to rise slightly. For several different reasons, a number of teams have forgotten to inform Dana Cup that they need transport from, in particular, the ferries to either the centre area or one of the schools. The missing busses have presented some challenges for the staff at the department of transport.

‘Consequently, we encourage all teams in need of transport to ferries, trains or airplanes to make sure that transport home has been booked. As a matter of fact, deadline for ordering transport is on Tuesday, so that we can inform the transport companies in advance’, head of transport, Jørgen Nielsen, underlines.

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Hjørring Supports Dana Cup


With almost 25,000 players, managers and family members, the Dana Cup is obviously an important event for Hjørring and, thus, also the shops. Consequently, event and activity manager Rikke Ejsenhardt from Hjørring Handel welcomes the solid support of its members.
‘Of course, our members support Dana Cup and 70 shops stay open the entire week until 8.00 pm enabling the participants to shop when the last goal has been scored,’ smiles Rikke Ejsenhardt, who also invites the participants to a number of free events in the town centre.

Tuesday afternoon, while playing Sweeper Arm, it is possible to test the ability to stay on your legs with the boom arm charging towards you, also known from Ninja Warriors. Thursday and Friday afternoon one can play Rodeo Football and Barcelona Kicker, which is partly about keeping the balance on a football and partly about testing the leg muscles with Barcelona Kicker.
On Thursday Jens Varmløse plays at Four o’clock Rock. Jens Varmløse is a talented local musician, who plays country and pop music on his acoustic guitar.
All events take place at Springvandspladsen, which is in the centre of Hjørring. On the occasion of the Dana Cup, the streets in the centre of town are decorated with football t-shirts, which are hung up like a paper chain along with lost of footballs. Moreover, there are green carpets at the shops symbolising football.
‘Last year, studies showed that there were between 24,000 and 34,000 guests in the centre of town each day during the tournament and, naturally, it goes without saying, that Dana Cup is an important event for Hjørring. Subsequently, the shops support the tournament,’ Rikke Ejsenhardt underlines.


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2705 Games Before the Winners are Found

With 1067 participating teams in this year’s Dana Cup, 2705 matches will be played before the winners are found in the last final Saturday night.

’That’s how it looks right now, but things might easily change. As late as this morning, we found out that a team from Nigeria had just been granted a visa and is therefore on its way to Dana Cup,’ the head of the tournament Ole Vang Bruun explains.

The first games will start Tuesday morning at 7.30 am.

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Last Adjustments before the Tournament Starts

This morning the boys from Norwegian Arna-Bjørnar were in full swing with the final preparations before the games start Tuesday morning. Coach Jørn Frode Mjelde is looking forward to the players taking action in U14.
’We do an easy practice session to get in a good mood and to avoid injuries. But, first and foremost, it’s about training on the grass pitches,’ explains coach Jørn Frode Mjelde and also mentions that he is very happy to stay in a school close to the pitches.
Finally, coach Jørn Frode Mjelde says that it is not important whether or not the end up in the A or B finals but, on the other hand, having fun.

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Boys and Girls Specially Selected


A team of boys from Argentina and a team of girls from England had been specially selected, when they arrived at the town hall in Hjørring’s cosy train. The boys from Tucuman participate in class B12, while the girls from Liverpool FC take part in class G16.

’Welcome to Dana Cup 2017. You have all been specially selected. Tucuman as the representative for all the boys, who take part in this year’s Dana Cup. Liverpool FC as the representative for all the girls,’ the manager of the Dana Cup, Jette Andersen, stressed in her speech in the town council hall.

‘By lighting the flame at the City stage, you have officially opened Dana Cup 2017. We hope that we have a fantastic football tournament again this year and, hopefully, we will have no rain,’ said Jette Andersen, who also hoped to see both Tucuman and Liverpool FC in the finals at Bredbånd Nord Arena on Friday and Saturday.


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Direct TV from the opening

The tournament partner, Gistrup Film has a strong team with highly flexible technology that allows you to get up close and personal with the opening ceremony in the entire area.

Follow the livestream here: http://www.danacup.com/index.php/en/media/live-streaming

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A Week of Football and Friendship


In keeping with tradition Dana Cup 2017 was officially opened, when mayor Arne Boelt together with the town’s event manager Krumme and a selected group of players from Tucuman in Argentina and Liverpool FC from England lit the torch at City stage in the centre of Hjørring.
The fire burns around the clock the entire week as a symbol of football and friendship. Moreover, it also signifies that Dana Cup is about respecting diversity and each other. And, of course, about football characterized by fair play and friendship.


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Hjørring Welcomes You

In keeping with tradition the mayor of Hjørring, Arne Boelt, welcomed the players to Dana Cup. Tucuman from Argentina and Liverpool FC from England were invited to a special event at the town hall, where the mayor talked about the town and the area.

’Normally 65,000 people live in Hjørring municipality, but in the summer we are around 100,000. We have some of the country’s finest sandy beaches, which attract many tourists. And so does Dana Cup. The town of Hjørring has 25,000 inhabitants and this week we are more than 45,000 people in the town’, said Arne Boelt, who also expressed great pleasure in hosting a football tournament that brings together so many young people from around the world.
Later the mayor gave gifts to the players and managers, just as there were refreshments for all.

On the other hand, the managers of the two teams expressed their pleasure in participating in Dana Cup and to be selected to meet the mayor, who was given t-shirts from both Tucuman and Liverpool FC.

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mobilvideo reklame

Dana Cups MobilVideo App


Download Dana Cup’s MobilVideo App and have your best and funniest video clips shown on Dana Cup TV.

Download the iPhone and Android App at: http://live.video-stream.dk/videoapp


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Nordic showdown on the big screen


We have made an agreement so the UEFA Women's Euro 2017 game between Norway and Denmark can be shown at the Dana Cup.

Enormous goodwill from UEFA, TV2 and Copydan has made it possible for Dana Cup participants to watch the game, or least a part of the game in the UEFA Women's Euro between Norway and Denmark on the big screen on the opening night - Monday the 24th of July. 

The game will be played at Stadion De Adelaarshorst in Deventer, 144 kilometers east of Amsterdam, with kick off at 20:45.

The game takes place at the same time as the opening ceremony is taking place at the Nord Energi Arena. With many Norwegian participants, there is a lot of interest for the match in Holland, so our Dana Cup participants cannot miss out on the opportunity to see the match. 

How much of the game that will be seen is unsure, as it depends on the opening ceremony but we expect to be able to see most of the second half and end of the game. 

The game will be shown on two big screens, one at the Nord Energi Arena and one at the HALLEN Park Vendia on Ths. Morildsvej.


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World´s best football ready for the Dana Cup


SELECT, the Danish football company that has the reputation of delivering the World´s best football, is looking forward to seeing their footballs on the field at the Dana Cup 2017.

SELECT has specially designed this years football for the Dana Cup – it is blue for the boys games and pink for the girls games. It is a beautiful football that will make it easy to score some fantastic goals at this years tournament. 
The CSO at Select and former Danish National Team player, Søren Busk is certain that the ball will roll perfectly over the 2.000 games that will be played between the young players from all around the World. At the Dana Cup, it means a lot to us, to be able to give our participants and even greater joy by playing with a totally reliable football!
SELECT was founded in 1947 by Eigil Nielsen, the Danish national football team’s goal keeper, who had an eye for quality and development. The SELECT ball is characterized by stability and there is sold 3.5 million SELECT balls worldwide each year.
- We see it as another endorsement of our footballs when the Dana Cup has chosen SELECT, says Søren Busk. The Danish National Team has played with SELECT balls for the last 65 years. Now we are looking forward to being a part of the development of youth football in Denmark and Worldwide.


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