23. - 28. JULY 2018 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

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Dana Cup on the road

Photo: Flemming Nielsen on the road for Dana Cup

Dana Cup offering trainer support


Wednesday the 20th of February you will once again find the Dana Cup on the road in Germany.

The extremely experienced elite coach Flemming Nielsen, who took the womens team from Fortuna Hjørring to the top will train SdU's under 16 national team on the artificial field at IF Stjernen in Flensburg. Flemming Nielsen who is also connected to the Dana Cup will do an evaluation of the training in the clubhouse after the session on the field.

At the same time as we offer training and instructing, Flemming will present the Dana Cup in Hjørring to the coaches. We are aiming to increase the interest for the Dana Cup in Northern Germany through these efforts.

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Inspiration at Disney

Photo: Kasper Poulsen, Jette Andersen and Leo Leite.

Visit to Disney for inspiration


Disney is more than just cartoon characters. There are also huge theme parks, one of which you will find in Orlando Florida, Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex located right next door to the parks.

Dana Cup representatives have recently visited the huge sports center with 17 soccer fields and several other sporting grounds for other sports.

- It is impressive and we are inspired in different ways, both in the running of our tournament and activities on the side lines says Dana Cup Leader, Jette Andersen.

- We are of course not on the same level as Disney but there are many of the larger things that they work with that we can incorporate with the Dana Cup.

Jette Andersen is looking forward to working on the American ideas.

Sales Director Leo Leite from Disney was the man who took the Dana Cup representatives Jette Andersen, Kasper Poulsen and Torben Vandsted on the very inspirational tour and lecture.

Now we will work on the ideas in Hjørring. This will lead to Dana Cup participants enjoying an even higher level of satisfaction at an international level.

Disney Stadium

Photo: Leo Leite talks enthusiastically about their arena with Jette Andersen listening. 

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Carlos Benavides

Photo: Alison Leigh Forman, Carlos Benavides and Jette Andersen

Never forgets the Dana Cup


- Dana Cup is an experience I will never forget!

These words were spoken by one of Peru's most famous soccer stars Carlos Benavides who is now a director at Club Sporting Cristal in Lima and who played at the Dana Cup 20 years ago with Cantolao.

This was one of the reasons why the Dana Cup representatives received such a great reception and tour of the Peruvian top club headquarters in Lima and there is no doubt that the Dana Cup is a goal for many of the youth teams from Club Sporting Cristal.

- I really want our young players to have the same lifetime experience that I had. I have travelled all around the World with the national team and club team but I always have Dana Cup in my memory as the "biggest" experience.

The trip to Europe and Hjørring has made my soccer life more eventful. Carlos is an former Peruvian national team player who has won many championships with Club Sporting Cristal. Now he is together with Club Sporting Cristal planning their trip to the Dana Cup and there is no doubt that the boys from the club will help to make everyones soccer experience in Hjørring a good one.

F. Mellan

Photo: Our guide Jose Ramirez, agent Patricia Espinosa, Alison Leigh Forman, F. Mellan, Jette Andersen and Torben Vandsted.

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Peru welcomes Dana Cup

Photo: Dante Mandriotti, Jette Andersen, Alison Leigh Forman and two young soccer players from Cantolao.

Peru welcomes the Dana Cup


220 young South American soccer players are dribbling the ball around in 28 to 30 degrees heat on 4 of the fields in Peru's capital Lima. They are participating in one of South Americas most prestigious youth tournaments, the Copa Amistad.

The players come from all around South America and this means you can experience some very elegant soccer. That is exactly what Dana Cup's International Secretary Alison Forman and the Daily Leader Jette Anderden are experiencing in these days.

The Dana Cup representatives have been given a very warm welcome by the South Americans and most of all from the Copa Amistad organization. The president Dante Mandriotti "Kiko" has been introducing the Dana Cup reps to the many club leaders.

No matter where the Danes show up, there is a huge amount of interest for the Dana Cup and there are many clubs who wish to make Dana Cup a goal for their young soccer players, even though they will have to prepare themselves to play in slightly cooler conditions on the fields in Hjørring.

- We have made some great contacts this way. I cannot say for sure that we will get more teams from South America to the Dana Cup but on the other hand I am sure that we will see positive results from our visit this year and in the years to come, says Alison Forman.

- We are very happy to have the South American teams in our tournament as they offer Dana Cup an exiciting style of soccer that everybody loves to watch and play against, says Jette Andersen.

- We feel that we have not seen a satifactory development in teams from South America the last few years and therefore we decided to take this trip this year. Like Alison, I believe we will see positive results from our efforts.

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