23. - 28. JULY 2018 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

Train, bus and coach all around Northern Jutland


During the Dana Cup 2013 it is possible to experience very good travel options throughout the whole of Northern Jutland.

North Jutland Transport (NT) and DSB are also in the Dana Cup mood. The two companies who cover passenger transport in Northern Jutland are offering between the 22nd and the 27th of July a special Dana Cup ticket that is valid for 12 hours and costs only DKK 50,00. The ticket covers all trains, buses and coaches in Northern Jutland. 

You can get your Dana Cup ticket by downloading their App "NT mobilbilletter". It is available for Android and iPhone. Click on "Other tickets" "Andre billetter" top right hand corner and choose "Dana Cup". You pay with your credit card and as soon as the DKK 50,00 is paid your ticket is activated and you can travel as much as you like for 12 hours on the different routes. The ticket MUST be purchased between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm. So a ticket purchased at 12.00 can be used until midnight, so you can work out yourself which purchase time gives the best benefits. 

Tickets can be used on DSB's main line through Northern Jutland, from Hjørring to Hirtshals and between Frederikshavn and Skagen.

Then there is also all the buses that reach out into every corner. 

With the Dana Cup ticket you have endless opportunities for new experiences throughout the whole area!

Dana Cup's Information can assist with travel options and destinations. 

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tournament schedule

The tournament schedule is ready


The huge jigsaw puzzle has come together. 2.325 games have been included in the Dana Cup 2013 tournament schedule which you can now find here on our website..

921 teams are entered in this years tournament. That is a record. 

The tournament schedule includes 15 classes - 7 for girls and 8 for boys.

In the 11 a side classes there will be played 2.016 games while the 7 a side teams will play a total of 309 games. There will be plenty of action on the playing fields in Hjørring and the surrounding areas when the Dana Cup kicks off between the 22nd and the 27th of July. 

You can see the tournament schedule here

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Free wifi

Free Wi-Fi


There is free Wi-Fi in the center area around the Vendiahallen and on the closest playing fields.

There is also free Wi-Fi in the schools where teams are accommodated during the tournament.

To login and use the free Wi-Fi you need the following information:

Username: DanaCup and Password: danacup2013

The free Wi-Fi is brought to you by Bredbånd Nord.


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Photo: Artificial playing field in Hjørring

Get the best preparaton for the Dana Cup 2013

Now you have the opportunity to be 100% prepared for the Dana Cup 2013.
Fortuna Hjørring has taken over the Dana Cup Sports Center and we can offer training camps in a beautiful area. We can organize everything for you including your training times, training games and different kinds of excursions. 

The Dana Cup Sports Center is ideally located in the Dana Cup center area with only a few 100 meters to the training fields, indoor facilities and the Aquatic Center.

We also have many business partners and can offer attractions and activities at great prices. 

We organize everything for you!

Contact the Dana Cup Sports Center for more information or a quote, we can design a program to fit your exact needs.   

See more at www.danacupsportscenter.dk

Yours sincerely

Bob K. Andersen

Dana Cup Sports Center

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100 trophies out in the World


When the last final is played at the Dana Cup 2013 on Saturday the 27th of July we will have presented no less than 100 huge shinny trophies to the winners, second and third placed teams. The trophies are accepted with enormous enthusiasm, happiness and the trophies really get around. 

For the Dana Cup winners it is a huge experience to get up on the stage at the Hjørring Stadium and be presented with a trophy. Filled with joy they raise the huge trophies over their heads, kissing the side and erupting with wild cheers.

The countdown has started as we await the scenes of pleasure. The final preparations are taking place all around the World as the 50 participating nations get ready to start their journey to Hjørring. The 20,000 young soccer players come from every corner of the World and from early morning on the 23rd of July the hunt is on to get one of the trophies. 

It is an experience to receive a trophy at the Hjørring Stadium and for many it is just as big an experience to return home to a warm welcoming committee. On our Facebook page we have found a video from Ecuador showing a team called Filanbanco who received a huge welcome home in 1987.

You can watch the video here and just maybe you will have the same experience when you return home with your team mates after participating in the Dana Cup 2013.

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Photo: 1.000 new beds

Sleep well!


Dana Cup has invested in 1.000 brand new beds.

- Rent a bed for the week, including blanket, pillow and bed linen.

Now you will sleep even better at the Dana Cup.

Order online with your club login.

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Tarup Paarup

Photo: Tarup Paarup IF are in full swing preparing for the Dana Cup 2013. They have learnt to pose for their team photo. Mikkel, who won the SMS competition is in the middel row, third from the left.

A team from Funen won a trip to the Dana Cup


There are many people who look forward to taking part in the Dana Cup 2013 and for a team from Funen they have been given this wonderful experience in a very different kind of way.

The team, which is entered in our B13 class have been invited to take part by one of the players, 13 year old Mikkel Hougaard Hansen.

Mikkel won an SMS competition last year that the Dana Cup organized together with their media partner Viasat through channel 3+ and Onside. Mikkel had the correct answer to win the prize and could invite all of his team mates free of charge to the Dana Cup 2013.

Now the boys from the fairy tale writer H. C. Andersens city Odense are preparing their own modern day fairy tale adventure, a week together with 20.000 other young soccer players at the Dana Cup.

Back in Funen the preparations are well underway. The boys and their leaders have high expectations and are training extra this year.

Viasat will be back at the Dana Cup 2013 where they will stream live from some of our finals and produce a small documentary from the tournament week in Hjørring and maybe their will be a new competition.

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Photo: Mexican boys

On the way to be the biggest


It is a huge task to house 12,000 of the 16,000 players and leaders that will take part in the Dana Cup this summer.

Dana Cup 2013 bursts every conceivable area and the organizers have a big job in front of them to house the thousands of participants. After the official deadline on the 1st of May is now over, there is registered 907 teams. Around 16,000 players and leaders are on their way to Hjørring to play soccer in the last week of July. 4,000 of them have arranged their own accommodation during the week and the remaining 12,000 will have accommodation through the Dana Cup.

- It is overwhelming to experience the huge interest to come to the Dana Cup this summer. We might still loose a few teams but it looks like a record. Our last record was in 2007 with 852 teams, in 2012 we welcomed 832 and now it looks like around 900 teams, says Dana Cups daily leader Jette Andersen. As we celebrate the number of teams in our office we are also fully aware of the extra work and extra preparations that need to be done.

- And this is already happening, says Jette Andersen.

- When we have to accommodate 12,000 people and feed even more, it requires a considerable amount of preparation. Everything needs to run like clockwork when the young people arrive in town. Some of the local schools are closed which means the Dana Cup has to find some new accommodation options. The challenge is big as we are in a period where the municipality is closing down schools which we no longer can use for accommodation but we will find new places and have it organized in time.

The job to accommodate the participants is not the only challenge in 2013. With more participants there are more family members and supporters coming to Hjørring. These adults have many wishes but most common is the wish to stay in caravans.

- We have secured the space for caravans and tents, so now we just have to secure the caravans to rent out, says Jette Andersen. We have earlier, to a lesser extent, had a camping place which was very popular and a place where the adults could enjoy themselves and contribute to the fantastic Dana Cup atmosphere.

All the Dana Cup staff and the hundreds of volunteers that stand behind the cup are in full swing with more than 2½ months to go before the Dana Cup 2013 kicks off. Dana Cup will take place between the 22nd and 27th of July.

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Photo: Ivan Kakembo with some of his players at the Uganda Youth Soccer Academy

Chasing sponsorship for his young players


It can be very difficult for some teams from around the world to make it to the Dana Cup. It can sometimes seem like an impossible task but for some leaders who have participated before, they give absolutely everything they have so the Dana Cup can be experienced by even more of their players.

This is the case for Uganda Youth Soccer Academy, Ivan Kakembo. He is chasing after sponsorship for his young players and he is hoping that we can assist him with finding sponsorship.

In 2009 he brought some of his young players from his academy to the Dana Cup and since then he has been working hard to try to give the same experience to others.

- I would like to give my children who are 14 years of age the opportunity to experience the Dana Cup. Many of these children are living on the streets and in the slums. They do not have the best lives and can experience horrible things that one just cannot imagine in Denmark says Ivan Kakembo.

- For these children if they receive a single meal each day they are lucky. It gives them hope to come and play soccer at the Uganda Youth Soccer Academy and it would be a fantastic experience for them to come to the Dana Cup.

In 2009 the Dana Cup gave us the opportunity to meet the rest of the World in Denmark and we hope for yet another chance to do this but we need help from sponsors. Ivan Kakembo is hoping that he will be able to get enough sponsorship to make it this summer.

Uganda Youth Soccer Academy online

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To the Dana Cup instead of Aarhus


Registrations to the Football Festival in Aarhus are not enough to run the tournament, the organizers have to give up.

Over the last few years the tournament in Aarhus has be held the same week as the Dana Cup but in 2013 there will only be the Dana Cup on the field.

After contact from Aarhus the Dana Cup obviously agreed to assist the young players out of a sad situation. Dana Cup has opened it´s doors and invited the clubs to Hjørring instead.

The players who had entered the football festival in Aarhus will not have to miss out on their soccer experience this summer.

Dana Cup has already received many entries from clubs that will not travel to Aarhus and there is expected more in the coming days.

There is just a day to go before our official deadline for the Dana Cup is over but if your quick you can still join us and that does not just include clubs that were registered for Aarhus.

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Photo: Dana Cup Town/Hyttebyen

Dana Cup will cover camping needs


Many parents, family members and friends that follow the players to the Dana Cup in Hjørring have had a wish for quiet some time now to be able to combine our tournament with a camping holiday. These wishes are increasing all the time.

So the Dana Cup has been given the permission to make a temporary camping site at the Dana Cup Town in the middle of the Dana Cup center area.

The cabins at the Dana Cup Town are already occupied by Dana Cup participants so this year they will have new neighbours in the form of campers both caravans and tents.

Dana Cup is also working on other accommodation options to cover the huge requests that we are receiving.
Any Dana Cup guests that wish to spend the last week of July camping in Hjørring can order a site by sending a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. you will receive information and prices in return.

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