23. - 28. JULY 2018 - HJØRRING - DENMARK
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 Dana Cup 2013 breaks Records

With 921 participating teams Dana Cup 2013 breaks a distinguished record. Never before in the 32-year history of the tournament have so many teams wanted to participate in the fantastic football tournament in Hjørring.

'The previous record is from 2008, when 832 teams took part. This year we break the record with almost 100 teams; something we are very proud of,' says head of the tournament Jette Andersen, who explains why one should choose Dana Cup.

'We are modest, but we think that we do a great job preparing and organising the tournament. Most of the key persons in Dana Cup's management have taken part many times. It means that everybody knows what to do. Consequently, we are able to offer a very high level of quality all over. From the greeting at the ferries and accommodation to football on super grass pitches and lots of spare time activities. '

'Finally, we know from the participating teams that we are the very best in costumer service. Everybody will get a quick and personal answer, and through the years we have gotten to know a lot of the clubs personally, ' Jette Andersen underlines.

'And, moreover, it is always a lot of fun for the players to participate in a big tournament with many interesting people from the entire world.'

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 Check-in at Dana Cup

It was a busy morning at the Dana Cup check-in the day before the start of the football tournament. However, that's Dana Cup year after year. Now it is tournament number 32, which takes place in 2013, and it is the biggest tournament so far.

Players and coaches of 921 teams from 45 different countries will be checked in from Sunday morning to Monday evening, and then Monday evening they will participate in the opening ceremony at Hjørring stadium.

Three new countries participate in his year's Dana Cup: Bermuda, Honduras and Serbia. Consequently, 112 different countries have been in Hjørring to play football at Dana Cup.

Tuesday morning the matches will start on the 55 pitches in Hjørring and surroundings.

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 Ready for kick off

The ball is pumped up.

The beautiful Adidas ball "cafusa", a design also used during the recent World Cup test tournament the Confederation Cup in Brazil, is the ball that will be rolling across the fields at the Dana Cup.

There is 250 balls to be used in the 2.325 games.

Dana Cup is played on 55 beautiful, green grass fields.

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Dana Cup song from the Faroe Islands


People from the Faroe Islands out in the Atlantic Ocean are well known in Denmark for their happiness and quality of singing. This is confirmed by one of this year's team. The 12 year old boys from HB (Hoyvik B) on the island Streymoy, have released a CD.

Dana Cup asked teams on Facebook to choose their Dana Cup 2013 song and when the fundraising started for the trip to Dana Cup the boys coach, Ingi Rasmussen wrote a song and producer Niels Uni Dam got the team in the studio, where they produced a CD with three songs. One of the songs is the tour and team song for the Dana Cup 2013.

You can hear their song here.

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Dana Cup Program 2013


The print version of the Dana Cup program 2013 is ready to see on the internet. Following tradition, these printed and electronic pages cover all types of information about the Dana Cup. Everything from the dining hall guide to information about your accommodation.   

You will find easy to use maps, instructions on how to find the bus terminal and where the buses drive to. 

You will also find information about lots of different activities happening throughout the Dana Cup week in and round the Dana Cup area. The tournament rules and program for the finals are of course included but there is much more and you can see it here on our website here.

The program for the opening rounds can easily be found on the Dana Cup website

In the Dana Cup center area, on the schools where the teams are accommodated and many other places you will find wireless internet which can be used free of charge so you can easily get online!

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The girls are coming from Peru!


For the first time there will participate a girls team from Peru at the Dana Cup. Santísimo Nombre De Jesús from the South American pacific nation are entered in the Dana Cup 2013 in class G17 for girls 17 years of age.  

The Peruvian girls have been working and training hard to prepare for their trip to Hjørring and they have high expectations at the tournament this summer.

It will be the Dana Cup's first experience with Peruvian girls soccer. 

For many years, boys teams from Peru, especially the club Cantalao from Lima have excited both supporters and opponents when they start their games in their tradition black and yellow playing strips.  

Now it is the girl's turn.

Contact was made with the girls in Peru when the Dana Cup visited Lima in January this year. 

Dana Cup is working together with the INLAC organization which is represented in Peru. Italo Amayo and INLAC boss, Armando and Patricia Espinosa from Mexico have done a fantastic job assisting us in getting Santísimo Nombre De Jesús to the Dana Cup. In Lima the project is also strongly supported by the cultural boss, Juan Jose Tan Cantinet.

See an interview with Santísimo Nombre De Jesús

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Viasat are ready for the Dana Cup


Dana Cup's media partner are on the sidelines and at times behind the scenes when the Dana Cup takes place. The TV company MTG who are standing behind Viasat will send amoung other things, the G14 and B19 finals from the Dana Cup direct on TV3 SPORT 1 and Viaplay on the 27th of July between 1.00 pm and 4.00 pm.

Over the last four years since Viasat made a co-operation with the Dana Cup, they have invited one of the winning teams to MTG's international soccer tournament - MTG United for Peace Cup. This year it will be Dana Cup's best danish G14 girl's team that will go to Stockholm in the middle of October to competet against 14 other nations. 

After the Dana Cup is over they will also show a documentary from the tournament and life around the tournament. There will be sent a one hour program on TV3 SPORT 1 in August.

See more about Viasat's om program from the Dana Cup HERE.

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Soccer Circus at the Dana Cup


There is no doubt that soccer is the motivation for the 20.000 young players who will play at the Dana Cup in Hjørring. It is not just on the playing field or within the playing times that it is the driving force. 

Also during the breaks before and after the games, will the young players "play" with a ball. 

There will be plenty of opportunities at the Dana Cup Soccer Circus, who have set up this summer on the large grassed area near the Vendiahallen and the Dana Cup Sports Center.

The Soccer Circus is made up of 15 to 20 fields, each sized 8 x 15 meters. The fields are enclosed with inflatable rubber and there is room for small competitions or just to socialize with the ball.

There are also 8 to 10 fields set up for soccer tennis. 

Dana Cup is sure that this will be a hit this year. 


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facebook training game DC

Training games!


Get into shape in the last couple of days up to the start of the Dana Cup. Teams arriving early in Hjørring can meet each other, first on Facebook and then on the field. 

See what teams are looking for a training game, make an agreement, time and place.

There are plenty of beautiful soccer fields at the schools and in the Dana Cup center area. All of these fields are free to be used but cannot be reserved. You simply meet with your opponent and kick off your training game. Those who arrive first to the field can play on it.

Enjoy your final preparations!

Training Games on Facebook

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Follow Dana Cup on Instagram


All around the world it is possible to follow the huge Dana Cup tournament in photos.  
On Dana Cup's Instagram you will find some interesting photos and videos from the tournament area.
Our "Behind the Scenes" will give you a better vision of our huge organization. 

Follow Dana Cup here

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Train, bus and coach all around Northern Jutland


During the Dana Cup 2013 it is possible to experience very good travel options throughout the whole of Northern Jutland.

North Jutland Transport (NT) and DSB are also in the Dana Cup mood. The two companies who cover passenger transport in Northern Jutland are offering between the 22nd and the 27th of July a special Dana Cup ticket that is valid for 12 hours and costs only DKK 50,00. The ticket covers all trains, buses and coaches in Northern Jutland. 

You can get your Dana Cup ticket by downloading their App "NT mobilbilletter". It is available for Android and iPhone. Click on "Other tickets" "Andre billetter" top right hand corner and choose "Dana Cup". You pay with your credit card and as soon as the DKK 50,00 is paid your ticket is activated and you can travel as much as you like for 12 hours on the different routes. The ticket MUST be purchased between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm. So a ticket purchased at 12.00 can be used until midnight, so you can work out yourself which purchase time gives the best benefits. 

Tickets can be used on DSB's main line through Northern Jutland, from Hjørring to Hirtshals and between Frederikshavn and Skagen.

Then there is also all the buses that reach out into every corner. 

With the Dana Cup ticket you have endless opportunities for new experiences throughout the whole area!

Dana Cup's Information can assist with travel options and destinations. 

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