23. - 28. JULY 2018 - HJØRRING - DENMARK
Pokaler ny
Ole Jensen, Onside Sportspræmier, has all the trophies and medals ready for this year's Dana Cup.

Trophies and Medals await the Winners

Onside Sportspræmier in Hjørring will supply trophies, figurines and medals when the winners are found.

'We have supplied almost 100 trophies and 1,400 medals at this year's Dana Cup,' explains the owner of Onside Sportspræmier Ole Jensen.

Onside Sportspræmier supplies trophies and sport medals to a large number of events in Denmark and abroad.

'Even though not all teams can win, then there is nevertheless many teams that would like to bring home a souvenir from Hjørring. Every year at Onside Sportspræmier we supply trophies, figurines and medals to teams that did not qualify for the finals, but would like to have a medal. As a matter of fact, we are able to deliver from day to day and teams are welcome to call or send an email,' Ole Jensen underlines.

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Beredskab ny
Responsible Dennis Ottosen (right) and Jan Mørch visit Muldbjergskolen, where security is high quality.

Security is High-Quality

When football players and coaches go to bed each night, they may sleep peacefully. Security at Dana Cup is high quality. Every 20th minute the guards at the schools must make sure that security guidelines are followed and five times a day they must send a report to the local authorities.

'The rules are actually fairly simple. As a rule classrooms in a school may not be used as a sleeping place – at least not for several days in a row. However, the local authorities, Beredskabscenter Hjørring, can grant an exemption, which can last for a maximum of five days. As a consequence, the Danish state has to grant an additional exemption and we start sending those applications in September,' explains responsible Dennis Ottesen, who together with his colleges visit each and every school and sleeping place in order to make sure that everything is ok. For instance, there must be a smoke detector in every single room and there has to be one window pr. 10 persons.

'Moreover, we demand that the guards check the rooms every 20th minute. Subsequently, they have to send us a report five times a day, and we can clearly see that the schools take security very seriously,' Dennis Ottosen emphasizes.

Every night an employee of Beredskabscenter Hjørring visits the schools, and as a result all the schools will be visited during the week.

'At beredskabscentret we want to be an active and constructive partner of Dana Cup. We are not a local authority that wants to obstruct the tournament. Our primary goal is to make sure that nobody is hurt when they stay overnight in the schools. Hereby, we ensure that the parents feel safe sending their children to Dana Cup in Hjørring: as security is high quality here,' Dennis Ottosen underlines.

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Arne Boelt ny
Arne Boelt takes an active part in Dana Cup. Partly by hosting at the old town hall and partly by opening the tournament Monday evening at Hjørring stadium.

Hjørring supports Dana Cup

Every year Dana Cup experiences a lot of support from Hjørring and the municipality. Not least this year, with a record-breaking number of participants, the support has been overwhelming. And there are many reasons why everybody is being so supportive.

'Dana Cup is extremely important for Hjørring and the entire area: much more than people imagine. That is why the municipality of Hjørring heavily supports the tournament and the many, many thousands of people, who visit the town each year,' mayor Arne Boelt stresses.

'For instance, last year I was invited to the big camp for boy scouts in Denmark. There I experienced the extensive preparations needed to arrange such a single event. And it made me think: "But, the people behind Dana Cup do this every year. It is just bigger." The experience seriously opened my eyes to the importance of Dana Cup, even though I did know that 25.000 people are important for the municipality,' the mayor adds.

'Consequently, the municipality of Hjørring supports Dana Cup. We want to do everything to create the best framework, plus be an active part in the process. The inquiry we had make a couple of years ago together with the University of Aalborg also showed that the most important thing for the participants is that things work. And this is where we can help,' mayor Arne Bolt stresses.

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Borgmester ny

Two Teams Welcomed at Town Hall

In keeping with tradition, Monday morning the mayor of Hjørring welcomed two teams in the old town hall. Previously, representatives of Selection Regional from Honduras and Santisimo Nombre de Jesus together with mayor Arne Boelt had symbolically lit the flame, which continues to burn throughout Dana Cup 2013.

The event at the town hall signalled the beginning of one of the world's biggest football tournaments. Thus, many months of preparation is replaced by football boots and sweaty t-shirts.

On behalf of Hjørring mayor Arne Boelt welcomed the players to the town and the local area, plus he said a few words about the municipality of Hjørring and the history of the town.

Also the leader of Dana Cup, Jette Andersen, used the opportunity to welcome the participants.

The two South American teams had brought along many gifts, especially for mayor Arne Boelt, plus representatives of the players and coaches gave beautiful speeches in English.

Finally, the players of Honolulu Bulls Soccer Club from Hawaii performed a lovely traditional dance and they got a big round of applause.

Mayor Arne Boelt and Krumme lit the flame at the City scene.

The leader of Dana Cup, Jette Andersen (left), received a lot of presents together with the mayor.

The girls of Honululu Bulls Soccer Club performed a traditional dance.

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Transport ny

6414 People are picked up by Bus

The department of transport is one of the key functions of Dana Cup. Every year several thousand players and coaches are transported to schools, the area at Vendia Hallen and the football fields. And as an extra service Dana Cup offers to pick up all the teams at the ferries, railway stations and airports in order to bring them to their sleeping places.

'This year we have to transport 6414 people. The first group of people was picked up at Aalborg Airport on Friday when they arrived from the Faeroe Islands. On Saturday we picked up almost 500 people, and yesterday was a very busy day since 3214 participants arrived on board the ferries from Norway and Sweden,' explains, the head of the department of transport, Jørgen Nielsen.

'Today, Monday, we are going to pick up 2590 people in 45 busses – 30 in the morning and 15 in the afternoon.'

Even though the last participants have not arrived yet in Hjørring, the transportation home has already been planned. On Friday 267 participants have booked transportation home. On Saturday 3660 players and coaches will be on the busses, while 2082 stay till Sunday before returning home. The last 200 people return home on Monday.

When all the teams have been collected at the ferries, railway stations and airports, they go straight to Check-in in Hjørring.

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Even the Number of Referees breaks Records

921 teams and 2325 football matches require referees. As a result even the number of referees breaks records. 240 referees from 16 different countries referee at this year's tournament in Hjørring.

'Each year the wish to come to Dana Cup is bigger than our demand so, normally; we turn down around 30 referees. This year, on the other hand, we have increased the number with about 10; for instance, 6 referees come from Istanbul in Turkey. We have never before had referees from there,' explains Søren Bach, who is in charge of the selection of referees.

'However, this year Martin Braun, who referees in the Danish 2nd division, participates. He lives in Brønderslev, just south of Hjørring; thus, he is also local,' Søren Bach says.

Dana Cup attracts referees from the entire world. This year 240 referees participate.

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Vejret ny

Weather supports Dana Cup

The Danish weather can be a tough opponent. Despite the weather often being rather windy, cold and rainy, it is almost always nice in week 30 when Dana Cup takes place in Hjørring.

And this year, in which Dana Cup sets a new record, the weather has decided to shine on the tournament.

Accordingly, the Danish Meteorological Institute forecasts that it will be sunny with 25 degrees C until Friday.

However, on Saturday, when the finals are played, the forecast is a bit unclear. So far it looks like showers during the day – but it may change.

Hence, remember to use sun lotion and drink plenty of water.

Sun and heat is a factor on the fields during Dana Cup 2013.

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Resultater ny

Results on the Internet with Lightening Speed

When Maria and her team have finished playing a match at Dana Cup in Hjørring, her mother Rodrigues at home in Peru will be able to see the result on the Internet with lightening speed. Did she win or loose?

'We live in an age of technology and, naturally, it is reflected in our work,' says Jørgen Dahl, who is in charge of the results at Dana Cup.

'All our venues have been given iPads and WIFI, thus straight after the final whistle the referee will pass on the result to one of our employees at the football pitches, who will then upload it in the system making it accessible to everybody in the world within minutes,' continues Jørgen Dahl, who has not yet gotten rid of the written results entirely.

'Naturally, one will still be able to study all the results on the big boards in front of Vendia Hallen in Hjørring,' Jørgen Dahl explains.

One will be able to see the results of the different matches on the Internet a few minutes after the final whistle.

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Indkvartering ny

Record-Cup requires many Sleeping Places

When football players, managers and coaches of 921 teams are to be accommodated, it requires many sleeping places. Kasper Poulsen, who is in charge of accommodation, has thus managed to find sleeping places in the local schools for almost 20.000 participants.

'Naturally, when Dana Cup 2013 has a record breaking number of 921 teams, it creates some challenges, especially, since Ulvkærskolen in Hirtshals has closed and Hjørring Private Realskolen is being renovated. Luckily, we have a unique cooperation with the municipality of Hjørring and a number of key figures in the local area, which means that we found room for everybody – and we could have managed another 20 teams,' Kasper Poulsen smiles.

'The mayor of Hjørring, Arne Bolt, took the initiative suggesting that Dana Cup should be allowed to use Rakkeby Skole despite it being used as administration while the town hall of Hjørring is being rebuild. Therefore, the mayor decided that the administration of the municipality should move out of the building a couple of weeks before planned creating space for Dana Cup,' explains Kasper Poulsen, who has had a great cooperation with everybody at Hjørring municipality.

In the small village of Astrup, which is situated seven-eight km. outside Hjørring, the entire village is ready to accommodate players and coaches. Here the village lets almost 20 teams use the local kinder garden, school, the scout hut and sports centre.

'Moreover, the employees in the local schools have been able to find extra classes that we may use. It has been a great experience to encounter so much helpfulness,' Kasper Poulsen stresses.

More than 20.000 players, managers and coaches will be accommodated in schools.

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R Turnering

 Dana Cup 2013 breaks Records

With 921 participating teams Dana Cup 2013 breaks a distinguished record. Never before in the 32-year history of the tournament have so many teams wanted to participate in the fantastic football tournament in Hjørring.

'The previous record is from 2008, when 832 teams took part. This year we break the record with almost 100 teams; something we are very proud of,' says head of the tournament Jette Andersen, who explains why one should choose Dana Cup.

'We are modest, but we think that we do a great job preparing and organising the tournament. Most of the key persons in Dana Cup's management have taken part many times. It means that everybody knows what to do. Consequently, we are able to offer a very high level of quality all over. From the greeting at the ferries and accommodation to football on super grass pitches and lots of spare time activities. '

'Finally, we know from the participating teams that we are the very best in costumer service. Everybody will get a quick and personal answer, and through the years we have gotten to know a lot of the clubs personally, ' Jette Andersen underlines.

'And, moreover, it is always a lot of fun for the players to participate in a big tournament with many interesting people from the entire world.'

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R IMG 0010

 Check-in at Dana Cup

It was a busy morning at the Dana Cup check-in the day before the start of the football tournament. However, that's Dana Cup year after year. Now it is tournament number 32, which takes place in 2013, and it is the biggest tournament so far.

Players and coaches of 921 teams from 45 different countries will be checked in from Sunday morning to Monday evening, and then Monday evening they will participate in the opening ceremony at Hjørring stadium.

Three new countries participate in his year's Dana Cup: Bermuda, Honduras and Serbia. Consequently, 112 different countries have been in Hjørring to play football at Dana Cup.

Tuesday morning the matches will start on the 55 pitches in Hjørring and surroundings.

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