23. - 28. JULY 2018 - HJØRRING - DENMARK
Stroem ny
Battery charging depots give energy to both players and cell phones.

 Recharge the Batteries

 Cell phones, IPads and laptops have become an integral part of everyday life for most people. Consequently, an entire day at Dana Cup far away from a plug and a recharger might turn into a challenge. Now Dana Cup offers free recharging in some places in the area for participants and their families.

'We have put up battery charging depots in front of Vendia Hallen and at the Sports Café. Here participants, who have no more energy, can recharge their batteries – both their phones and themselves while waiting for smartphones and IPads to recharge,' smiles Troels Hansen, who is one of many service helpers at the tournament.

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Coach ny
Tonight you will be able to watch Sweden vs. Germany at Dana Cup Sport Café and, naturally, Denmark vs. Norway tomorrow evening.

 Women's EURO Football in Sport Café

 The Danish women have reached the semi-finals at the 2013 UEFA Women's Championship in Sweden and, even though, more than 2300 matches are played at Dana Cup, coaches and managers will get the opportunity to watch the final games of the European Championship for Women.

'We show the match tonight between Sweden and Germany and, naturally, we turn on the TV when Denmark Thursday night play Norway,' says the leader of Dana Cup Sportcenter, Bob Andersen, who encourages interested people to arrive early.

'The game starts at 8.30 p.m., but we already know that a lot of people would like to arrive early to eat a bit of nice food before the match: consequently, you show get there timely if you want to watch top quality European Women's football,' Bob Andersen stresses.

Fortuna Hjørring is very well represented with six players on the Danish national football team.

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Peru ny
Dana Cup's first Peruvian girls team enjoyed the opening ceremony.

 Enthusiasm Great in Peruvian Girls Team

It has without a doubt been an interesting start to Dana Cup for Santisimo Nombre de Jesus - G17- the girls from Peru. First, off the pitch, when they were invited to meet the mayor of Hjørring, Arne Boelt, in the old town hall and, then, on the football field winning 2-0 against Töreboda IK from Sweden.

'We met the mayor, he was a very nice person, and we were all very excited meeting him and taking part in Dana Cup on the whole,' a young player said.

The girls come from a large Catholic school in Peru, where they, via the school's intensive sports curriculum, can get a physical education, for instance, by playing tennis, volleyball, athletics and, obviously, football.

The results so far mean that Santisimo Nombre de Jesus has good prospects of qualifying for the A-finals before the last group match.

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Norge DC-HD-080

 Søren Kærholm Dead

 The flags at Dana Cup's office and Fortuna's clubhouse were half-masted today.

70-year-old Søren Kærholm passed away last night.

After a period of illness Søren passed away.

Søren has, with the title of Master of Ceremonies, for 25 years had the responsibility for a number of out-turned events at Dana Cup, similar he has for many years been speaker at Hjørring Stadium at Fortuna's home games.

He was a member of Dana Cup's board.

His and, likewise, his entire family's commitment in Fortuna and Cup Dana has been enormous.

Søren will be dearly missed, and there are many assignments that must be continued by others after Søren's death.

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vipaften ny
Representatives for RØA and Eik Tønsberg received plaquettes and diplomas when they became members of Club 100

 600 Managers Enjoyed a VIP Evening

Tuesday evening is a special evening during Dana Cup. Here managers and invited guests enjoy a couple of hours of nice food, official speeches, plus music and dance. Thus, Tuesday evening 600 people from all over the world met in Vendia Hallen.

The program of the evening included silver plaquettes and diplomas for the representatives of the two Norwegian clubs RØA and Eik Tønsberg, which both became members of Club 100 at Dana Cup – that is clubs, which have sent 100 teams or more to the tournament through out the years.

Moreover, the players of Honolulu Bulls Soccer Club from Hawaii performed a traditional dance. The boys danced Haka, while the girls danced hula-hula.

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Coach ny
Coach Café is a popular meeting place for coaches and managers.

 Popular Meeting Place for Coaches

 Coach Café has been moved from an area close to Vendia Hallen to a newly build terrace at Dana Cup Sportscenter. Here the cafe is a popular meeting place for coaches and managers from the entire world. They relax between matches, watch live Sports-TV, take refreshments or eat something.

Coach Café is open daily during Dana Cup from 9 a.m. till 10 p.m.

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Toensberg ny
Hilde Birkelund Preus is Youth Sporting Manager at Eik Tønsberg, which now is a part of Club 100 at Dana Cup.

 Focus on Football and Solidarity

'We didn't take part in the first Dana Cup 32 years ago. But, on the other hand, we have been here each year since then, and this year four teams participate.' Hilde Birkelund Preus says.

She is Youth Sporting Manager at Eik Tønsberg, which Tuesday evening at the VIP event became an official member of Club 100 at Dana Cup – that is the club in which the members have sent 100 or more teams to Dana Cup though out the years. Moreover, Hilde Birkelund Preus is a member of the board at Eik Tønsberg.

'Each year we sent a team B15, B16 and G16. We have always done so. In addition, this year we have a team in B19. Before the departure from Norway the players sign their names to a letter stating that they will do drink alcohol, nor party at the disco. In Eik Tønsberg we don't try to hide the fact that we come to Dana Cup in order to play football and to be together. Football and solidarity form the basis of our stay at Dana Cup, and last year we were even managed to win the final in class G19,' explains Hilde Birkelund Preus, who praises Dana Cup a lot.

'Dana Cup is a great event. It is easy for us to get to Denmark. The facilities are great and the football pitches are all close by. Through out all the years we have stayed in Højene. Here we feel at home, and here we have gradually gotten to know many of the guards,' Hilde Birkelund Preus adds.

Eik Tønsberg is the biggest club in the area: a club with 52 teams. The trip to Dana Cup is one of the highlights of the year. The club pays for a part of the trip, while the players have to pay the rest. It has never been a problem because the parents have always been very supportive. Many of the parents come along to Denmark – as a consequence, Eik Tønsberg has never been depended on busses. In stead, players and coaches drive in private cars.

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Blood, Sweat and Faroese Rhythms

Hard work normally pays off. Havnar Bóltfelag's U12 team from the Faeroe Islands exemplifies this statement because for the last 12 months they have been collecting money in order to participate in Dana Cup 2013 in Hjørring. For instance, players, parents and managers from the club in Torshavn have sold scratch lottery tickets, collected empty bottles and worked in the cafeteria of the clubhouse, but they have become famous for something rather untraditional – a battle song.

Coach Ingi Rasmussen wrote the song, which sold a lot of CDs at home. Consequently; the sale of CDs has directly enabled the 30 boys from HB U12 to fulfil their wish to participate in this year's Dana Cup. The song ' Gev mær H' has quickly become a hit at this year's Dana Cup, and if you have not heard the song yet, you can listen to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVIRfW8PFjA

However, the 12-year-old boys from the islands in the Atlantic will continue to be in the full blaze of the publicity: presently, they are working on a video, which will surely become very popular on Dana Cup's Facebook page and YouTube the following days.

With this, the boys from Havnar Bóltfelag prove that it helps to be creative, and that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and work hard. In addition, the Danish TV channel TV2/Nord has discovered the team and, thus, you will be able to see the a feature from Tuesday 23 July 2013:


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Libanon ny
Al-Shabab won the national championship for U15 in Lebanon and they play entertaining and dynamic football.

Football without Politics and Religion

Muslims play alongside Christians. Rich pass the ball to poor. Al-Shabab, which means 'Young Boys' in Arabic, is a club, in which the boys play football regardless of religion, politics or money. Al-Shabab from Beirut in Lebanon is at Dana Cup for the first time, but if chairman Nasser Bahkti and his Danish contact Hassan were to decide, it is not the last time they participate.

'We really like Denmark and Dana Cup,' stresses Nasser Bahkti, who is chairman of a club with 300 players. The best grown-up players play in the third best Lebanese league. Nevertheless, Al-Shabab can bring together six internationals aged 15. Surprisingly, the team won the national championship in Lebanon.

'We have decided that we do not want any sponsors, because they would be able to influence the choice of players. We want to decide that ourselves. In consequence, the players' parents have paid money into a fond that has financed the trip to Dana Cup. Those, who could easily pay extra, have done so. And those, who were unable to pay as much, have paid the least,' explains Nasser Bahkti, who has brought along 16 players and 6 coaches.

Al-Shabab's participation in Dana Cup 2013 might be the beginning of more teams from Lebanon taking part in the tournament.

'I have agreed with Alison Forman from Dana Cup that I will try to get more teams to come already next year,' clarifies Hassan, who is married to a Dane and has lived in Denmark for 27 years. For 20 years he has coached, and he still has many good contacts in Lebanon.

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DSC 0664 ny

The Jockey's Boys Ready to Conquer Dana Cup

In keeping with tradition the club 'Pequeninos do Jockey' participates in B14 and B16.

The club, which is known for its offensive style and massive work with rather poor children from the home country Brazil, is as anticipated among the favourites in both groups.

Pequeninos has won Dana Cup 8 times in B14 and 5 times in B16, and the expectations to this year's tournament are thus very high:

'I hope we win! We are certainly good enough, ' says Gima Jose Guimares – also known as 'the Jockey' due to his past as a professional and highly respected jockey. After falling off his horse and, therewith, breaking his hip, he had to stop his career and decided to use his good reputation to start a football club.

'Actually, the club was founded in 1970 as a club for adults, but later it turned into a boys' club. Moreover, we were invited to Dana Cup in 1986, and we have taken part ever since,' the Jockey explains.

Pequeninos Do Jockey won its first match 7-2 in B16 convincingly.

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SMS ny
The team, Tarup-Pårup, plays in B13 and won the first match 6-1. On the far left, it is Claus Haugaard Hansen and, on the right, wife Dorthe. Mikkel sits next to his father.

Won a Trip to Dana Cup with the Entire Team

When Mikkel Haugaard Hansen, for a laugh, last summer took part in an SMS-competition on Viasat, he had not imagined that he and his 16 teammates would be going to Dana Cup 2013 – for free. Last year one had to guess the number of participating teams. '832' Mikkel answered. And that was the correct answer.

'Mikkel was rather surprised when Dana Cup's chief public relations officer, Torben Vandsted, called and said that our son had won the competition. Actually, he did not really believe it at first, and it was not until a further talk with Torben that we realised that he had truly won,' smiles Dorthe Haugaard Hansen, who together with her husband, Claus, and a huge group of parents have come along with the boys from the island of Fyn.

'It is the first time we are at Dana Cup, and it is rather overwhelming. Everything is big, and there are people everywhere, but we are very impressed because everything is very well organised,' thinks Dorthe Haugaard Hansen, who shares a weekend cottage with another family. All the players' parents are here and they stay in weekend cottages, caravans or tents.

'Since Dana Cup takes place in week 30, one of the most popular holiday weeks in Denmark, it has been a challenge. We had to say yes to Dana Cup already last autumn and, initially, it was a bit difficult getting the parents to sign up that early but, thankfully, we succeeded, and I can easily imagine returning when Mikkel's younger brother gets a little bit older,' Dorthe Haugaard Hansen adds.

In order to thank Mikkel for the invitation his teammates collected money and gave Mikkel an Ipad mini.

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