23. - 28. JULY 2018 - HJØRRING - DENMARK
Samarbejde ny
Kasper Poulsen (right) told about the unusual transport of injured players.

 Dana Cup Driver on a Long Trip

 When one of Dana Cup's friendly drivers last night had to pick up two injured players at Hospital Vendsyssel, he got an extra experience. At the hospital they had an additional three players, who had to be brought home so, of course, they asked if they could get a lift now that Dana Cup's driver happened to be at the hospital.

'Naturally, answered the polite driver. When the first two players had been dropped off, he asked the remaining three, who turned out to come from Brazil, where they wanted to go. Skagen, they answered in broken English. The driver found that answer a bit strange and, consequently, he asked several times if they meant the town of Skagen 50 km north of Hjørring or Skaga Hotel in the town of Hirtshals just north of Hjørring. Thus, they agreed that it was probably Skaga Hotel, but when they got there, the Brazilian players shook their heads.

'The players maintained that they had to go to Skagen and after the driver had phoned the Secretariat, they agreed that the driver better drive to Skagen – even though it did sound a bit strange that Brazilian players participating in Dana Cup had decided to stay far away in Skagen,' explained Kasper Poulsen, who is in charge of transport during Dana Cup, at today's meeting for school leaders.

When the car reached Skagen, one of the players, in more or less perfect English, burst out:

'It is such a positive experience to see that Skaw Cup and Dana Cup are able to collaborate in transporting injured players'.

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Honululu ny
The girls dressed in red from Honolulu Bulls have won the first three matches at Dana Cup.

 The Bulls from Honolulu Charge Ahead

 With three wins in the first three matches Honolulu Bulls Soccer Club charges ahead in G14. Strangely enough because football is still a rather minor sport on Hawaii, where the players rarely play foreign teams.

'Honolulu Bulls took part in Dana Cup back in 2007 for the first time, and since then we have been here several times with boys and girls,' explains head coach Miles Tsuruoka, who is himself at Dana Cup for the first time.

'My impression of Dana Cup is very positive. Everything is very European. There are many historical buildings, and the food is very different from American food,' smiles the American coach, who had already played three friendlies in Germany, before the bulls arrived in Hjørring.

On Tuesday Honolulu Bulls Soccer Club G14 beat Bærum 4-0 and Voss 5-0, and today the team beat Kvinesdal 4-0.

Football is a small but growing sport on Hawaii, where all the players know each other and where they rarely play foreign teams.

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MASHbil ny
The M*A*S*H tent is open daily between 8.00 a.m. and 10 p.m.

 More than 300 treated at the M*A*S*H tent

 Heat and extremely dry and hard football pitches demand their victims. Already on the first day of play on Tuesday the doctors and nurses at the M*A*S*H and massage tents had to assist more than 300 players.

In the M*A*S*H tent 170 players turned up with injuries, while the helpers in the massage tent had to treat 160 players and referees.

The M*A*S*H tent is open daily between 8.00 a.m. and 10 p.m. Outside opening hours injured players must contact the doctor from the emergency service. The tents are situated next to the pitch at Fortuna's clubhouse.

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Sekretariatet ny
Jacob Olsen helps Polish players with their bracelets.

 24-Hour Services

 24-hours-a-day Dana Cup answers. Thus, the Secretariat at Dana Cup in Vendia Hallen is always reachable. The office and the phones are open 24-hours-a-day, so everybody can be sure of getting friendly and efficient help.

'We transfer all calls immediately made to Dana Cup's main phone number. Repeatedly, it is people from outside, who are trying to get in contact with key persons in Dana Cup's organisation. But quite often it is also parents or relatives, who need to find a player or a coach at Dana Cup,' explains Jacob Olsen, who is one of the volunteers working at the Secretariat.

The Secretariat is also responsible for the transportation of, for instance, injured players to and from the hospital and guests at Dana Cup.

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Transport ny
The busses run a shuttle service from the centre area on Hestkærvej to the schools and football pitches. This weekend the drivers will be busy driving to the ferries, in particular.

 The Trip Home has been arranged

 While the 921 teams are still busy playing football, Dorthe and Jørgen Nielsen, who are responsible for transport at Dana Cup, have already arranged the trips home for 6.215 participants.

At today's meeting for school inspectors, Jørgen Nielsen said that 3.600 have booked transport to the ferries, in particular, on Saturday. The heavy demand for trips to Norway and Sweden means that 2.200 people have to wait till Sunday before being able to return home.

'Everybody, who has booked transport, will on Friday be told when they can expect to be picked up at the schools. Those, who play in the A-finals on Friday and Saturday, still have the opportunity to alter their travel plans by contacting us, while others, who, for some other reason, want to change their booking, must do so themselves,' Jørgen Nielsen stresses.

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Stroem ny
Battery charging depots give energy to both players and cell phones.

 Recharge the Batteries

 Cell phones, IPads and laptops have become an integral part of everyday life for most people. Consequently, an entire day at Dana Cup far away from a plug and a recharger might turn into a challenge. Now Dana Cup offers free recharging in some places in the area for participants and their families.

'We have put up battery charging depots in front of Vendia Hallen and at the Sports Café. Here participants, who have no more energy, can recharge their batteries – both their phones and themselves while waiting for smartphones and IPads to recharge,' smiles Troels Hansen, who is one of many service helpers at the tournament.

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Coach ny
Tonight you will be able to watch Sweden vs. Germany at Dana Cup Sport Café and, naturally, Denmark vs. Norway tomorrow evening.

 Women's EURO Football in Sport Café

 The Danish women have reached the semi-finals at the 2013 UEFA Women's Championship in Sweden and, even though, more than 2300 matches are played at Dana Cup, coaches and managers will get the opportunity to watch the final games of the European Championship for Women.

'We show the match tonight between Sweden and Germany and, naturally, we turn on the TV when Denmark Thursday night play Norway,' says the leader of Dana Cup Sportcenter, Bob Andersen, who encourages interested people to arrive early.

'The game starts at 8.30 p.m., but we already know that a lot of people would like to arrive early to eat a bit of nice food before the match: consequently, you show get there timely if you want to watch top quality European Women's football,' Bob Andersen stresses.

Fortuna Hjørring is very well represented with six players on the Danish national football team.

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Peru ny
Dana Cup's first Peruvian girls team enjoyed the opening ceremony.

 Enthusiasm Great in Peruvian Girls Team

It has without a doubt been an interesting start to Dana Cup for Santisimo Nombre de Jesus - G17- the girls from Peru. First, off the pitch, when they were invited to meet the mayor of Hjørring, Arne Boelt, in the old town hall and, then, on the football field winning 2-0 against Töreboda IK from Sweden.

'We met the mayor, he was a very nice person, and we were all very excited meeting him and taking part in Dana Cup on the whole,' a young player said.

The girls come from a large Catholic school in Peru, where they, via the school's intensive sports curriculum, can get a physical education, for instance, by playing tennis, volleyball, athletics and, obviously, football.

The results so far mean that Santisimo Nombre de Jesus has good prospects of qualifying for the A-finals before the last group match.

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Norge DC-HD-080

 Søren Kærholm Dead

 The flags at Dana Cup's office and Fortuna's clubhouse were half-masted today.

70-year-old Søren Kærholm passed away last night.

After a period of illness Søren passed away.

Søren has, with the title of Master of Ceremonies, for 25 years had the responsibility for a number of out-turned events at Dana Cup, similar he has for many years been speaker at Hjørring Stadium at Fortuna's home games.

He was a member of Dana Cup's board.

His and, likewise, his entire family's commitment in Fortuna and Cup Dana has been enormous.

Søren will be dearly missed, and there are many assignments that must be continued by others after Søren's death.

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vipaften ny
Representatives for RØA and Eik Tønsberg received plaquettes and diplomas when they became members of Club 100

 600 Managers Enjoyed a VIP Evening

Tuesday evening is a special evening during Dana Cup. Here managers and invited guests enjoy a couple of hours of nice food, official speeches, plus music and dance. Thus, Tuesday evening 600 people from all over the world met in Vendia Hallen.

The program of the evening included silver plaquettes and diplomas for the representatives of the two Norwegian clubs RØA and Eik Tønsberg, which both became members of Club 100 at Dana Cup – that is clubs, which have sent 100 teams or more to the tournament through out the years.

Moreover, the players of Honolulu Bulls Soccer Club from Hawaii performed a traditional dance. The boys danced Haka, while the girls danced hula-hula.

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Coach ny
Coach Café is a popular meeting place for coaches and managers.

 Popular Meeting Place for Coaches

 Coach Café has been moved from an area close to Vendia Hallen to a newly build terrace at Dana Cup Sportscenter. Here the cafe is a popular meeting place for coaches and managers from the entire world. They relax between matches, watch live Sports-TV, take refreshments or eat something.

Coach Café is open daily during Dana Cup from 9 a.m. till 10 p.m.

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