23. - 28. JULY 2018 - HJØRRING - DENMARK
DanaCupminde ny
The wish to buy a t-shirt or a jersey with Dana Cup's logo is huge

 Queuing to Get a Nice Dana Cup Memory

The wish to bring back home a nice memory of Dana Cup is huge. At any rate, the queue at Sportsmaster is long if one wants to buy a t-shirt or a hoodie with Dana Cup's logo.

'Of course, we do not yet know the overall sales for Dana Cup 2013 but, last year, we sold 8.000 t-shirts with Dana Cup's logo alone and, this year, we see that the demand is very big,' Aage Strøm from Sportsmaster says.

'As a matter of fact, we try to develop the concept and add new products all the time. In addition to t-shirts and hooded jerseys, you can also buy, for instance, IPhone covers, umbrellas and other products with Dana Cup's logo. Next year, we will definitely have more products on the shelves,' Aage Strøm underlines.

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Viasat ny
On Saturday, Viasat broadcasts two of the finals from Dana Cup live on TV3 SPORT 1 and Viaplay.

 Dana Cup Finals live on TV

 For the fourth year in a row, the TV-station Viasat is Dana Cup's official media partner. Among other things, it means that the finals in B19 and G14 can be watched live on TV3 SPORT 1 and Viaplay on Saturday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Moreover, Viasat produces an hour-long feature of the tournament, which will be broadcasted on TV3 Sport in August.

From the time when Viasat started a partnership with Dana Cup, each year Viasat has invited a team to MTG's international football tournament MTG United for Peace Cup. This year, it is Dana Cup's best Danish G14-team that is going to Stockholm in the middle of October to compete against 14 other countries.

The same weekend the winner of the Nobel Peace Price is announced in Oslo, and the young players will be allowed to view the event from the Nobel Museum in the heart of Stockholm. The museum will also form the framework of a number of activities, which the young football players must participate in – activities, whose purpose is to put focus on cultural diversity, tolerance and peace.

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udtilverdenDirector Johnny Jacobsen from Gistrup Film

 Dana Cup in the Entire World

 This week parents across the world are able to follow their children, who participate in Dana Cup in northern Denmark – in Hjørring.

Director Johnny Jacobsen from Gistrup Film puts together a broadcast, which is accessible via the Internet 24-hours-a-day in the entire world. When parents in, for instance, Peru sit down to have breakfast, they will be able to match their children play a match in Hjørring beginning at 2 p.m. When people in the Philippines have dinner, they will be able to watch what happens in the Dana Cup area in the early morning.

In the Dana Cup area several cameras have been put into place, which via 4G connections ensure that the signals reach Johnny. Next he mixes live pictures and already recorded features, which are then streamed to the world.

Thus, digital communication has had a breakthrough at Dana Cup 2013, and the message from Northern Jutland was well received in no more than 57 countries.

The statics show that 20.000 have visited the live streaming from Dana Cup. Most of the visitors come from Germany and Denmark. However, there have also been a few from Peru and the Philippines.

If you want to watch live streaming from Dana Cup, then click HERE

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Bermuda ny
Bermuda at Dana Cup for the First Time.

 Bermuda at Dana Cup for the First Time

 44 countries participate in this year's record-breaking Dana Cup. Three of them are new: Honduras, Serbia and Bermuda. The boys from Bermuda's Brazilian Football School, who play in B12, think that the trip to Denmark and Dana Cup has been a huge experience.

'Bermuda's Brazilian Football School is a football school, and it is the children's parents, who have paid for the trip to Denmark,' explains Arne Thomsen, who has lived in Bermuda for two years and has helped arrange the trip to Dana Cup.

'I lived in Bermuda from 1978 to 1980 and back then the country was a great football nation which, among other things, beat the U.S. Today, Bermuda's Brazilian Football School works to restore football and, as the name of the school indicates, Brazil and Brazilian football is the biggest source of inspiration,' Arne Thomsen says.

1st Vice President of the Bermuda Football Association, Calvin Blankendal, coaches Bermuda's team at Dana Cup.

Bermuda's Brazilian Football School acts as ambassadors for Bermuda on the trip to Denmark, and Bermuda's Ministry of Tourism are among the sponsors.

After Dana Cup the team from Bermuda will take part in Brøndby Cup and Vildbjerg Cup.

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Rhein ny
Rhein-Hunsrück JFV in the black jerseys takes part in Dana Cup for the first time

 New German Elite Club at Dana Cup

 Rhein-Hunsrück JFV is a new elite cooperation in the south-western part of Germany. The club has only existed for three years and takes part in Dana Cup for the very first time.

'In the area there are many smaller towns and in recognition of the fact that the small clubs are unable to succeeded on a high level individually, we decided to found Rhein-Hunsrück JFV, where we gather talents from the area around Rheine and Mosel. 40 clubs from the Rhein-Hunsrück area have joined the cooperation,' explains Frank Schneider, who coaches the B14 team during Dana Cup.

JVF stands for junior cooperation and they hope to keep the talents in the area. Rhein-Hunsrück JFV is in the regional league. In Junior U15 the team has a clear led of 10 points to second place.

Rhein-Hunsrück JFV has not brought along all their best players since some were unable to participate. Moreover, the team only has two substitutes in B14.

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The club from Stockholm boasts of being Sweden's biggest club measured by teams and players

 Brommapojkarna – Sweden's Biggest Club

 Even though, it is hard work organising 254 teams and almost 5.000 players, Magnus Hermannsson, who helps coach the club's B17 team participating in this year's Dana Cup, finds it worth the effort.

'Dana Cup is a funny place to be. The atmosphere is great and the football fields are fantastic. We are not used to playing on proper grass, and the players find it much better than our artificial turf fields at home, he explains before the team's quarterfinal, which they aim to win.

'Unfortunately, we didn't qualify for the A-finals having only won one game and lost two. Nevertheless, we played a very good match against Hjørring FC, a game that was very equal, but they managed to score 10 minutes before the final whistle. We know that the team from Hjørring is extremely good and, consequently, we are very satisfied with the performance. But now we aim to win the B-finals,' says Hermansson, who has been with the club for the last 10 years.

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Kultklubben ny
This year St. Pauli has sent its Young Rebels to Dana Cup.

 Cult-Club from Hamburg

'Some think of us as Germany's special team. We have founded the club on traditional football values and we do a lot for anti-racism and, recently, we have done a petition to promote anti-homophobia. It is an integrated part and culture of the neighbourhood, St. Pauli,' explains Jonas Louca, who coaches the club's B11 team, which is called Young Rebels.

St. Pauli is the highest-ranking football club representing a neighbourhood and not an entire city. Normally, it is easily recognisable by its pirate flag but not this year.

'The last time we were here we put our flag in the goalkeeper's goal, but we were not allowed to do so, thus this time the flags stay at home,' smiles Jonas Louca, who has led his team to four convincing victories indicating that St. Pauli has many talents.

'The players know that they are part of a professional football club, and that they have the opportunity to become professional, when they play here,' he says.

So far, St. Pauli has won 4 games with a score of 27-1 and, as a result, the team has made it to the quarterfinals in B11.

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DSC 0084 ny
Kuala Lumpur Youth Soccer Academy sets new standards for diversity on the football pitch

 KLYS – a Multiethnic Football Team

KLYS from Malaysia is what one could call a rather variegated crowd. Due to special rules in the Malayan league, they have taken the initiative by establishing an academy for young, primarily foreign players.

'In Malaysia foreign players are not allowed to play in the league-system. In consequence, we established an academy in order to give the many foreigners in Malaysia the opportunity to play youth football and be together with the others. In our team we have players from 6-8 countries at the moment, for instance from Switzerland, Nigeria, Japan and China,' explains Aidil Sulaiman, who used to be a professional football player in Singapore.

'Football is very valuable as a tool for integration. Here, it is not important where people are from or how they look like. By teaching children the meaning of respect, we can live and work together in stead of looking at where people are from,' clarifies Aidil Sulaiman, before he talks about the goals of the team at this year's tournament.

'For such a small academy as ours, we are very content. By coming to Dana Cup, and by playing against all the best teams, and by learning about other cultures, we have already reached ours goals' he says.

You can watch the entire interview with KLYS on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfGrjlhR0EM

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Jury ny
The jury at Dana Cup work hard to ensure that no teams use players, who are too old. Besides, the players in this picture are not suspected of being too old.

 Jury in Control of the Players

 Any complaints of the matches during Dana Cup will be passed on to the jury. Many complaints concern referees, who, according to the protests, have performed poorly and, thus, have had a negative effect on the outcome of the games. The rest of the complaints, more or less, involve opponents, who have used players that are too old to participate in a certain age group.

'In the tournament rules it is written that the jury at Dana Cup can take a random test in relation to the age of the players. Already last year we started to take more random tests and, this year, we have intensified the work. We turn up early at the football fields before the start of a match and then we ask the teams to hand over a list of the players, whom the coach plans on using. Then we control the age of the players. This kind of preventive work has resulted in fewer complaints that previous years,' explain Finn Larsen and Hans Jørn Christensen, who make up the jury together with Søren Bach.

Monday evening at midnight every club has to hand in a list of all the players they want to use at the tournament. Afterwards, no changes can be made to the list, not even if a team has several injured players.

'In a way, we prevent clubs from switching a player from one team to another, if they see an opportunity to improve their chances of winning,' stress the two experienced members of the jury, who have been stricter this year than previous years.

Anybody can file a protest. A complaint costs 500 Danish kroner, and if the complain is justified one will get one's money back.

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 Fair Play One of the Pillars of Dana Cup

 Fair Play is regarded as one of the pillars of Dana Cup. In consequence, everybody expects that – players, coaches and managers – show fair play: during the matches but also in the spare time in the schools or in the Dana Cup area.

Each year referees and school guards pass on red and green forms to the jury telling about teams that have done something extraordinary by showing fair play.

At the finals at Hjørring stadium a team, which has showed fair play on the pitch or behaved exemplary in schools during this year's Dana Cup, will be appointed the winners of the Fair Play competition. The winners can be very proud of the price because it demonstrates that the team has come to Dana Cup with the correct attitude.

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Byaasen ny
Byåsen is the biggest foreign club at Dana Cup 2013.

 Placering af overskrift

Byåsen from Norway and Dana Cup are good friends. They are so good friends that Byåsen participates for the 30th time. Moreover, at this year's Dana Cup Byåsen is the biggest club with 16 teams.

'Traditionally, we do not participate in Norway Cup. On the other hand, each year, everybody in Byåsen looks forward to participating in Dana Cup,' explains Pål Arne Winsnes, who helps the club's B15 and is a member of the board.

Byåsen is Norway's biggest club with 3.000 members. At the same time, Byåsen is the name of the western part of Trondheim with 35.000 inhabitants – thus, almost 10% are members of the local sport club.

'We choose to participate in Dana Cup, because everybody considers the stay in Denmark a holiday. Lots of parents come along, and most of them stay in summer cottages in Lønstrup, where they enjoy themselves swimming or laying on the beach – that is, when they do not watch football at Dana Cup,' smiles Pål Arne wWinsnes, who updates Facebook on a regular basis and, accordingly, he is able to see that people back home are very interested in keeping up to date with how things are progressing at Dana Cup.

Byåsen has a proud tradition of football at Dana Cup. The club has won the A-finals three times. In 2010 the boys in B19 won silver and in 2012 the boys in B15 won bronze. At this year's Dana Cup, Byåsen has four teams in the A-playoffs, and Pål Arne Winsnes will not be surprised if one of the teams makes it to the finals.

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