23. - 28. JULY 2018 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

 Running for a Good Cause

 On the football pitch many players practice hard to get into shape for Dana Cup. However, off the field you also find role models, who run and train for a very good cause.

As a matter of fact, in the M*A*S*H tent you can find Mads Karlsson, who collects money for a particular purpose.

'This autumn I am going to London to run a half marathon supporting Children With Cancer, which collects money for children with cancer. I do not think that there is a better purpose than that,' explains Mads, who normally works as a doctor at Hjørring hospital.

In the Hawaii bar at Fortuna's clubhouse, all the guests had the opportunity to donate money, and he really appreciated the gesture very much.

'It is very touching what they have done for me. It is my first Dana Cup, so when I turned up they didn't know who I was, and I was meet with such openness,' he outlines.

You can read more about Mads and his project on: www.personligtraening.wordpress.com

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Westchester FC from the U.S.A. in the blue jerseys won gold in G17 ahead of Fortuna Hjørring

 The U.S. Most Dangerous in Front of Goal

 G17: Westchester FC (USA) - Fortuna Hjørring (DEN) 1 - 0 (0 - 0)

In a match in which the hardest battles were fought in midfield, American Westchester FC was a little bit more dangerous in front of goal than the opponents from Fortuna Hjørring. Consequently, Westchester deservedly raised the trophy after the smallest possible victory.

In general, the match lacked any great scoring chances. Several times, the counter attacks of the two teams never resulted in any dangerous movements.

However, the only goal of the match was scored on the counter attack as the Americans took advantage of their greater speed.

Fortuna's players worked hard during the entire match and did have a few sporadic attempts on goal but without luck.

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Finnish Tips Timantit outsprinted the hosts from Fortuna Hjørring and rightly won.

 Fortuna Overthrown

G13: Tips Timantit (FIN) - Fortuna Hjørring (DAN) 6 - 1 (2 - 0)

It is not a shame loosing to a better team. And Fortuna Hjørring lost to such an opponent in the final in G13. Finnish Tips Timantit never let anyone question where the trophy and gold medals were to be placed. Already after 9 minutes of play, the guests in the green jerseys sent a clear message as Fortuna's defence was overrun for the first time.

However, one should give the girls from Hjørring credit for not giving up, even though it gradually became clearer that Fortuna could not match the speed of the opponents. The team, Tips Timantit, was extremely dangerous on counter attacks. In consequence, the club's offensive players again and again outran Fortuna's defence.

Behind 0-3 Fortuna managed to score a goal in the middle of the second half, but Tips Timantit quickly replied by scoring another three goals: for instance, they netted one from the penalty spot.

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Hjørring in the red jerseys lost a very close final and can be proud of the silver medals.

 Penalty Kicks Decide Final

B12: Hjørring FC (DEN) - Fyllingsdalen FK (NOR) 5 - 6 (1 - 2)

 In football there is no such thing as justice, and in a final there always has to be a winner. Therefore, it was ok that Fyllingsdalen FK from Norway won the final in B12. On the other hand, Hjørring FC might as well have held the trophy because the game was very equal and well played. Naturally, the players from Hjørring FC were disappointed but they can be proud of the silver medals.

At half time the Norwegians were ahead, but with a good grasp of the play Hjørring equalised. Then the two teams both scored and as Hjørring had equalised with just a few seconds left of the game, the match went into extra time. Here both teams again managed to score.

In the penalty shoot out the two goalkeepers took centre stage as they saved four of the attempts. However, Fyllensdal won by one goal in the end.

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B11 ny
Djurgårdens IF in the striped jerseys won a great final against Cantalao from Peru.

 Swedish Victory in a Great Final

 B11: Cantalao (PER) - Djurgårdens IF (SWE) 4 - 5 (1- 1)

When Djurgårdens IF scored three goals in three minutes going ahead 4-1, most people at Hjørring stadium had surely given up on Cantalao, but the small agile Peruvians thought differently. Thus, in 12 minutes they managed to equalise. Besides, the level of the game was very impressive.

At that time, more or less everybody expected extra time but, the best player of the game by far, Djurgårdens' number 11, scored the winning goal with just 7 seconds left of the match.

As a matter of fact, it was a great football match, in which one could easily forget that the players are merely 11 years old. Technically and tactically, they showed high class. At the end of the game, the players had used all their energy on running and tackling.

It was a final that might go down in history.

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Webshop ny
Football boots are very sought after at Sportsmaster at Dana Cup. Next year, one will be able to order online and then pick up the items at Dana Cup.

 Online Shop at Dana Cup 2014

 Expensive football boots are very sought after in the tent at Sportsmaster. You can often safe up to 30% on the most costly football boots compared to, for instance, Norway. Consequently, many players wait to buy new football boots until the arrived at Dana Cup. The same is true of team jerseys with a logo.

'Next year, we plan to start an online shop at Dana Cup and thus, beforehand, the players will be able to order football boots, for instance. The items will then be packed and ready when the participants arrive in Hjørring,' Aage Strøm explains.

'We are also able to offer clubs special t-shirts with Dana Cup's logo or the clubs' own logo on the jerseys. The clubs simply have to send us their logo and then the clothes will be ready when Dana Cup starts,' elaborates Aage Strøm, who predicts that more items will be accessible online.

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G12 ny
Vidar in the red jerseys won the first final at Dana Cup in a very interesting game with extra time and a penalty shootout.

 Great Start to Dana Cup Finals

 G12: Donns FK (NOR) - Vidar FK (NOR) 7-8 (1-1) - after extra time and a penalty shootout.

Donns FK and Vidar FK gave each other and the spectators at Hjørring stadium a great start to this year's finals at Dana Cup. After an unusually exciting and well-played game in G12, Vidar won, but Donns might as well have won. Both teams fought to the last drop of blood. None of the players wanted to give up. It was not until after extra time and a penalty shootout that this year's first winners were found.

From the beginning of the game Vidar put lot of pressure on Donns, who nevertheless managed to get back into the game and were dangerous on several counter attacks. After 21 minutes of play, the team went ahead, but then the battle swayed to and fro in an intense and beautiful fight, which promises well for the rest of the finals.

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mashroser ny

 M*A*S*H Praise the Coaches to the Skies

 This year's Dana Cup has been very warm, but people at the M*A*S*H tent praise the coaches highly for not letting the players succumb to the heat.

Week 30 in Hjørring is known for its good weather and, again this year, the week has included lots of sunshine and nice football weather. Nevertheless, the players rarely feel poorly in the heat.

'We have only had one incident of a player feeling unwell due to the heat. Thus, we would like to praise the coaches, whom we see bringing along plenty of water for all the games,' says Jette Nordberg, the manager of Dana Cup's own injury tent which also makes an extra contribution to science.

In total, the people at M*A*S*H have treated around 700 people, anything from scratches and bruises to diagnostic x-rays and the doctors at the tent are able to judge whether or not a person is to be driven to Hjørring hospital.

Moreover, they have also been busy in the massage tent treating aching muscles and joints.

'Our busiest day was on Tuesday as 156 people had massage and, so far, 454 participants have had massage during the week. It is primarily back massage, which is a little bit atypical,' the manager of the massage tent, Jørgen Konradsen, utters.

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DanaCupminde ny
The wish to buy a t-shirt or a jersey with Dana Cup's logo is huge

 Queuing to Get a Nice Dana Cup Memory

The wish to bring back home a nice memory of Dana Cup is huge. At any rate, the queue at Sportsmaster is long if one wants to buy a t-shirt or a hoodie with Dana Cup's logo.

'Of course, we do not yet know the overall sales for Dana Cup 2013 but, last year, we sold 8.000 t-shirts with Dana Cup's logo alone and, this year, we see that the demand is very big,' Aage Strøm from Sportsmaster says.

'As a matter of fact, we try to develop the concept and add new products all the time. In addition to t-shirts and hooded jerseys, you can also buy, for instance, IPhone covers, umbrellas and other products with Dana Cup's logo. Next year, we will definitely have more products on the shelves,' Aage Strøm underlines.

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Viasat ny
On Saturday, Viasat broadcasts two of the finals from Dana Cup live on TV3 SPORT 1 and Viaplay.

 Dana Cup Finals live on TV

 For the fourth year in a row, the TV-station Viasat is Dana Cup's official media partner. Among other things, it means that the finals in B19 and G14 can be watched live on TV3 SPORT 1 and Viaplay on Saturday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Moreover, Viasat produces an hour-long feature of the tournament, which will be broadcasted on TV3 Sport in August.

From the time when Viasat started a partnership with Dana Cup, each year Viasat has invited a team to MTG's international football tournament MTG United for Peace Cup. This year, it is Dana Cup's best Danish G14-team that is going to Stockholm in the middle of October to compete against 14 other countries.

The same weekend the winner of the Nobel Peace Price is announced in Oslo, and the young players will be allowed to view the event from the Nobel Museum in the heart of Stockholm. The museum will also form the framework of a number of activities, which the young football players must participate in – activities, whose purpose is to put focus on cultural diversity, tolerance and peace.

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udtilverdenDirector Johnny Jacobsen from Gistrup Film

 Dana Cup in the Entire World

 This week parents across the world are able to follow their children, who participate in Dana Cup in northern Denmark – in Hjørring.

Director Johnny Jacobsen from Gistrup Film puts together a broadcast, which is accessible via the Internet 24-hours-a-day in the entire world. When parents in, for instance, Peru sit down to have breakfast, they will be able to match their children play a match in Hjørring beginning at 2 p.m. When people in the Philippines have dinner, they will be able to watch what happens in the Dana Cup area in the early morning.

In the Dana Cup area several cameras have been put into place, which via 4G connections ensure that the signals reach Johnny. Next he mixes live pictures and already recorded features, which are then streamed to the world.

Thus, digital communication has had a breakthrough at Dana Cup 2013, and the message from Northern Jutland was well received in no more than 57 countries.

The statics show that 20.000 have visited the live streaming from Dana Cup. Most of the visitors come from Germany and Denmark. However, there have also been a few from Peru and the Philippines.

If you want to watch live streaming from Dana Cup, then click HERE

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