23. - 28. JULY 2018 - HJØRRING - DENMARK
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In a tent close to the Dana Cup


Dana Cup SportsCenter has opened a new opportunity for parents to get closer to their children who are participating at the Dana Cup.

Dana Cup Parents Camp will cover the increasing number of parents who wish to follow their child at their biggest summer experience ever.

Over the last years the interest to stay at the Dana Cup SportsCenter, earlier know as the Hjørring Youth Hostel, has been enormous and we have had to say no to many guests.  

But now with our tent city made up of small specially designed tents we can assist more guests. Even though the tents are not huge, they are designed with some comfort. Services are available from the Dana Cup SportsCenter due to the location of the Dana Cup Parents Camp close by.

- Parents Camp is a brand new offer in 2014. We have seen the small tents used at other events with great success and therefore we would like to give this offer to the parents of the children travelling to the Dana Cup, says the leader of the Dana Cup SportsCenter, Bob K. Andersen.

- I am certain that the tent offer will be a success and the Dana Cup Parents Camp is here to stay.

The new accommodation offer is now on sale. For further information check out our website here or make an online order here. 

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Photo: Polonia Warszawa 

Huge Polish interest


Dana Cup's marketing manager, Alison Leigh Forman was popular at the Polish soccer conference "All About Football Fair" that attracts around 2000 trainers, leaders and soccer interested persons in the Polish capital of Warszawa.

Dana Cup's stand at the conference was pretty popular and Alison Leigh Forman believes that it was not just out of general curiosity but that there will be more Polish teams enrolled at the Dana Cup in 2014.

- It was a very interesting conference with some fantastic speakers and events. Some of the best Polish and European soccer names were behind the many sessions that attracted the participants to the conference in Warszawa, says Alison Leigh Forman.

- For the Dana Cup it was very interesting to meet the Polish soccer people, among those Tomasz Zabielski the director for All About Football. He worked for the Polish FA for more than 10 years and has participated at the Dana Cup 3 times himself. He was not the only one who had been to the Dana Cup before and there many that could tell some very positive stories from their time in Hjørring.  

At the All About Football Fair the Dana Cup was presented together with Max-Sports Rafał Nocoń and Dominik Gawor who help with marketing the Dana Cup in Poland.

They also have a very good relationship with the Dana Cup SportsCenter doing different soccer related activities. 

Alison Leigh Forman says that it was not just Polish soccer people they were in contact with, the Dana Cup also meet up with DB Sports Tours from Ireland who were also interested in the Dana Cup and the Dana Cup SportsCenter.

The visit to Poland has set high expectations so the Dana Cup will be following the registrations in the coming days. 

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Photo: Heidi Kollsker and Anja Hartmann Wardum from HB.

Faroe Islands looking forward to the Dana Cup


Dana Cup 2014 will be a sporting experience for up to 500 Faroe Islanders and at the same time the tournament in the Northern part of Denmark will be a huge family experience. As it stands now, we will welcome between 15 to 20 teams from the Faroe Islands to Hjørring next summer.

- It is looking very positive, says the daily leader of the Dana Cup Jette Andersen after a few meetings in Torshavn.

With assistance from Heidi Kollsker and Anja Hartmann Wardum, leaders from HB in Torshavn, the Dana Cup united 6 Faroe Islands clubs who are interested in the tournament next summer. They came from different islands to the evening meeting in HB's clubhouse where they were otherwise very busy with the preparations for a party to celebrate HB just winning the Faroe Islands Championship.  

- We met with some very positive people in Torshavn. Most of them are well underway with their travel arrangements but there were a few who were still making their final decision. From my opinion after our meeting they will decide to visit us in Denmark and they will be more than welcome, says Jette Andersen.

The Faroese people have a huge job in organizing their trip. It is mainly children, 12 years of age who participate in the Dana Cup and the parents and other family members are joining them. It will be an invasion of up to 500 Faroe Islanders where most of them extend their stay in Denmark so the trip is both soccer and holidays.

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Photo: Breiðablik

On a North Atlantic visit


Dana Cup is very well known in the North Atlantic. This was confirmed when the leader of Sales and Marketing, Alison Leigh Forman and Accommodations leader, Kasper Poulsen visited the Saga Island. There is a good indication that the contacts made on the trip will result in more Icelandic teams at the Dana Cup 2014.

- It was a wonderful experience to visit the Icelandic clubs and our travel agents. They had good knowledge of the Dana Cup and we experienced a very positive response to our tournament, says Alison Leigh Forman.

- The Icelandic teams that have visited the Dana Cup earlier have returned home with positive reports and have shared these thoughts throughout Iceland. 

One thing that the Icelandic teams really appreciate, is the short distances between the accommodation, playing fields and the Dana Cup center area. They feel right at home, as in Reykjavik you can go everywhere within 10 minutes.

Dana Cup meet with a dozen Icelandic clubs and many of them are planning on a trip to Hjørring in 2014 with their teams.

Dana Cup meet with Breiðablik, Fjølnir, Fylkir, Grótta, HK, KR, Stjarnan, Thróttur and Valur at their clubhouses and through a Dana Cup Presentation Meeting.

Apart from the soccer clubs Alison Leigh Forman and Kasper Poulsen meet with their travel agents, who were very interested in Dana Cup packages. 

There was also talk of other sporting tours in conjunction with the Dana Cup. 

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Photo: Hotel Scandic The Reef

Ready with hotels, youth hostels, camping etc.


Dana Cup 2014 is ready with it's hotels, youth hostels, camping and much more. You can now secure the place where you would like to stay when you want to watch the tournament or participate on an upgraded level in 2014.

With hotels, youth schools, camping etc. there is something for everyone.  

We can also find private apartments and summer houses at a lower level.  

We can offer our normal well known places along with some new options like the Youth Hostel in Hirtshals, Hirtshals Sports Center and Hotel Scandic The Reef in Frederikshavn.

Dana Cup Family Camping was tested in 2013 and proved to be a success, so we are continuing the camping place in the middle of the Hyttebyen/Dana Cup Town.

On our website here you will find the different options. You can order direct from our website and you will receive a reply within a few days. 

You can also order by sending a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

See you at the Dana Cup 2014!

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08.10.2013 Invitation

Dana Cup 2014 brochure 

All the information you need to help make a decision to take part in the Dana Cup 2014 are now gathered in our new brochure for the Dana Cup 2014.

You can, in many different ways get the information.

Our brochuren can be read online or downloaded as a PDF so you can save it on your own computer or print it out. 

Dana Cup can also send the printed version to you and your club in the post. 

So now you can see the possibilities and enter the Dana Cup 2014.

In 2013 there participated 921 teams, a new record, so get in early so we can fulfill your wishes. 

You can find the Dana Cup brochure for 2014 here

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Referee registration


With a record number of entries in 2013, the Dana Cup referees were given a huge job and it was completed satisfactorily. 

Now we are putting together the referee group for 2014 and we are expecting an equally qualified group of referees!

When the Dana Cup 2014 takes place, it can be a possibility that there are more then the 921 teams that took part in 2013.

A prerequisite for a successful Dana Cup 2014 is a competant leader for each game. So we are looking forward to receiving qualified referee registrations so we can put together a good international referee group!

Dear referees, you can register HERE 

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Entry 2014

Dana Cup 2014 – Registration is open!


We are now open for registrations for the Dana Cup 2014.

Players and leaders from 921 teams, around 20,000 people had a fantastic experience here in Denmark in 2013 and they are poised to return in 2014 when the Dana Cup will be played from the 21st to the 26th of July.    

We would also like to welcome new participants to the most international youth soccer tournament in the World. 

There is more than 40 nations participating.

We are now open for online registrations.

Make a quick decision and register your team to the Dana Cup 2014.

We look forward to welcoming you here in Denmark in 2014.

Registration can be done here

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Dana Cup 2014. 21 - 26 July


The dates and classes for the Dana Cup 2014 are set. All around the World in your clubs you can now cross off your calender and start preparing for your experience in Hjørring, Denmark in 2014. 

Dana Cup 2014 is played in the last week of July between the 21st and the 26th of July and it will be our 33rd tournament.

Games will be played in the following classes:

B19 Boys born 1.1.1995 or later

B17 Boys born 1.1.1997 or later

B16 Boys born 1.1.1998 or later

B15 Boys born 1.1.1999 or later

B14 Boys born 1.1.2000 or later

B13 Boys born 1.1.2001 or later

B12(7) Boys born 1.1.2002 or later

B11(7) Drenge Boys born 1.1.2003 or later

G19 Girls born 1.1.1995 or later

G17 Girls born 1.1.1997 or later

G16 Girls born 1.1.1998 or later

G15 Girls born 1.1.1999 or later

G14 Girls born 1.1.2000 or later

G13 Girls born 1.1.2001 or later

G12(7) Girls born 1.1.2002 or later

Entries for the Dana Cup 2014 will open from the 13th of September and you are all more than welcome to come and join us!

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Viasat with the Dana Cup


Now you can relive the final games that were sent during the 2013 tournament via our live streaming and live on channel TV3 Sport 1. At the same time you can enjoy an excellent report from the days at the Dana Cup.

Dana Cup´s media partner Viasat have allowed us to use their material so we can show the games and the report on our website and YouTube channel all around the World. 

You can see TV3 Sport 1's production here


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