23. - 28. JULY 2018 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

Photo: From the Dana Cup visit at the Danish Embassy in Buenos Aires. From the left Julietta Diaz Caldez, Rodolfo Stecco – both from INLAC Argentina, Commercial Advisor Søren Hasholt and Cultural Advisor Nina Skyhøj Olsen - both from the embassy, Marketing Manager Alison Leigh Forman, Director Jette Andersen and Dana Cup's Latin American Agent Patricia Espinosa. (Photo: Torben Vandsted)

Great assistance from INLAC


A big city like Buenos Aires is not easy to find your way around in, just like getting the contacts that Dana Cup needed was not easy, it was a major task in itself. 

But thanks to the Latin American quality organization INLAC that was founded in Mexico, our Dana Cup visit to Argentina was a success. 

- We were held in our hands all the way. We came in and were welcomed at many places and we feel they were all the right places too, says Director of the Dana Cup, Jette Andersen.

- We visited some huge clubs like River Plate and Boca Juniors, where we received a disguished welcome by people from the top of the management and we also visited some smaller clubs and the interest to participate in the Dana Cup was huge. 

We had an extremely dynamic schedule and without INLAC and their assistance it would not have been possible. 

Dana Cup has contacts with INLAC through our agent, Patricia Espinosa who is also employed by INLAC in Mexico City. Patricia teamed up with two local INLAC employees in Buenos Aires, Julieta Diaz Caldes and Rodolfo Stecco.

Patricia Espinosa has been to the Dana Cup numerous times and the good relationship spread to the two Argentines, who are also very keen to ensure that there will be more teams from Argentina at the Dana Cup. They also wish to come to the Dana Cup themselves. 

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Photo: Alison Leigh Forman and Francisco Irarrazával.

The children must experience

- It should be an experience for the children. They must meet children of the same age from all around the world and that can happen at the Dana Cup. I now have a big job but not an unachieveable one of getting the trip to Europe financed, says the Secretary from the Sports Department in Buenos Aires City, Francisco Irarrazával.

He has just been visited by the Dana Cup and Marketing Manager, Alison Leigh Forman expresses satisfaction from the meeting and has high expectations for a future cooperation. 

- It will be fantastic to have the young Argentine children at the Dana Cup. In their daily lives a lot of them are living under conditions that we have never seen here in Denmark. So a trip to the Dana Cup will give them both sporting and social experiences, says Alison Leigh Forman.

If the Argentine children travel to Europe they will not only attend the Dana Cup, they will also combine their travels to include other tournaments.  

The Muncipal Governement in Buenos Aires have a very positive attitude to give their children this kind of experience, so we are crossing our fingers that they will come to Hjørring, says Alison Leigh Forman.

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Photo: From the meeting with Professor Alejandro J. Rebogliati at the Universidad del Salvador. The University that will maybe come to the Dana Cup is catholic. The current Pope Francis has taught at the university in Argentina.

Received at the Pope's University


There is strong evidence that the Dana Cup will already this year receive a visit from a very special university in Buenos Aires. Dana Cup employees visited Universidad del Salvador in the Argentine capital. It was here that Pope Francis, the current Pope of the Catholic Church, taught when he was Bishop in Argentina. 

It was not the church that the Dana Cup wanted to discuss with Professor Alejandro J. Rebogliati but the possibility of one or two of their youngest university teams taking part in the Dana Cup 2014.

Alejandro J. Rebogliati was very excited with the idea of the Dana Cup and extremely interested in his students meeting other young soccer players in Europe. 

- We are very curious to see if we get teams from Buenos Aires this year. There is no doubt that playing against South American teams with their style of play is something that all other young players from Europe would like to do, says Dana Cup Director, Jette Andersen.

- We had a lot of promotion materials with us in Argentina, among other things, our USB card with the Dana Cup promotion video. The Argentine professor received a few of these and when there was an extra one left over, we commented in a fun way that the extra one could be for Pope Francis. 

Alejandro J. Rebogliati commented straight away that the USB would be sent with the universities weekly post to the Vatican!

We are not sure if this will happen and we do not believe that the Vatican will send a team to this years Dana Cup but they would be more than welcome.

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Photo: Hugo Petrella from Tucoman in Argentina receiving a special presentation by Director Jette Andersen and Agent Patricia Espinosa.

Hugo wanted to talk with the Dana Cup


The Argentine club man Hugo Petrella from Tucuman 1.000 km north of Buenos Aires wanted to talk with the Dana Cup, who visited Buenos Aires between the 25th and 30th of January. He took a flight from Tucoman and had a good time in the Argentine capital. 

It was primarily the Dana Cup's Latin American Agent, Patricia Espinosa who Hugo Petrella came to Buenos Aires to talk with but it was also a pleasant reunion with Dana Cup's Director, Jette Andersen and Marketing Manager Alison Leigh Forman.

Hugo Petrella has created a huge club in his home town, Tucoman. It is a club that works with social players and not just elite players. For Hugo Petrella, it is very important that his young players have the opportunity to experience what is happening in the rest of the World. He sends his teams to the Gothia Cup in Gothenburg and also to the Piteå Cup in Northern Sweden. Now he is researching the possibilities to come to the Dana Cup in Hjørring. It is possible that teams from Tucoman will already here in 2014 help raise the quality fo football at the Dana Cup.

The Dana Cup is looking forward to a co-operation with the very serious and hard working Argentine.

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Photo: Jette Andersen and Alison Leigh Forman from the Dana Cup talking with Boca Juniors Director Jorge Clemente and the clubs talent scout (far left).

Dana Cup with Boca Juniors


Boca Juniors, the huge Argentine club who fostered Diego Maradona, have now been informed about the Dana Cup.

Representatives from the Dana Cup, Director Jette Andersen, Marketing Manager Alison Leigh Forman, Agent Patricia Espinosa and Press Manager Torben Vandsted, received a warm reception when they visited the club in Buenos Aires.

- It is both overwhelming and inspirational to be welcomed at such a club and I feel it was a very warm welcome we received, says Jette Andersen.

- Boca Juniors has a comprehensive youth policy, which includes a football school for young talented players aged 14 and 15 years.

The information and visit that we had to the school, gave us some interesting thoughts and ideas in relation to our own mother club of the Dana Cup, Fortuna Hjørring.

- Boca Juniors are used to travelling with their young players. I believe that they are very interested in travelling to the Dana Cup but perhaps not this year, says Alison Leigh Forman.

- But it looks like they will, along with other Argentine clubs who we have visited, start their planning to visit the Dana Cup in the near future.

It was, in my opinion, a very exciting meeting.

Dana Cup visited the entire Boca Juniors complex and the clubs museum, where it was natural to see Diego Maradona as prominent figure.

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Photo: The two embassy workers, Nina Skyhøj Olsen and Søren Hasholt, are a huge help for the Dana Cup in Buenos Aires.

Support at the Danish Embassy in Argentina


The Royal Danish Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina has become a serious Dana Cup team mate. 

In an effort to secure more exciting South American football on the field in Hjørring, you will find the Dana Cup on the road in Argentina at this time.   

Our efforts are being followed by Advisor Nina Skyhøj Olsen and Commercial Advisor Søren Hasholt from the embassy where the Dana Cup representatives have visited.  

The two embassy workers have provided a great assistance to the Dana Cup, which can be compared to an export company in many ways. The sale of participation at the Dana Cup goes to more than 90% of clubs coming from a foreign country.  

Nina Skyhøj Olsen believes that the Dana Cup has a high intercultural and cultural value. She is helping to present the tournament to Argentine clubs, where one of the major priorities in the social aspect of the tournament.  

A task that needs to be solved to attract more Argentine teams, is the economical side.  

Søren Hasholt will help explore the possibilities for sponsorship from Danish companies who have relations in Argentina and from Argentine companies who have interests in Denmark. 

- I believe we have been given the greatest assistance from the embassy and there is no doubt that the clubs we have visited are very interested in a trip to Denmark to experience European football. I have no doubt that we have made some great relationships that will make the Dana Cup even more international in the future, says Jette Andersen from the Dana Cup.

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Photo: Director Rodrigo Daskal from River Plate (second from the right) welcomed the Dana Cup Director, Jette Andersen (far right) and Marketing Manager, Alison Leigh Forman, (second from the left). Jorge Rolando Diaz (far left) showed us through the clubs museum and their huge stadium complex. 

Welcome to Argentina!


An interest for the Dana Cup is established in Argentina after a visit to the top club, Club Atletico River Plate. The Director, Rodrigo Daskal from the club that has been the Champions of Argentina 34 times and who are currently ranked number 2, is very interested in a co-operation with the Dana Cup to send Argentine soccer teams to Hjørring in the last week of July. 

- It is very exciting to meet with such a highly ranked Argentine soccer club, who without a doubt has a countless number of talented young soccer players. They can help to improve the quality of the Dana Cup. At the same time they are very interested in hearing more about the organization of the tournament. The idea can maybe, in one way or another, be planted in Buenos Aires, says the Director of the Dana Cup, Jette Andersen.

- I hope that we will see teams from Argentina at the Dana Cup 2014 this summer but realistically it is most probably in 2015 that we will see the efforts of our intensified marketing in Latin America, says Marketing Manager Alison Leigh Forman.

- I believe that we will see new teams at the Dana Cup very soon. These teams are teams that the Europeans love to play against. 

During the visit in Argentina, the Dana Cup is receiving invaluable assistance from the Latin American quality organization Inlac, while they are meeting with leaders and players from different clubs. There are also meetings with Argentine politicians and the Danish Embassy in Buenos Aires.


Photo: From our guided tour at River Plate you can see from the left Dana Cup's Director Jette Andersen, Marketing Manager Alison Leigh Forman, Jorge Rolando Diaz from River Plate, Patricia Espinosa, Dana Cup's Latin American agent from Mexico, Rodolfo Stecco and Julieta Diaz from the Argentine department of Inlac. The quality organization is an invaluable assistant to the Dana Cup, when we need to make the best contacts in South America.

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Photo: Dana Cup visited the Berliner Fußball-Verband, Director Michael Lameli (on the left) and the Secretary for selected teams Detlev Röder (on the right). Berliner Fußball-Verband would like to send a girls G16/17 team to the Dana Cup and then have a return visit in Berlin by one of Fortuna's teams.

Increased German interest


Dana Cup is experiencing an increased interest from German clubs. This is due to the extra service we are giving to the German soccer clubs. 

Fortuna's earlier elite trainer and professional soccer player in Germany, Flemming Nielsen is employed by the Dana Cup where he is assisting with the marketing in Germany along with other areas. 

- We are already seeing positive results from the work Flemming is doing in Germany. More clubs are showing their interest in participating at the Dana Cup in 2014, says Dana Cup's Marketing Manager, Alison Leigh Forman.

- It is hard to say how many teams in total but we are certain that their is a huge increase in interest from the German clubs. 

Flemming Nielsen has travelled to several German clubs and football federations. He presents the benefits of taking part in the Dana Cup and at the same time he offers training sessions to the clubs, trainers and players. 

Flemming has been in Wismar, where he trained with their junior players and held meetings with representatives from the football federation, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

A meeting with the Berliner Fussball-Bund, Director Michael Lameli and the Secretary for selected teams Detlev Röderog ended with the Berliner Fussball-Verband working on sending a girls G16/17 team to the Dana Cup.

In Düren Niederau 08, they are working hard on their plans to take part in the Dana Cup 2014 and they have already assembled a huge group. 

SC Wegberg 1912 has made their decision and they will come to the Dana Cup with 24 persons, a boys B17 team.


Photo: Trainer Aribert Schmidt (on the right) Flemming Nielsen and the Chairman for Lichtenberger FFC, Andreas Winge. Schmidt has trained Asker in Oslo for many years but is now back in Berlin. He has been to the Dana Cup with Norwegian teams and now he would like to take part with Lichtenberger FFC 09 e.V. in 2014. Winge is doing everything to get one or more teams to the Dana Cup 2014.

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Dana Cup memories for life


The American NSCAA convention proves once again that the Dana Cup creates memories for the rest of your life. At the Dana Cup stand, Torben Vandsted and Flemming Nielsen on the left, received a visit from George Merette (second from the right). George was at the Dana Cup in Hjørring in 1993 with his team from the Dominican Republic. George has never forgotten his experience. His Dana Cup visit ended dramatically though, as George and his team had to leave the tournament early. There was an outbreak of unrest in his home country. 

- It was good to get home at that time but the situation in the Dominican Republic is more than settled now, says George in Philadelphia. He is now living in the USA and working at a soccer school. He is now working on returning to the Dana Cup once again. It was a huge experience for him and he wishes to give the same experience to others. 

George Merette - YouTube 

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Meet Dana Cup in Argentina


Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona, names that resonate throughout the world of football, both at home in Argentina and in Europe where the two have played for some of the biggest clubs. They represent the finest in Argentine football and they are role models for the youth of Argentina. 

The South American country has a football school that works on the love of the game and that is reflected on the pitch. That joy is what Dana Cup would like to bring to Hjørring.

- Therefore we are visiting Buenos Aires from the 25th to the 29th of January. At this time we will hold meetings and present the Dana Cup to different clubs in Argentina. We will also visit some Danish companies who have productions in Argentina. We are very excited about our arrangements but we also have time for a few extra meetings, says Dana Cup director Jette Andersen.

- If any club officials or other persons wish to meet with us and hear about the Dana Cup, we can make an agreement.

Send an e-mail with your name and contact details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can organize something straight away.

Dana Cup's marketing manager, Alison Leigh Forman and our Latin American agent, Patricia Espinosa are also in Argentina.

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Photo: Dana Cup director, Jette Andersen received many guests in 2013 at the convent in Indianapolis and we are now looking forward to even more guests that would like to travel to Denmark. 

Dana Cup in Philadelphia


Once again in 2014, the Dana Cup will be represented at the huge American soccer convention - the NSCAA Convention. This time the convention will be held in Philadelphia.

The giant soccer convention will be held from Thursday the 16th of January to Saturday the 18th of January. 

Around 5.000 soccer coaches and leaders from all around the World will attend the convention where they can take part in clinics, training sessions and visit the inspirational exhibit stands that are on show. 

Dana Cup uses the convention to connect with the thousands of trainers, to learn and gather inspiration in regards to the clubs who are thinking of taking part in our Danish youth soccer tournament in the last of week of July. 

At the Dana Cup stand no. 410 Jette Andersen, Kasper Poulsen, Flemming Nielsen and Torben Vandsted will be connecting and making agreements with mostly American teams who will travel to Hjørring in 2014 and in the years to come. 

You can find us here and read more about the convention here

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