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Dana Cup highlights on TV3 Sport 1


One hour of highlights from the Dana Cup 2013 will be shown this weekend on the nationwide channel TV3 Sport 1. Wednesday the 7th of August at 8.30 pm you can see a one hour report with highlights from the Dana Cup 2013. The program will also be sent again on Saturday the 10th of August between 7.55 pm and 8.55 pm and on Sunday the 11th of August at 2.15 pm they will show another hour of highlights from this summers huge event in Hjørring.

The two broadcasts on TV3 Sport 1 will be a distinguished ending to a very successful Dana Cup.

The TV channel were present at the Dana Cup finals on Saturday the 27th of July. Two of the final games were transmitted live on TV, so there was three hours direct from the Hjørring Stadium that Saturday. 

So now there is an extra hour of the Dana Cup shown over three different times. TV3 Sport 1 had a reporting team in Hjørring during the Dana Cup week, so the program is what they have put together from their visit and clips from the final games, enjoy it this weekend on TV3 Sport 1.


 Goodbye – Thanks – See You Next Year!

Once again a special Dana Cup – the biggest ever – has come to an end. We do not doubt that it has also been the best!

The Danish summer supported Dana Cup, the sun smiled on the participants, the football fields kept the green colour throughout the week and the game was a manifestation of happiness.

We owe players and coaches from the 921 teams a great thanks for the immense efforts every-body has contributed to make Dana Cup 2013 a huge experience!

We take this opportunity to thank you all and, at the same time, we say:

See you next year at Dana Cup 2014 from July 21-26!

Dana Cup Organisation

Skills and commitment gave Pequeninos do Jockey the victory against Norwegian Steinkjer.

 Two Teams - Two Titles

 B16: Pequeninos do Jockey (BRA) - Steinkjer FK (NOR) 3 - 0 (2 - 0)

The last gold medals of the day are also on the way to Brazil. Likewise, Pequeninos do Jockey won the trophy in B16 with spirit and commitment – flavoured with great skills. Viewed in the light of these facts, the Brazilians deserved to win.

All the Brazilians played with a lot of energy and never felt stressed even though Steinkjer tried to pressure them during the entire match. Steinkejr's players ran and fought exemplary with an apparent unfailing source of energy, but skills and Brazilian commitment won.

And even though it looked rather simple at times, the players from the country that is famous for Samba dance had to fight hard in an entertaining final.

By the way, both clubs have previously tried to win B16. Pequeninos do Jockey won in 2004, and Steinkjer won last year.


 Happiness in Kenya

 They are not going to lacks any footballs, when Ushari Spoti from Kenya returns from Dana Cup.

The African boys were happy when the received a grand gift of footballs on Dana Cup's last day.

Sabrina Abramowski from the German club Cloppenburg BV had brought along 10 wonderful balls from the club back home in Germany. It was meant as a gift for some young players, who found it rather difficult to do their sport without the proper accessories. Sabrina Abramowski and Dana Cup decided to give the ten balls a future in Kenya. The happy Kenyans gave expression to their gratitude. Thus, everybody knew that it was the right decision.


 Anticipated Brazilian Victory

 B14: Bærum SK (NOR) - Pequeninos do Jockey (BRA) 0 - 2 (0 - 0)

If everybody had predicted that Brazilian Pequeninos do Jockey was going to beat Norwegian Bærum SK in the final in B14, then nobody had told the Norwegian boys. Bærum SK played their own game believing that the Brazilian favourites could be beaten by proper Norwegian football.

Therefore, one should praise Bærum SK to the skies because they played some of the most positive football at this year's finals. Not least considering the fact that the Norwegian boys in the yellow jerseys were much smaller than their opponents. For instance, some of the Brazilian players did not mind having a shoot on goal from the middle of the pitch – hard kicks, even.

Consequently, it did not come as a huge surprise when Pequeninos won gold medals but, in reality, Bærum SK was the positive surprise.

On Saturday, Lake Norman SC from the USA won gold medals in G14 by beating Kløfta Ullensaker-Kisa from Norway. On Friday, the club also won bronze medals in G15.

 Lake Norman Win Gold and Bronze

 G14: Lake Norman SC (USA) - Kløfta-Ullensaker-Kisa (NOR) 1 - 0 (0 - 0) – after extra time.

It was not until the 59th minute of play – 9 minutes into extra time – that Lake Norman managed to score the winning goal and, thus, win G14. The final between Lake Norman SC from the USA and Kløfta Ullensaker-Kisa from Norway lacked goal chances. The American players needed almost an hour of play to score before being able to bring the trophy back home.

Before the final Lake Norman SC had played an impressive 15 games at Dana Cup, because the club had participated in both G14 and G15. Yesterday, they even succeeded in winning bronze medals in G15. It is a great achievement.

The Norwegian players defenced well for a very long time. Actually, you had to wait until extra time before the Norwegian goalkeeper was really put under pressure. In fact, both she and the rest of the Norwegian team played a really good match.

Therefore, it was a real pity for the goalkeeper that, with just one-minute left of extra time, the ball went in the net.

Dallas Texans won gold against Minas from Spain.

 Dallas Texans Won Gold

 B19: Minas (ESP) - Dallas Texans SC (USA) 1 - 2 (1 - 1) after extra time.

Minas from Madrid played the most beautiful football based on advanced soccer skills and a great first touch. However, Dallas Texans in the red jerseys proved that a big heart willing to fight will get you far. In this case, they won gold in B19 at Dana Cup.

The concept of Dallas Texans was obviously to make use of a solid defence. Thus, the Americans kept the concept throughout the game and, even though Minus – not least due to the player in jersey number 7, who also became Man of the Match – passed the ball well and showed great skills, one of the American players nevertheless headed home a long throw-in to put Dallas Texans ahead. The goal made Minas change tactics and, consequently, the team put much more pressure on the opponents. The Spanish players were rewarded 15 seconds before the final whistle as they equalised from a corner to make it 1-1.

However, only two minutes into extra time Dallas Texans scored the game-winning goal. Actually, they scored again from a dead ball situation: this time from a free kick.

The rest of the match was pure survival for Dallas Texans.


 FC Düren-Niederau Best Club

 According to the tradition one of the visiting clubs is awarded the title 'Best Club'.

At Dana Cup 2013 the German club FC Düren-Niederau scored the most points.

A clever system, which is based on placing, results, etc., is used when the Best Club is to be found. In consequence, the six teams from the German club were able to collect the most points and deservedly won the trophy.

Intense fighting at close quarters marked an even final in G15 between Gneist and Øvrevoll Hosle.

 Relief for Gneist IL in the End

 G15: Gneist IL (NOR) - Øvrevoll Hosle IL (NOR) 2 - 0 (0 - 0)

For 40 minutes it looked as the final in G15 was going into extra time. Actually, both teams fought, played and kicked without being really dangerous in front of goal.

It was a very even game, but then things finally began to move. Despite being in possession of the ball most of the time, Gneist IL never created any big chances. But in three minutes two beautiful goals essentially decided the outcome of the game.

Gneist seemed to be the physically strongest players on the pitch. The fighting at close quarters was intense, the tackles were good and the runs were fast and, accordingly, Gneist IL deserved winning gold. Nonetheless, Øvrevoll Hosle also performed well.

Hjørring FC gave way to a super force as Club America won B15.

 Hjørring FC Gave Way to Superior Team

 B15: Hjørring FC (DEN) - Club America (MEX) 0 - 3 (0 - 1)

It takes two teams to create a match worth seeing. Consequently, Hjørring FC should be proud of the silver medals. Even though, Club America went ahead 1-0 after just one minute of play the local boys from Hjørring refused to give up.

After a very long position warfare, in which none of the teams managed to get the upper hand, despite proper fighting, the Mexicans finally showed that they had come to raise the trophy.

In just five minutes Club America altered the score from 0-1 to 0-3, the last goal scored on a perfect cross that was finished with a beautiful volley.

The rest of the game was an intense fight between the two teams.

Düren-Niederau from Germany won B13.

 German Fingerprints on the Trophy

 B13: Holmen IF (NOR) - Düren-Niederau FC (GER) 0 - 4 (0 - 1)

The roles were divided early on in the final in B13. More or less from the first whistle, Düren-Niederau took control of the game. And even though Holmen tried to win, the German players were simply better.

They scored the first goal after seven minutes and albeit they did not score for another 30 minutes it was nevertheless the logical consequence of them controlling the game. Holmen rarely came near Düren-Niederaus' goal but, on the other hand, the opponents had several nice shots on goal and in the end they scored another two goals.

After the game, the players from Holmens were the first people to express their congratulations to the Germans in winning the Dana Cup final. As a matter of fact, it was a really fine gesture by a skilled group of players, who won silver.

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