23. - 28. JULY 2018 - HJØRRING - DENMARK
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Photo: Flemming Nielsen spoke enthusiastically about the Dana Cup and received a warm applause from the chairman of the Danish Company Athletic Organization.

Spreading knowledge of the Dana Cup


The interest to know more about the Dana Cup, the huge organization behind and the results that are made when thousands of young soccer players gather in Hjørring is increasing. And at the Dana Cup we are very interested in spreading the knowledge that we have for something that is so big and good for the city of Hjørring.

Just recently, Dana Cup's employee Flemming Nielsen who also is a former Danish Champion with Fortuna Hjørring's elite team, was out in the field. 

Flemming Nielsen sells the Dana Cup daily her in Denmark and on the export market. Germany where he has played professionally himself is one of his prime areas. 

But this time around it was our "home market" that indirectly received a visit.

Flemming Nielsen engaged and excited the Presidents from the Danish Company Athletic Orgainzation at Nyborg Strand, where they were holding their Presidents Meeting when he presented the Dana Cup to them.

- I believe they were very happy and surprised to hear about our huge tournament in Hjørring and the thousands of participants from all around the World, says Flemming Nielsen.

- We hope that these athletic interested companies spread the word to others and if there are any other organizations or associations who are interested in hearing more about the Dana Cup, we are ready to come and visit.

Ultimately we hope to receive more teams, so we can renew and maintain the Dana Cup as the enormous experience it is for thousands of young soccer players. 

In 2013 the Dana Cup welcomed 921 teams. This means around 18 to 20,000 players and leaders in Hjørring in the last week of July. And it looks like there will be even more in 2014.


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Photo: (From the left) Jette Andersen, Vladimir Makarikhin, Alison Leigh Forman, Evgenii Gennadjevitch Kuklya and his son.

Dana Cup in Vladimir's honor


Vladimir Makarikhin from Rhythm, visited the Dana Cup in Hjørring no less than 22 times with his boys. He was expected again this summer but now his boys and remaining leaders must travel alone without their beloved activist, leader and trainer.

Vladimir Makarikhin has passed away, just 59 years old.

Dana Cup was a high priority event for Vladimir and his Russian team Rhythm. Every year for the last 22 years the teams from Rhythm have travelled for many days from their home town Omsk in Siberia to take part in the Dana Cup in Hjørring.

It was Vladimir Makarakhin who always made the long trip possible.

At home in Omsk he was highly appreciated and respected. He ran his soccer club in an area where the everyday life of his children could be problematic, an area of crime. But Vladimir gave them daily experiences through sport and kept them away from drugs and criminal activities. He was highly respected with the parents too. This was shown just recently at his funeral, where they also spoke about their experiences at the Dana Cup.

The Football Association also respected Vladimir, he was named as the areas best youth trainer.

When Vladimir came to Denmark with his teams he always managed to make good contact with other leaders and the hosts of the Dana Cup, even with the English language being a challenge for him. He had many personal friendships in Hjørring and at the school in Bindslev where Rhythm always stayed while they were in Hjørring. Here he will be greatly missed.

Before he passed away, Vladimir had secured around a third of the funds needed for them to take part in the Dana Cup 2014. The remaining leaders at Rhythm are working hard to secure the final funds for the trip this summer. 

So this years participation at the Dana Cup will be in the memory and honor of Vladimir Makarikhin.

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Photo: Flemming Nielsen in the middle visiting Berliner Fussball-Verband e.V., with Director Michael Lameli (on the left) and the Secretary for selected teams Detlev Röder (on the right).

Girls from Berlin to the Dana Cup


The interest to participate at the Dana Cup is awake at the Berliner Fussball-Verband e.V. They have decided to participate at the Dana Cup 2014 with a girls team in class G17.

There registration is a result of an extra intensive marketing done by the Dana Cup in Germany over the latest months.

Flemming Nielsen, who has the job of increasing the number of German teams to the Dana Cup, visited the German club in Berlin in 2013 and now they are coming with their team.

We are expecting more German teams to visit the Dana Cup this summer. 

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Get that good story at the Dana Cup


There are thousands of amazing stories, when 20,000 young soccer players from 45 nations meet on the green grassed soccer fields in Hjørring, in the last week of July. It is a dream for any media employee to cover the Dana Cup with the countless number of stories from the young people's homes all around the World. 

Once again in 2014, the Dana Cup Media and Communication center are ready to welcome you and service journalists, reporters and photographers who are interested in conveying the happy stories from the huge soccer tournament in Hjørring.

If you are a media employee, you can get accreditation here

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Photo: Alexi is looking forward to the Dana Cup 2014, where she will guest on Fortuna's G17 team.

Romance at the Dana Cup


Dana Cup is a meeting place for young people from all around the world. Some of these meetings evolve into pure romance. That was the case in 1990 when Diana and Mike were on the "Hat Trick Tour" with Beach City SC who travelled from southern California.

Love sparkled in Hjørring and four years later the young couple got married.

Now Diana and Mike Rose are ready to send the next generation from Herriman in Utah to Denmark.

Dana Cup has always been highly regarded in the American household, the families oldest out of four children, 17 year old Alexi, has heard so much about the soccer tournament that she too wants to take part in the Dana Cup.

The Danish agent, Sven Erik Jensen from Sport International made the contact between Alexi and Dana Cup's organizing club, Fortuna Hjørring.

It was not possible to put a team together from Herriman in Utah, so Dana Cup's Marketing Manager; Alison Leigh Forman organized it so Alexi could be a guest player on Fortuna Hjørring's G17 team this summer. While Alexi's father Mike has to stay at home and take care of his business and his job as a successful youth trainer, Alexi's mother Diana will make the trip to Hjørring. She will have a reunion at the place where she met her husband and Alexi's father, 24 years ago.

If you have your own romantic, exciting, wonderful or in any other way, special story relating to your Dana Cup experience, feel free to send to us with a photo or video. We can share your fantastic story with our international Dana Cup network - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Photo: The Rose family at home in Utah, they are all excited for Alexi and Diana to be able to represent the family at the Dana Cup once again.

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EXPO14 at the Dana Cup


This year's Dana Cup can offer a new experience. In the centrally located event area there will be established EXPO14.

The idea is for organizations, athletic associations, businesses and many more can present their "products" to more than 20-25,000 guests that visit the Dana Cup and Hjørring.

Dana Cup has just started to offer places at the EXPO14, we are looking forward to the new activity this year and to the development of the event in the years to come.  

Read more about our EXPO14 and see how you can join us at the new event!

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Photo: Hotel Scandic The Reef.

Still sleeping spaces


Have you still not decided where you will be staying during the Dana Cup 2014, there is still some options available.

We have comfortable beds and rooms at hotels in Hjørring and the surrounding areas - see here

To secure your accommodation, send an order to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the order form online here

In 2014 we can present a brand new option, the Dana Cup Parents Camp, which is centrally located right next door to the Dana Cup SportsCenter.

As neighbour to the Dana Cup SportsCenter, you are free to use the services in their café and living room.

Apart from very good food, you can relax in a friendly environment with a sports TV and free Wi-Fi.

If you would like to secure your space at the Dana Cup Parents Camp, you can order online here

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Photo: From the Dana Cup visit at the Danish Embassy in Buenos Aires. From the left Julietta Diaz Caldez, Rodolfo Stecco – both from INLAC Argentina, Commercial Advisor Søren Hasholt and Cultural Advisor Nina Skyhøj Olsen - both from the embassy, Marketing Manager Alison Leigh Forman, Director Jette Andersen and Dana Cup's Latin American Agent Patricia Espinosa. (Photo: Torben Vandsted)

Great assistance from INLAC


A big city like Buenos Aires is not easy to find your way around in, just like getting the contacts that Dana Cup needed was not easy, it was a major task in itself. 

But thanks to the Latin American quality organization INLAC that was founded in Mexico, our Dana Cup visit to Argentina was a success. 

- We were held in our hands all the way. We came in and were welcomed at many places and we feel they were all the right places too, says Director of the Dana Cup, Jette Andersen.

- We visited some huge clubs like River Plate and Boca Juniors, where we received a disguished welcome by people from the top of the management and we also visited some smaller clubs and the interest to participate in the Dana Cup was huge. 

We had an extremely dynamic schedule and without INLAC and their assistance it would not have been possible. 

Dana Cup has contacts with INLAC through our agent, Patricia Espinosa who is also employed by INLAC in Mexico City. Patricia teamed up with two local INLAC employees in Buenos Aires, Julieta Diaz Caldes and Rodolfo Stecco.

Patricia Espinosa has been to the Dana Cup numerous times and the good relationship spread to the two Argentines, who are also very keen to ensure that there will be more teams from Argentina at the Dana Cup. They also wish to come to the Dana Cup themselves. 

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Photo: Alison Leigh Forman and Francisco Irarrazával.

The children must experience

- It should be an experience for the children. They must meet children of the same age from all around the world and that can happen at the Dana Cup. I now have a big job but not an unachieveable one of getting the trip to Europe financed, says the Secretary from the Sports Department in Buenos Aires City, Francisco Irarrazával.

He has just been visited by the Dana Cup and Marketing Manager, Alison Leigh Forman expresses satisfaction from the meeting and has high expectations for a future cooperation. 

- It will be fantastic to have the young Argentine children at the Dana Cup. In their daily lives a lot of them are living under conditions that we have never seen here in Denmark. So a trip to the Dana Cup will give them both sporting and social experiences, says Alison Leigh Forman.

If the Argentine children travel to Europe they will not only attend the Dana Cup, they will also combine their travels to include other tournaments.  

The Muncipal Governement in Buenos Aires have a very positive attitude to give their children this kind of experience, so we are crossing our fingers that they will come to Hjørring, says Alison Leigh Forman.

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Photo: From the meeting with Professor Alejandro J. Rebogliati at the Universidad del Salvador. The University that will maybe come to the Dana Cup is catholic. The current Pope Francis has taught at the university in Argentina.

Received at the Pope's University


There is strong evidence that the Dana Cup will already this year receive a visit from a very special university in Buenos Aires. Dana Cup employees visited Universidad del Salvador in the Argentine capital. It was here that Pope Francis, the current Pope of the Catholic Church, taught when he was Bishop in Argentina. 

It was not the church that the Dana Cup wanted to discuss with Professor Alejandro J. Rebogliati but the possibility of one or two of their youngest university teams taking part in the Dana Cup 2014.

Alejandro J. Rebogliati was very excited with the idea of the Dana Cup and extremely interested in his students meeting other young soccer players in Europe. 

- We are very curious to see if we get teams from Buenos Aires this year. There is no doubt that playing against South American teams with their style of play is something that all other young players from Europe would like to do, says Dana Cup Director, Jette Andersen.

- We had a lot of promotion materials with us in Argentina, among other things, our USB card with the Dana Cup promotion video. The Argentine professor received a few of these and when there was an extra one left over, we commented in a fun way that the extra one could be for Pope Francis. 

Alejandro J. Rebogliati commented straight away that the USB would be sent with the universities weekly post to the Vatican!

We are not sure if this will happen and we do not believe that the Vatican will send a team to this years Dana Cup but they would be more than welcome.

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