23. - 28. JULY 2018 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

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Tournament schedule almost ready


We are working very hard on the tournament schedule for the Dana Cup 2016 this week. 

As soon as the final adjustments are made, it will be posted here on our website by the latest Friday the 8th of July.

All registered teams will receive a confirmation with their collective orders, A or D-bands etc and a confirmation of where their team/s will be accommodated if they have the A-band. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you all to the Dana Cup 2016.

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Order shirts before arrival


Dana Cup's main sponsor SPORTMASTER can now offer our participants the possibility to purchase sweatshirts and T-shirts, before arrival to Hjørring.

Take a look at our online PDF and order form, fill it in and send it by e-mail to SPORTMASTER.

There are 3 different models on sale. T-shirts for DKK 80, sweatshirts for DKK 150 and hoodies for DKK 250. All the models have our beautiful Dana Cup logo on the front. When you order, you just choose which size you would like and which colors. 

You can find our online PDF and order form here on our website.

To ensure that SPORTMASTER can make your delivery on arrival to the Dana Cup, your order should be sent by mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later then the 7th of July.

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stadium front

Photo: The view from the back of the new stadium with an entrance to 2 sports halls that are included in the huge project. 

New stadium for the Dana Cup 2015


32 times their has been a parade into and finals played at the Hjørring Stadium. When 20.000 young participants meet at the Dana Cup 2014 for the 33rd time, it will be the very last time the start and finals will take place at the well known stadium. Next year there will be a new stadium with new grass, better lighting, new seating and a totally new look, when the participants march into the stadium on the 20th of July 2015 for the Dana Cup no. 34.

The need for a new stadium in the Dana Cup's hometown Hjørring is huge. It has been on a wish list for many years and now our wish is coming true. 

In September they will start the renovations of the Hjørring Stadium and they will work hard to have it finished for the Dana Cup 2015.

There will be seating for 260 persons and standing spaces around the soccer field. The fencing is moved closer to the side lines, so the atmosphere will be even more intense. 

When you come to the Hjørring Stadium in the future, you will be meet by something very beautiful. A well proportioned building that will house 2 sports halls, changing rooms and other facilities that are necessary when you are holding a soccer game and also at the highest international level. 

This is something to look forward to for the soccer players of Hjørring and also for those of you who will visit the Dana Cup in 2015 and in the years to come, you will have a great experience at the new stadium.

stadium field

Photo: The seating area will be closer to the playing field which will give a very intense atmosphere.

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Special offer from SPORTMASTER


Dana Cup's main sponsor SPORTMASTER is in full swing warming up for the start of this years tournament. They have found many different offers, so there is something extra special to attract you to their huge centrally located sports tent.

On the Dana Cup website you can see what is on offer.

Here you can read the new brochure from SPORTMASTER and see their special "Team Player Offer".

By using this service you can be fully prepared for shopping, which is unavoidable during the Dana Cup week.

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dbu jubi1

Photo: In the anniversary container you will find a replica of the European Championship trophy that the Danish Mens National Team brought home from Gothenburg in 1992. The original trophy is travelling around but there is a copy on the way to Hjørring. The trophy is surrounded by: From the left: DBU Chairman Jesper Møller, Mette Bach, Løkken, ex national team player from Fortuna and is currently seated on the board at DBU, Jette Andersen, Director at the Dana Cup is also an ex national team player and Fortuna player and the creator of the exhibition is Frits Ahlstrøm, who was the Media Director of UEFA in Switzerland for many years. (Photo: Dana Cup)

DBU's anniversary container will be at the Dana Cup this summer

A golden look back through the 125 year history of the football organization.

Hjørring and the Dana Cup have an extra experience to offer this year. When our record tournament takes place, the exhibition, which has been created in connection with DBU's 125 year anniversary, will be driven to Hjørring and placed in a central area where Dana Cup participants and all other guests can visit the exhibition. 

It is the long time Media Director from UEFA, Frits Ahlstrøm who is the creator behind the exhibition that just might be the start of the first ever Danish Soccer Museum. 

- It is a very exciting exhibition that brings to mind some fantastic Danish soccer memories, along with more traditional but significant things in regards to soccer development in Denmark - says Director of the Dana Cup Jette Andersen. Jette got a chance to preview the exhibition when she attended an open house event that was organized in connection with the anniversary. The event took place in Brøndby at Fodboldens Hus.

At the same time Jette Andersen made an agreement with the chairman of DBU Jesper Møller, who is also from Aalborg to come to Hjørring to open the exhibition. Frits Ahlstrøm will also be in Hjørring.

dbu jubi2

Photo: A look inside the container, Jette Andersen admires the shirt that Poul Pedersen had on when he played for the Danish National Team at the Olympics in Rome 1960. (Photo: Dana Cup)

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This year's Dana Cup has reached 1.045 teams


Dana Cup number 33 will be fantastic in regards to the number of registered teams.

20.000 young soccer players will play 2.645 games in the last week of July.

Never before have we welcomed so many young players to the Dana Cup from the 21st to the 26th of July. The northern part of "Vendsyssel" with Hjørring as the vital center, will be filled with joyful youth when the tournament kicks off on and off the playing fields. 

The 1st of May was the official deadline for entries and at that time there were 1.045 teams and there are more teams on the way. 

- It is quiet overwhelming. Over the latest years we have experienced a steady increase in the number of registered teams. Last year we reached 921 teams from 45 nations and this year we already have 124 extra teams, 1.045 teams including 4 extra nations.

Dana Cup's Director Jette Andersen is very happy, to say the least, with the huge interest for the Dana Cup from all around the World. There has been sweat on the brows of the Dana Cup employees but it is an encouraging work.  

- We are really looking forward to welcoming our guests, along with the clubs that we work together with to organize the Dana Cup. At the same time we realize it will be a huge challenge when so many young people must have both a sporting and social experience during the week they are in Hjørring and the surrounding areas. 

In recent years we have experienced the local community welcoming our guests even better than before and we are standing stronger around the Dana Cup. This kind of attitude is even more important this year, so our participants can pick up good memories to take home with them from the Dana Cup.

Everyone will certainly be putting in an extra effort this year. It will be very exciting but we will get the job done says Jette Andersen.

2014 will be the year where there will be a little extra food in the pots, more sleeping spaces in the classrooms and other rooms and where there will be even more buses running back and forth so the young soccer players can get between the playing fields, schools and different activities.

And at the top, there will be played more soccer games than ever before. At this time, there will be 2.645 games started, which means the need for more playing fields. This is also a challenge that the Dana Cup are ready to solve.

The Dana Cup week will be a huge experience for everyone in and around Hjørring!

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Dana Cup update


Dana Cup's organization and board is in place

With a strong cooperation among the Dana Cup staff and with expert guidance from an external business consultant, the Dana Cup organization is now in place. The Dana Cup staff are not only in a position to perform their daily jobs but also to handle the challenges that the future will bring when one of the World's largest youth soccer tournaments, gathers thousands of young soccer players, leaders and parents to Hjørring.

Jette Andersen is the director and daily leader of the Dana Cup. She has been a part of the organization since 1986. Jette is also the chairman of Fortuna Hjørring, the women's soccer club who are the organizers of the Dana Cup tournament.

Alison Leigh Forman has been a part of the organization at the Dana Cup since 1995. She is in charge of marketing for the Dana Cup, which means her priority is to assure that the Dana Cup is known all around the World so there will always be soccer players on the fields each summer in the last week of July.

Tine Munk started on the 1st of April with internal sales. Her job will be to sell the tournament, which welcomed 921 teams from 45 nations in 2013. We are expecting Tine to have more teams who need assistance this year.

Kasper Poulsen has been employed with the Dana Cup since 2002. His responsibility is to accommodate the thousands of young soccer players who come to Hjørring and the surrounding areas. Kasper has, among other jobs, contact with our collaborative clubs who take care of the schools and playing fields.

Bob Knudsen Andersen is the daily leader of the Dana Cup SportsCenter but he also puts in a lot of work for the Dana Cup. He is assisting Kasper Poulsen with the accommodation of the thousands of young participants. He also has contact with many of our Dana Cup partners.

Christian Borup is in charge of our events. Christian came to the Dana Cup in 2014 and he is working with a number of companies and organizations who will be present at the Dana Cup to show off their products. Christian is also in charge of the entertainment at our Event Area during the Dana Cup week. ,

Flemming Nielsen is our sales agent with projects in Denmark and Germany, along with other places. Flemming has won the Danish Championship with Fortuna Hjørring earlier. He has played on the Danish National Soccer Team and was also a professional player in Germany where he still has many club contacts.

Bjørn Nielsen will be starting on the 1st of May as an economy employee. Bjørn Nielsen joins us from the accounting company, BDO and will have the responsibility for Dana Cup's economy in close cooperation with our director and the rest of the staff at the Dana Cup office.

There are also changes on the Dana Cup board

The founder of the Dana Cup, John Robert Larsen is stopping after 33 years at the head of the tournament. John Robert Larsen stopped in 2013 as the daily leader of the Dana Cup and now he is stopping as the chairman of the board. John Robert Larsen will of course have a natural relationship to the Dana Cup in the future. In the course of 2014 it will be revealed, how we have valued his initiative to start the Dana Cup.

Dana Cup's board is now made up of:

Chairman, Ole Vang Bruun – who has years of experience as the Dana Cup tournament organizer.

Economy, Karsten Dissing - one of Dana Cup's long time volunteers.

Information, communication and secretary, Torben Vandsted - who has been Dana Cup's press officer for the last 25 years.

The new board that has been assembled have the opinion that it is the daily leader and director, Jette Andersen who is accountable for the Dana Cup publicly. It is the Dana Cup staff who are in front and who have the responsibility to maintain and develop the Dana Cup. The board aims to inspire and coordinate relations between the thousands of volunteers and especially the 24 member group that is made up from the Dana Cup department leaders and who are representatives.

Yours sincerely

Jette Andersen

Director, daily leader

Dana Cup

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Photo: Flemming Nielsen spoke enthusiastically about the Dana Cup and received a warm applause from the chairman of the Danish Company Athletic Organization.

Spreading knowledge of the Dana Cup


The interest to know more about the Dana Cup, the huge organization behind and the results that are made when thousands of young soccer players gather in Hjørring is increasing. And at the Dana Cup we are very interested in spreading the knowledge that we have for something that is so big and good for the city of Hjørring.

Just recently, Dana Cup's employee Flemming Nielsen who also is a former Danish Champion with Fortuna Hjørring's elite team, was out in the field. 

Flemming Nielsen sells the Dana Cup daily her in Denmark and on the export market. Germany where he has played professionally himself is one of his prime areas. 

But this time around it was our "home market" that indirectly received a visit.

Flemming Nielsen engaged and excited the Presidents from the Danish Company Athletic Orgainzation at Nyborg Strand, where they were holding their Presidents Meeting when he presented the Dana Cup to them.

- I believe they were very happy and surprised to hear about our huge tournament in Hjørring and the thousands of participants from all around the World, says Flemming Nielsen.

- We hope that these athletic interested companies spread the word to others and if there are any other organizations or associations who are interested in hearing more about the Dana Cup, we are ready to come and visit.

Ultimately we hope to receive more teams, so we can renew and maintain the Dana Cup as the enormous experience it is for thousands of young soccer players. 

In 2013 the Dana Cup welcomed 921 teams. This means around 18 to 20,000 players and leaders in Hjørring in the last week of July. And it looks like there will be even more in 2014.


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Photo: (From the left) Jette Andersen, Vladimir Makarikhin, Alison Leigh Forman, Evgenii Gennadjevitch Kuklya and his son.

Dana Cup in Vladimir's honor


Vladimir Makarikhin from Rhythm, visited the Dana Cup in Hjørring no less than 22 times with his boys. He was expected again this summer but now his boys and remaining leaders must travel alone without their beloved activist, leader and trainer.

Vladimir Makarikhin has passed away, just 59 years old.

Dana Cup was a high priority event for Vladimir and his Russian team Rhythm. Every year for the last 22 years the teams from Rhythm have travelled for many days from their home town Omsk in Siberia to take part in the Dana Cup in Hjørring.

It was Vladimir Makarakhin who always made the long trip possible.

At home in Omsk he was highly appreciated and respected. He ran his soccer club in an area where the everyday life of his children could be problematic, an area of crime. But Vladimir gave them daily experiences through sport and kept them away from drugs and criminal activities. He was highly respected with the parents too. This was shown just recently at his funeral, where they also spoke about their experiences at the Dana Cup.

The Football Association also respected Vladimir, he was named as the areas best youth trainer.

When Vladimir came to Denmark with his teams he always managed to make good contact with other leaders and the hosts of the Dana Cup, even with the English language being a challenge for him. He had many personal friendships in Hjørring and at the school in Bindslev where Rhythm always stayed while they were in Hjørring. Here he will be greatly missed.

Before he passed away, Vladimir had secured around a third of the funds needed for them to take part in the Dana Cup 2014. The remaining leaders at Rhythm are working hard to secure the final funds for the trip this summer. 

So this years participation at the Dana Cup will be in the memory and honor of Vladimir Makarikhin.

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Photo: Flemming Nielsen in the middle visiting Berliner Fussball-Verband e.V., with Director Michael Lameli (on the left) and the Secretary for selected teams Detlev Röder (on the right).

Girls from Berlin to the Dana Cup


The interest to participate at the Dana Cup is awake at the Berliner Fussball-Verband e.V. They have decided to participate at the Dana Cup 2014 with a girls team in class G17.

There registration is a result of an extra intensive marketing done by the Dana Cup in Germany over the latest months.

Flemming Nielsen, who has the job of increasing the number of German teams to the Dana Cup, visited the German club in Berlin in 2013 and now they are coming with their team.

We are expecting more German teams to visit the Dana Cup this summer. 

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