23. - 28. JULY 2018 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

 Long term forecast for Hjørring, Nordjylland

 As in Brazil

The 20.000 participants at this years Dana Cup will enjoy some fantastic weather, that can be compared to the weather in Brazil a week ago. The German National Team secured the most beautiful World Cup trophy in the heat at Marecana stadium in Rio.

On Saturday the 26th of July, when the winners of the Dana Cup lift the winning trophies over their heads, they will have experienced a very hot week. Once again the Dana Cup will be played in extremely good weather. The forecast from the Norwegian weather station, YR which is very correct, is showing a week without one drop of water.

Dana Cup is ready to welcome 1.011 teams and we have secured the most amazing weather at the same time!

If you want to follow the weather forecast you can use this link – YR

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Hjørring ready to shop


With 25 to 30.000 guests in Hjørring during the Dana Cup, it is not just on the soccer fields that there is activity. The many guests are also ready to take advantage of some great shopping offers in Hjørring.  

Our guests must be well prepared to shop, so we have made a shopping agreement with the local merchants in Hjørring. 

When the participants arrive in Hjørring they can learn all about the shopping possibilities in our new brochure, that is printed and on our website "Dana Cup Shopping – Day & Night".

Check it out HERE

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Photo: Kasper, Bjørn, Pia, Bob, Alison, Flemming, Jette, Christian and Tine

Welcome to us!

We are now ready for you all to visit and we are looking forward to welcoming each and every one of you.

When we start the Dana Cup, we are looking forward to meeting old friends and at the same time getting acquainted with new ones. 

That is how the Dana Cup is. We take care of our friendships and enjoy making new ones. 

On our office we are extremely happy that more teams than ever before have registered for the Dana Cup. It is a challenge when we will welcome more than 1000 teams and around 20.000 participants.

However it is a very good challenge!

So now you can just come on down!

The nine of us on the office, together with a few thousand volunteers in the area have been very busy the last few days and now it cannot go quick enough....

The final countdown to the kick off on Monday the 21st of July is speeding up...

So welcome to you all. We shall start a week that both you and us will never forget!

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app 14

Check out Dana Cup on the net


Dana Cup 2014 is the tournament where we will take an even greater step into the digital world. Our printed program, which we have enjoyed for many years, has been replaced by the internet. For the first time the Dana Cup will not offer a printed program but all of the information that you normally flicked through is just one click away on your smart phone, iPhone or computer. You will also find our tournament schedule and results of the games online.

It is very easy to get on the internet. Throughout the center are of the Dana Cup we can offer free Wi-Fi. Username: DanaCup and Password: danacup2014 gets you directly in touch with our Dana Cup information.

There is also free Wi-Fi on the schools where our participants are accommodated. You can get the username and password on your school or here.

Download our new Dana Cup App for iPhone/iPad and Android here

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kon sportmaster

Photo: David Larsen could invite his trainer, Lars Ellegaard and his team mates from Raklev GI to the huge Dana Cup 2014 event. 

SPORTMASTER winner happy


A handfull of players, trainers and leaders from Raklev GI are really looking forward to the Dana Cup 2014. It is the first time a club from Kalundborg on Zealand will take part in the Dana Cup and it is a little bit of a coincidence that it is happening. 

David Larsen from the clubs under 16 team took part in a competition that one of Dana Cup´s main sponsors, SPORTMASTER ran. The prize was: Invite your team to the Dana Cup!

When SPORTMASTER drew the winner of the competition from the hundreds of contestants, it was the answer by David Larsen from Raklev GI, that won. So David could delight his team mates and trainer with an invitation to the Dana Cup.

Raklev GI has two under 16 teams and the team taking part in Hjørring is composed of players from both teams.

Daniel´s trainer, Lars Ellegaard says that the Zealand boys are looking forward to the tournament and the many experiences that will come from being a part of it. When the boys and their trainer are at the Dana Cup, they will take part in many of the activities that are available at the tournament. The Zealand boys are among other things, looking forward to a trip to Fårup Sommerland.

kon vinder

Photo: Here are some of the boys from Raklev GI's under 16 team that will take part in the Dana Cup in Hjørring. There are high expectations for the experience that the SPORTMASTER competition has opened up for.

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Tournament schedule


The tournament schedule for Dana Cup 2014 is ready.

The latest changes have been made and you can see the schedule here on our website.

At the same time all teams will be receiving their confirmations with all of their orders, like A and B-bands etc. and where your team will be accommodated.

So we have come to the most exciting time. Who will be our opponents in the opening rounds that start early in the morning on the 22nd of July. With 1.021 teams from 45 nations, there will be played 2.565 games on 64 fields. The last game will be played on Saturday the 26th of July at Hjørring Stadium.

We look forward to seeing you here in Hjørring at the Dana Cup!


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Welcome to Dana Cup


The sun is shining over the Dana Cup area and we are looking forward to welcoming you to Hjørring very soon. When you participate this year, you will be participating in the largest tournament ever in our Dana Cup history. 1.021 teams are entered in our tournament and they are travelling from 45 nations. In 2013 we also achieved a record with 100 teams less than the number we have registered today in our 33rd edition of the Dana Cup.

It is a very exciting challenge to place so many guests on schools and other accommodations here in the area. When we work with this task, we do our very best to fulfil special wishes for accommodation. Most of the time we can fulfil the smallest of wishes but sometimes, unfortunately, we cannot make ends meet as we wish to.

We have some physical conditions like – room sizes, numbers and usability that we must adapt ourselves to. So some, at first, can be a little disappointed when we have found another place than that they wished for but we are certain that the Dana Cup will still be a good Dana Cup with some wonderful experiences for everyone.

Now our accommodation plan is done and with so many guests this summer it is essential that we stick to the plan.

See you soon at the Dana Cup from the 21st of July, 2014.

Yours sincerely

Kasper Poulsen

School Accommodation

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Tournament schedule almost ready


We are working very hard on the tournament schedule for the Dana Cup 2016 this week. 

As soon as the final adjustments are made, it will be posted here on our website by the latest Friday the 8th of July.

All registered teams will receive a confirmation with their collective orders, A or D-bands etc and a confirmation of where their team/s will be accommodated if they have the A-band. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you all to the Dana Cup 2016.

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Order shirts before arrival


Dana Cup's main sponsor SPORTMASTER can now offer our participants the possibility to purchase sweatshirts and T-shirts, before arrival to Hjørring.

Take a look at our online PDF and order form, fill it in and send it by e-mail to SPORTMASTER.

There are 3 different models on sale. T-shirts for DKK 80, sweatshirts for DKK 150 and hoodies for DKK 250. All the models have our beautiful Dana Cup logo on the front. When you order, you just choose which size you would like and which colors. 

You can find our online PDF and order form here on our website.

To ensure that SPORTMASTER can make your delivery on arrival to the Dana Cup, your order should be sent by mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later then the 7th of July.

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stadium front

Photo: The view from the back of the new stadium with an entrance to 2 sports halls that are included in the huge project. 

New stadium for the Dana Cup 2015


32 times their has been a parade into and finals played at the Hjørring Stadium. When 20.000 young participants meet at the Dana Cup 2014 for the 33rd time, it will be the very last time the start and finals will take place at the well known stadium. Next year there will be a new stadium with new grass, better lighting, new seating and a totally new look, when the participants march into the stadium on the 20th of July 2015 for the Dana Cup no. 34.

The need for a new stadium in the Dana Cup's hometown Hjørring is huge. It has been on a wish list for many years and now our wish is coming true. 

In September they will start the renovations of the Hjørring Stadium and they will work hard to have it finished for the Dana Cup 2015.

There will be seating for 260 persons and standing spaces around the soccer field. The fencing is moved closer to the side lines, so the atmosphere will be even more intense. 

When you come to the Hjørring Stadium in the future, you will be meet by something very beautiful. A well proportioned building that will house 2 sports halls, changing rooms and other facilities that are necessary when you are holding a soccer game and also at the highest international level. 

This is something to look forward to for the soccer players of Hjørring and also for those of you who will visit the Dana Cup in 2015 and in the years to come, you will have a great experience at the new stadium.

stadium field

Photo: The seating area will be closer to the playing field which will give a very intense atmosphere.

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Special offer from SPORTMASTER


Dana Cup's main sponsor SPORTMASTER is in full swing warming up for the start of this years tournament. They have found many different offers, so there is something extra special to attract you to their huge centrally located sports tent.

On the Dana Cup website you can see what is on offer.

Here you can read the new brochure from SPORTMASTER and see their special "Team Player Offer".

By using this service you can be fully prepared for shopping, which is unavoidable during the Dana Cup week.

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