22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

 Odd Goalless Final

Pequeninos do Jockey (BRA) - Granja Nova (POR) 2 - 1

The final in class B14 was one of the most odd games at Dana Cup in many years. For instance, Pequeninos do Jockey misused a number of clear chances in ordinary time, even a penalty. To the despair of the coach, the players then continued to miss chances, for example, hitting the post in stoppage time.

Since the Portuguese did come close to scoring, the game went to a penalty shoot-out – and, thus, enabling the players to score goals.

But no! Granja Nova missed the first four shots. And since the Brazilians were not much better - missing three out of four – the game was eventually decided on the last penalty kick giving Pequeninos do Jockey a 2-1 victory.

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Fair Play drenge

 The Boys' Fair Play Competition

 This year's Fair Play trophy goes to Elite SA in class B16. The team is from Kenya and according to the jury the team have taken great care of both players and opponents during the tournament.

The players represent fair play, have promoted a great atmosphere and contributed to the fact that the tournament has taken place in a good atmosphere.

The team's coaches praise the opponents for playing good soccer and are happy to exchange cards with other coaches.

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 A Game with Few Chances

Dallas Texans FC (USA) - Brommapojkarna IF (SWE) 1-0 (0-0)

Apart from a nice header by Dallas Texans, neither the Americans nor Swedish Brommapojkarna were able to entertain the spectators in the first half. And in the second half not that much changed; most of the action took place in and around midfield without that many clear chances.

Therefore, the spectators were happy to see an only goal by Dallas Texans five minutes before the final whistle. The goalkeeper could not make a save. As expected, it was the only goal of the final.

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 Skills more Important than Physical Power

 Skedsmo FK (NOR) - Lusaka Youth SA (ZAM) 0 - 4 (0 - 2)

The players from Lusaka – the capital of Zambia – were fast and skilled. On the other hand, the players from Sketsmo in Norway had to use their physical power if they were to win the final.

However, speed and skills beat physical power.

In the beginning of the game the African players gave a taste of their abilities, but when they finally scored after 20 minutes of play it was ok because they had had most ball possession and the best opportunities.

And when Lusaka scored again only three minutes later, it was difficult to image how the Norwegian boys could get back into the game.

However, they did try. They fought the best they had learned but, nevertheless, Lusaka Youth scored yet again just two minutes into the second half.

At that point, everybody knew that Lusaka would win the final.

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 Never Any Doubt about the Victory

EFT International (DEN) - Bærum SK (NOR) 3 - 0 (1 - 0)

Bærum SK from Norway never stood a chance in the final against Danish EFT International. Even though the Danes had to wait 10 minutes before scoring the first goal, it was quite obvious from the very start of the game that the Danes wanted to win the match. And, consequently, the Norwegians were under a lot of pressure all the time.

The Danes were very good at pressuring the Norwegians, and the players from Bærum were unable to ease that pressure. Therefore, EFT were able to score another two goals, one even on penalty, albeit it was not a clear penalty.

EFT International, who are coached by Steve Carrera, were the best in all aspects of the game. No shame in losing to a team that is better.

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 Dreadful Mistake cost Dearly

Rio das Ostras (BRA) - HamKam FK (NOR) 1 - 0 (0 - 0)

Everybody felt sorry for the Norwegian player whose unlucky mistake in midfield cost him dearly. You see, the mistake meant that a Brazilian opponent quickly took the ball, ran towards the goal and scored. This was the only goal of the match.

From the very first whistle, the big and physically strong Brazilians put the Norwegians from HamKam under a lot of pressure but, not least due to great play by the Norwegian goalkeeper, the Norwegians managed to prevent Rio das Ostras from scoring. Three or four times he miraculously saved and HamKam were gradually able to get back into the game, even though the Brazilians continued to dominate.

Even if HamKam were disappointed, they should be proud of winning silver because they put in a good effort. Rio das Ostras were simply a little bit better.

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 Futile Fight Against a Superior Team

 B13 Finals: Vendsyssel FF (DEN) - Fyllingsdalen FK (NOR) 1 - 3

Vendsyssel FF from Hjørring played against the superior team Fyllingsdalen FF from Norway. They had just played three minutes when the Norwegian boys scored a beautiful header. The striker threw himself forward to brilliantly guide the ball into the back of the Danish net.

Nevertheless, one must praise Vendsyssel FF for not giving up and, viewed in the light of these facts, their captain deservedly scored a fantastic long distance goal. At half time it was still 1-1, but when Vendsyssel FF substituted five players in half time, Fyllingsdalen clearly got the upper hand, which resulted in another stunning long distance goal. It was an intense final with many fine-looking moves and, accordingly, the Norwegians deserved to win.

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 LYN Victory in a Norwegian Final

 Lyn FB (NOR) - Fortuna Ålesund FK (NOR) 3 - 1

Actually, it was a pity that Fortuna Ålesund lost the final. With a fantastic fight and lots of running the players in white worked hard during the entire game. But, in the purely Norwegian final, they had to admit that Lyn FC was the better team, nonetheless, and thus, deserved to win.

It was a very intense game with many fine, individual performances. However, to everybody's surprise Fortuna Ålesund scored after 9 minutes – surprisingly, because Lyn should have scored the first goal of the game just minutes before. After an impressive move, Lyn still equalised and about five minutes later Lyn's best player scored again making it 2-1.

All the time, Ålesund believed that they could win, but when Lyn scored yet again just seven minutes before the end of the match, the winner had more or less been found.

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 Kent ended Norwegian Dream of Victory

 Kent Sports Academy (UGA) - Eidsvold TF (NOR) 3 - 0 (2 -0)

Kent Sports Academy from Uganda ended any Norwegian dream of winning class B17 at Dana Cup 2014 with two goals in two minutes.

In a game, which was characterised by high intensity and few clear chances, the Africans had the most and best chances. With quick moves and fast passes, they pressured the Norwegians again and again.

Eidsvold fought bravely and played to win. Hence, the Norwegian boys kept running and pushed hard for an equaliser in the end, but they could not change the final outcome of the game. Thus, Uganda deserved to win!

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 Lyn won the Girls' Fair Play Competition

 This year the competition, Fair Play Girls 2014, was won by Lyn FB in G15.

The jury explained that they had chosen Lyn FB because the team had unselfishly helped an injured player in a situation in which the team could have scored a goal.

The situation arose in a tight game, in which the score was 1-1.

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 Confident Fortuna Victory

 G19 Finals: LSK Kvinner FK (NOR) - Fortuna Hjørring (DEN) 0 - 3 (0 - 3)

Friday evening the players from Fortuna Hjørring could for the second time raise the trophy at Dana Cup's first day of finals. Fortuna's team in class G19 had a confident 3-0 win against LSK Kvinner FK from Norway.

The home team actually had a scare when a personal error in the third minute resulted in a penalty for the opponents from Norway. However, the Danish goalkeeper was lucky as the ball hit the crossbar.

Instead Fortuna's strikers were very effective and accurate. Just two minutes later Fortuna scored from long distance and when the green from Hjørring headed home a goal, everybody knew who was going to win gold.

The intensity and quality of the game fell in the second half, as LSK Kvinner never managed to pressure the Danes.

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