23. - 28. JULY 2018 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

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 Jury on Charm Offensive

 One of the complaints, which the members of Dana Cup's jury often receive, is about teams, who have apparently used illegal players – typically players who are older than allowed in the class in question. Therefore, jury member Finn Larsen has been on a charm offensive to several schools and sleeping places in order to outline the rules concerning the use of players during Dana Cup.

'It was a very good trip, where I had a great dialogue with coaches and managers about when a player is allowed to play and when not. Moreover, we talked about the fact that it is not allowed to use the same player on two teams in the same class. However, it is allowed to use a B13 player in a B15 game,' explains Finn Larsen, who pointed out the desirable in following the rules. Accordingly, one can focus on the games themselves.

'Dana Cup's rule book states that all clubs must bring along picture identification for all the players, plus lists encompassing dates of birth. Referees and jury have a right to take a spot test ahead of the games to make sure that the rules are observed but, naturally, we do not turn up to all the games and, consequently, a tournament like Dana Cup is built on trust between the management of the tournament and the individual clubs,' Finn Larsen emphasises.


 Washing Machines Are Already in Use

 Perspiration stands out on a player's forehead when playing football in 25 degrees and, as a consequence, one has to wash playing clothes quite often.

Therefore, a growing number of teams have already showed an interest in having their playing clothes washed.

Dana Cup's laundry is situated in Dana Cup Town, where the washing machines work 24/7. Many of the teams, who come to Dana Cup from Gothia Cup, for instance, have a lot of dirty clothes; quite often the teams plan on using the clothes on Tuesday when the first matches begin.

It costs 125 kr. to have one's playing clothes washed and the teams can count on the fact that they typically have to wait three hours before they have their clean clothes returned. During the night the guards at Dana Cup Town work the washing machines and driers.


 Two Teams specially Chosen

 Dana Cup's management had specially chosen the two teams, who earlier on Monday were welcomed at the town hall by the mayor of Hjørring Arne Boelt.

'The girls from KIPS in Finland have been chosen to represent all the girls participating in Dana Cup 2014. Almost 40 per cent of the players are girls this year,' said Dana Cup CEO, Jette Andersen in the new town council hall in which the traditional welcome took place.

'The boys from One World Football Academy in Ghana have been chosen to represent all the boys and we hope that everybody has a great Dana Cup 2014,' Jette Andersen stressed.

Dana Cup 2014 is rather special for KIPS. It is the first time that a Finnish club takes part in the tournament and the two teams representing KIPS have travelled for two days to get to Hjørring.


 Two Teams Welcomed by the Mayor

 With almost 30,000 participants – players, coaches and parents – Dana Cup is the biggest sporting event in Hjørring. The football tournament is an important element in putting the town of Hjørring on the map and, therefore, each year two teams are chosen, who, on behalf of all the participants at Dana Cup, take place in the official welcome by the mayor of Hjørring.

This year the special honour was given to One World Academy from Ghana, who play in class B 14 and KIPS from Finland participating in class G 14.

At the reception in the town council hall mayor Arne Boelt spoke briefly about Hjørring municipality and then the municipality handed each player and manager a small present and refreshments.

Representatives from the two clubs thanked the mayor for the welcome and were pleased with the good facilities at Dana Cup and in Hjørring.


 Cool Football Boots Draw an Audience

 The major producers of football boots like Nike and Adidas could not wish for a better show window than the World Cup in Brazil. Here the whole world could see the latest in football boots.

And the effect has not failed to come. Consequently, the staff in Dana Cup's official Adidas and Sportsmaster tent in the event area have noticed an increased interest in the latest football boots like the ones Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr. and Cristiano Ronaldo use.

Even rather expensive models are sold – among other things, because the Danish prices are much cheaper than in Norway, for instance.

DBUudstillingJette Andersen visited the exhibition and saw the European Championship trophy, when she attended DBU's Jubilee reception in May in Brøndby. In the picture from the left: DBU chairman Jesper Møller, Mette Bach, Løkken, former national player from Fortuna and now board member of DBU, Jette Andersen and Frits Ahlstrøm.

 DBU Chairman opens Exhibition at Dana Cup

 The creator of DBU's Jubilee Exhibition, UEFA's long-standing Media Director Frits Ahlstrøm, is also in Hjørring

One will have the opportunity to relive several happy memories in the history of Danish football, as Dana Cup hosts DBU's Jubilee Exhibition devoted to the celebration of the 125-year anniversary of the organisation in May.

On Tuesday, the exhibition container will be in place at Vendiahallen on Ths. Morildsvej and early in the evening the doors will be opened, when a manager meeting for Dana Cup participants and a number of local guests takes place.

'Luckily, the chairman of the Danish Football Association (DBU) Jesper Møller will visit and, in addition, he will carry out the official opening of the exhibition in Hjørring,' the CEO of the Dana Cup Jette Andersen explains.

The exhibition container has been on a countrywide tour of Denmark visiting cities like Aalborg, Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen. And now the exhibition is in the region of Vendsyssel.

'It is an exhibition addressing many people interested in the history of Danish football. Frits Ahlstrøm, who has created the exhibition, is the person, who knows all aspects of Danish football. Moreover, his long-standing work for the UEFA enables him to throw the domestic in relief to international football. Thus, we are obviously happy that he is present at this year's Dana Cup and I bet he is ready to talk about the exhibition,' Jette Andersen says.

Jette Andersen expects that many people from the local clubs will find their way to the exhibition at Vendiahallen, and she also thinks that several of the foreign youth will like the stories about Michael and Brian Laudrup, Peter Schmeichel, Frank Arnesen and those from an even earlier period.

The exhibition also features a copy of the European Championship trophy, which Denmark won in 1992 in Gothenburg, Sweden.


 7615 with Bus to Dana Cup

 Sunday is a very important day at Dana Cup. This is the time when most teams arrive to the big football tournament and, of course, the massive influx puts the department of transport under a lot of pressure. Most participants arrive by bus – many from the Norway ferries in Hirtshals, but also some from train stations and airports.

'On Sunday we have to pick up around 3900 players and managers with busses and on Monday about 3700,' explains the head of the department of transport, Jørgen Nielsen, who has rented 37 busses from local contractors.

When the busses have picked up the players and managers on Sunday and on Monday, the busses will form part of the fine-meshed system giving the participants free transport to and from the schools and from the sleeping places to the centre area and other fields.

'On Tuesday morning at 6 o'clock I will personally make sure that the busses leave on time and I am also present when the last busses leave for the schools at midnight. Accordingly, we make sure that everybody is able to get home to bed,' underlines Jørgen Nielsen, who now has to coordinate the transport home for 6872 players and managers so far.


 2535 Games Before the Winners are Found

 2325 games were played during Dana Cup 2013 before the final whistle at Hjørring Stadium. This year almost 200 games more are played, more precisely 2535 before the final winners have been found Saturday evening.

The huge puzzle putting the world's third largest football tournament for youth together is as always in the hands of the head of the tournament Ole Vang Bruun and, naturally, with an additional 90 teams more football pitches are needed this year.

'Consequently, we have also included the pitches in the small town of Astrup, situated about 5 km from the centre area at Vendiahallen. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday all the pitches will be in use. Moreover, after a couple of years of rest, games will again be played in Harken, but this year only on Thursday,' explains Ole Vang Bruun, who underlines that each and every team will play at least one game on the pitches at the centre area.


 Fantastic Cooperation

 'With so many participants we have almost reached the limit of how many teams we can accommodate. Here I would like to use the opportunity to thank Hjørring municipality for a fantastic cooperation, the more than 50 clubs and organisations in the local area making things work in the schools and sleeping places and, naturally, the more than 1000 volunteers, who each year spend a week of their holiday helping out at Dana Cup. Without their invaluable help we would not be able to welcome so many happy football players to Dana Cup and Hjørring every year in week 30,' Jette Andersen stresses.

Gistrup MG 0409
From the left: Simon Borup, Janus Jacobsen and Mathias Christensen from Gistrup Film prepare for a week's production at Dana Cup.

 Dana Cup to Hjørring and 'Live' to the Entire World

Nobody doubts that Dana Cup takes place in Hjørring in week 30. However, if one cannot come to the football fields to watch a match, one can watch the games at home in front of the TV or on the computer.

Even before the official opening Monday evening and the first games on Tuesday morning, TV will be broadcasted from Dana Cup.

The partner through several years – Gistrup Film – has produced small appetizers, which are being broadcasted on Hjørring Aerial company's Info-channel, and when the tournament starts for real reports and live-features will be broadcasted 24 hours a day during the entire week.

'It means a lot to us that we are able to keep the people of Hjørring and surroundings informed about the tournament because they give fantastic support to Dana Cup,' Dana Cup's director Jette Andersen says.

'In recent years, Hjørring Aerial company has helped us to broadcast still pictures on their net, and now we use video. Moreover, we find it extremely positive that Gistrup Film uses live streaming on the Internet. As a consequent, the entire world will be able to watch the events from Hjørring on computers, smartphones and tablets. When we, with participants from 42 nations, experience the international touch here in Hjørring, we believe that the international community should also be able to get a glimpse of the experience,' Jette Andersen underlines.

The owner of Gistrup Film, Janus Jacobsen, considers the tasks at Dana Cup a great experience giving him technical and production like knowledge, for instance. A team of volunteers work at Dana Cup Communication, where the video editorial staff constitutes a major part. 15 people are busy producing video throughout the entire week.

Hjørring Aerial Company's Info-channel is the main customer. In addition, one can watch the production on the big screen in front of Vendiahallen.

Plus, the production is streamed live to the entire world via the Internet.

In the closing weekend, one can watch almost 25 hours of live streaming from the finals at Hjørring Stadium.

Additionally, the features from Dana Cup can also be watched on an App to IPhone and Android.

Finally, on Dana Cup's homepage one can also follow the events.


 Long term forecast for Hjørring, Nordjylland

 As in Brazil

The 20.000 participants at this years Dana Cup will enjoy some fantastic weather, that can be compared to the weather in Brazil a week ago. The German National Team secured the most beautiful World Cup trophy in the heat at Marecana stadium in Rio.

On Saturday the 26th of July, when the winners of the Dana Cup lift the winning trophies over their heads, they will have experienced a very hot week. Once again the Dana Cup will be played in extremely good weather. The forecast from the Norwegian weather station, YR which is very correct, is showing a week without one drop of water.

Dana Cup is ready to welcome 1.011 teams and we have secured the most amazing weather at the same time!

If you want to follow the weather forecast you can use this link – YR

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