23. - 28. JULY 2018 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

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Each Hour 65 Teams Leave the Tournament


Many teams dream of winning the trophy on Friday or on Saturday. However, only the dream of a few teams comes true.

’At the moment, there are football games on 65 pitches and, consequently, each hour 65 teams leave the tournament,’ tournament planner Ole Vagn Bruun says.

The first A-finals are played in Nord Energi Arena Friday afternoon. The last final is played Saturday night.


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Tucuman Participating for the First Time


Previously, teams from Argentina have participated in Dana Cup but, although, Argentina is known for great players like Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi, players with Argentinian passports have not been present in huge numbers at the tournament in Hjørring. But perhaps things will change.

‘For several years, we have wanted more teams from Argentina at Dana Cup, so we are very satisfied that we can welcome Tucuman this year. We have known Tucuman for many years and we are happy that the club has chosen to be part of the tournament this year,’ head of the Dana Cup, Jette Andersen, emphasises.

Tucuman participates in class B12 and, on Monday, the players lit the flame in the centre of Hjørring, thereby, opening the 36th edition of the world’s third largest football tournament for youth. Then the mayor of Hjørring welcomed the club at the town hall.


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Fortuna Hjørring’s New Football Shirts Well-liked

In connection with Fortuna Hjørring’s new sponsor agreement with New Balance the players in Fortuna wear new sports clothes by New Balance. For instance, there is a new logo on the football shirts. The shirts, which can be bought in the SPORTMASTER-tent in the Event Area, are in high demand at Dana Cup. However, not only the participants at Dana Cup like the shirts, so do Fortuna’s own players.

‘The shirt is different from the one we had before. For instance, it has another green colour. Moreover, I like the new look with stripes, as many might know from Celtic FC. I think that’s cool. In addition, it makes us a little bit different compared to the other teams, whose shirts are all plain. So I think that we look fine,’ says Danish national player Karoline Smidt Nielsen from Fortuna Hjørring.

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The American Connection at Dana Cup

Sven Erik Jensen is not the only one sending American football teams to Dana Cup. Nevertheless, it is not wrong to look upon the former schoolteacher as the American connection at the Dana Cup. In fact, since 1984 he has been a tour operator for up to 800 teams from the USA.

‘As a coach for a football team in Vodskov, Denmark, we were once visited by a team from the USA. The Americans expressed their desire to take part in a tournament and knowing that Dana Cup had started two years previously, I made the connection across the Atlantic and then things quickly progressed. Already in 1986 I retired as a schoolteacher to open my own travel agency, Sport International, providing football trips from the USA to Europe, in particular to Denmark, Sweden and Norway,’ explains Sven Erik Jensen, who received the new Dana Cup Honour Award for his great work promoting the tournament.

’In the beginning, I travelled with the management of Dana Cup to South Africa, the USA, Australia and South Africa to promote Dana Cup. Today I’m an agent for Dana Cup enabling me to made agreements around the world on behalf of Dana Cup,’ explains Sven Erik Jensen, who also sends teams from other countries such as Arab countries and Spain, for instance.

‘Not least the Americans are very happy to visit Dana Cup, because they experience an amazingly well-organized tournament, where everything works and from where they travel home with more than just a football experience. In connection with the visit to Dana Cup we usually combine it with experiences in Denmark, plus many also take part in Gothia Cup and/or Norway Cup, for instance. This year several teams have taken part in a training camp at Dana Cup Sportscenter and some of them have already booked a stay in week 28 next year,’ smiles Sven Erik, who has sent 6 teams to Dana Cup this year.

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Liverpool is honored to be at Dana Cup


With 8-2, 3-0 and 4-0 wins, Liverpool FC in class G16 are well on the way to the final in their first Dana Cup. The G16-girls are a part of the world famous club’s Ladies Academy.

‘The girls are getting some extra attention, just because they come from Liverpool FC,’ smiles RTC Manager at Liverpool Ladies Academy, Ianthe Mumford.

All the players are admitted to the academy after trial training. Typically, they come from a larger area around Liverpool, where Everton also has its own academy. However, the girls do not stay at the academy where they practice several times a week and play games every weekend.

‘The girls are very dedicated to football and, as a consequence, they are very focused. We recognise that the standard of the teams at the Dana Cup is extremely high, it is an international tournament with some outstadning teams and we are honoured to be part of this year's tournament. Ianthe Mumford smiles.

It is the first time Liverpool Ladies Academy takes part in such a huge tournament as Dana Cup. Last year the team took part in a tournament in Iceland, but Ianthe Mumford stresses that the academy would like to return to Dana Cup, if possible.


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Richard Wright

New Balance at Dana Cup


From the 1st of July, New Balance has entered into a new agreement with Fortuna Hjørring and Dana Cup and, consequently, New Balance is very visible at the tournament. Actually, New Balance already sponsors famous clubs like Liverpool FC, Celtic FC, FC Porto, Sevilla FC and LOSC Lille.

‘It’s the first year with New Balance as a sponsor. So to be honest, I am just here to have a good look around and to see the enormity of the actual tournament. I’m really impressed I have to say,’ says the General Manager of New Balance Football Richard Wright, who has come to Dana Cup to experience the tournament.

‘I think that we have come off to a good start. It really helps having the Liverpool guys here; and with Robbie Fowler as well. He has been an absolute superstar,’ Richard Wright says and emphasises that the two Liverpool coaches have also been fantastic.


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Liverpool Most Popular

Norway is the country with most Liverpool FC fans outside England. By looking at the huge interest in New Balance products in the large Sportsmaster-tent at Dana Cup, one can clearly see that this is true. The American sports brand is at Dana Cup for the first time as main sponsor for both Fortuna Hjørring and Dana Cup.

‘Even though New Balance was founded in 1906, regrettably, the brand is still rather unknown, at least in some sports. A pity because New Balance has many great products,’ stresses Matthias Jensen, who has experienced an increasing interest in both shoes, football boots, plus running and leisure shoes.

‘Without doubt the Norwegians are very fond of Liverpool FC and the interest in the English club wear is great and, consequently, it is presently Liverpool FC that puts extra focus on New Balance during the Dana Cup,’ he smiles.

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Scottish Debut at Dana Cup

Scottish Monifieth Athletic FC is at Dana Cup for the first time and, even though, they have not won as many matches as they would have liked to, the tournament has nevertheless been a very positive experience states David Ralston from the club, which is situated on the east coast close to Dundee.

Monifieth Athletic FC consists of 10 teams up to 19 years and, moreover, they organize football schools for children in the area. Monifieth Athletic FC is more than 50 years old and, thus, entails many traditions.

‘We have travelled far to be at Dana Cup and the long trip has made its mark with the players who are tired. Regrettably, it can be seen on the results. In addition, we have played a couple of good teams, but we could definitely have done better if the players hadn’t been tired,’ David Ralston is sure.

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Practice Makes Perfect

265 matches and 128 goals for Liverpool FC. Robbie Fowler is one of the biggest legends of the Mersey-club on Anfield Road. Already as an 11-year-old boy people noticed his talent for scoring goals, so he knows, what it takes to make it to the top.

’Practice, practice and practice,’ was his advice to the young players when he was on stage at the VIP party Tuesday night as part of the entertainment.
Invited managers, sponsors and dignitaries saw a relaxed and funny football legend, who talked about life on the football pitch and his work as an ambassador for both Liverpool FC and New Balance.

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Five New in Club 100

At this year’s VIP party in Fiberhallen Tuesday night five clubs joined the so-called Club 100 – an exclusive group of clubs having sent at least 100 teams to Dana Cup.
Fana IL, Egernsunds IK, Stord FB, Kongsberg IF and Madla IL, all from Norway, are the new members of the distinguished club, and the chairman of Dana Cup, Ole Vang Bruun, gave the representatives of the clubs diplomas and flowers.

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Awards Handed Out for the First Time


With 36 editions of Dana Cup in the bag, many valuable friendships have been made over the years. These faithful friends of Dana Cup act as outstanding ambassadors for the tournament worldwide. Participating year after year they afterwards spread the spirit and positive knowledge of the tournament. It is thanks to them that a lot of teams make their way to Hjørring and Dana Cup.

As from this year on Dana Cup will initiate the presentation of the ”Dana Cup Honour Award” and this time the organisation would like to honour and thank four people.

Inger Mostad has worked vigorously and loyally for Dana Cup from her domicile at Dues Sportsrejser in Grimstad in Norway. She is the reason why our tournament hosts so many Norwegian participants. But Inger’s engagement is not limited to providing service in Norway alone. Every year she accompanies her Norwegian customers – our guests – all the way to Hjørring to make sure they are all right. A truly remarkable effort. Congratulations to Inger!

Ingo Müller from Düren Niederau in Germany attends Dana Cup every year with a huge group of young talented players, who always show good performance. It is our impression that Ingo really feels at home at Dana Cup. In any case, throughout the year he will remember us in Hjørring since his wrist is covered with pervious tournament bracelets. Ingo is a real Dana Cup ambassador. Thank you and congratulations!

Sven Erik Jensen has proven an important Dana Cup ambassador right from the day we wanted to get teams from North America to participate in the tournament. Year after year, Sven Erik has met with American teams – even from more exotic places in the U.S. This has made Dana Cup more colourful. Thank you for your on-going commitment and congratulation on the award.

José Guimarães Júnior also known by everyone as ”Jockey”
For more than 30 years Jockey has attended Dana Cup with talented players from his hometown, Sao Paulo. Here, he provides them with school and football education. Every year the “Pequeninos do Jockey”, the boys of Jockey, increase the standard at Dana Cup. Jockey himself has become a highly appreciated institution. Even though he had to carry the Olympic torch on its way through Brazil in 2016 he participated in Dana Cup. From the Gothia Cup in Sweden he travelled home, where he did his run with the flame and the next day he took a flight to join his boys at the Dana Cup. Thank you for your great effort and for being a unique example to all of us! Congratulations!


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