22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

The ‘Liverpool Way’ at Dana Cup

For the last two days one has been able to see training sessions by Liverpool FC (LFC) international academy coaches. The International Academy’s programmes are spread across 15 different countries with many thousands of kids being involved in them on a yearly basis, teaching them the ‘The Liverpool Way’.

We were lucky enough to be able to talk to the coaches and ask them some insightful questions on the reason they are here? When asked this question the head of the international academies and soccer schools at LFC, Dan White, responded saying ‘This is the second year that we have delivered this activity at the Dana Cup. Firstly, we are here on behalf of our partners New Balance who also sponsor this tournament. Secondly, we aim to add something extra to this event so a select group of players can take part in sessions where we give them an insight in to how we coach our players at LFC’.

Dan continued and stated that himself and the other coaches involved had been ‘really impressed with the event and also the players we have been working with. This is a great opportunity for us as coaches and something we hope to do again in the future’. LFC run a series of short courses in Scandinavia, they can be viewed at www.liverpoolfootballschool.com.

When asked if they were looking for any future Liverpool players at the event Dan responded with ‘no, that’s not the objective. We are here to provide a Liverpool FC coaching experience for the players who take part. Over two days we will deliver a series of coaching sessions to the teams who are participating in this fantastic tournament’.


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Dana Cup is a competition like no other. There are constant injuries and this can cause many issues for teams that compete. Such was the predicament that Internacional FC from New York were in, they only had 12 players. Having already competed at Gothia Cup they were in desperate need of extra players.
Yesterday at midday Mario Silva, the club’s manager, came into the Dana Cup information area desperately seeking for players to strengthen his squad. I overheard his conversation with some of the officials, and I myself, Ted Tavendale, was eligible to compete for their B16 side. After a brief conversation, a few emails and a registration - not to forget buying some football boots – I was on the team.

The boy’s team is made up of players of many different nationalities, who live in or around the area of New York and most of them play for academies. However, despite also having traveled a long distance to compete at Gothia Cup and Dana Cup, they actually have never played together as a team until Gothia Cup. This could be considered very impressive due to managing to reach the quarter-finals and with only 14 players.

Yesterday we played our first match against Fyllingsdalen FK, a tough Norwegian side from Bergen. Unfortunately, we lost due to a free kick in the last 5 minutes that went in. Although the result was not in our favour, the boys are still keeping their heads high, hopeful that they can play better in their next game.
To be continued…

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Mamuka25 2018

JR Opened the Door for VAKE

John Robert Larsen – JR among friends – got the idea to create the first Dana Cup in 1982. And his ideas and visions are still the foundation of the tournament. For instance, every year Dana Cup helps clubs that find it is hard to raise the funds to participate in Dana Cup in Hjørring.

John Robert died not long after Dana Cup 2017.
‘It was JR, who immediately invited us to Dana Cup 25 years ago. He has been a close friend of ours all the years and, so, it is natural for us to both honour and respect him and, at the same time, mark that this year both VAKE and I participate in Dana Cup for the 25th time,’ explains Mamuka Kvartskhelia, who travels as head of the delegation of the Georgian team VAKE in class B16.

Mamuka Kvartskhelia has been a significant leader and good friend of Dana Cup. Simultaneously, he has worked as a freelance journalist and told about the tournament to the Georgian media.

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Dana Cup Gives Away Duvets and Pillows

Almost 3500 new duvets and pillows change owner on Sunday when the charity associations ’Etableringshjælp til voldsramte kvinder, Mor Roligs Mad and Hjælpeteam’ visit schools and other accommodations to pick up duvets and pillows.
‘At the Dana Cup, we want to ensure and develop the high level, also in accommodation, so we have decided to replace our almost new duvets and pillows and replace them when the participants go to bed at the Dana Cup 2019,’ explains the head of accommodation Bob K. Andersen.

‘Naturally, it can not be avoided that players and managers sweat at night, so we would like to invite our participants to sleep in new duvets and pillows at next year's Dana Cup and, therewith, enjoy the high quality.

‘At the same time, we also live up to our values, such as taking care of those who need help; not just at the Dana Cup. By donating duvets and pillows to ‘Etableringshjælp til voldsramte kvinder, Mor Roligs Mad and Hjælpeteam’, we help Danes who are in a situation in which they depend on others' positive goodwill,’ Bob. K. Andersen Attention stresses.

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Hard Pitches Cause Injuries

The first matches of this year's Dana Cup started at 7.30 this morning. Already two hours later, the staff in the MASH tent had treated the first five injuries caused by the hard pitches.

’We are going to see a lot of scratches, and here it is important that the players or their coaches make sure that the wounds are thoroughly clean for soil,’ the staff at the MASH tent said.

‘In addition, we will also see that many people hit you harder on the dry surface.

The MASH tent is staffed with qualified doctors, medical students, nurses and nursing students who can carry out the first investigations and, thus, ease the pressure on the hospital, Nordjylland, Hjørring.

In case of suspected fracture or other more serious injuries, the patients will be sent to the hospital immediately.

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Drink Water – Plenty of Water

With a weather forecast promising lots of sun and temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius, it is very important to drink water. So the advice from doctors in Dana Cup's MASH tent is not to be missed.

‘Drink water, plenty of water. A player easily loses 1-2 litres of fluid during a match, so everybody must drink at least one litre of water before, during and after the match, just as it is important to supplement both sugar and salt, for example in the form of sugar or energy drink,’ sounds the advice from MASH.

Typical signs of dehydration are headaches, nausea, dizziness and general malaise. Ultimately, people suffering from dehydration may faint.

‘In Denmark, we can drink water directly from the tap, so it's not necessary to buy bottled water to avoid dehydration,’ said the doctors in the MASH tent, adding that it is the impression that the vast majority of responsible coaches, team leaders or parents are aware of the fact that the players - and they themselves - get plenty of water throughout the day.

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Mongoliet 2018

From Extreme Cold to Danish Heatwave

In winter, the thermometer might descend into minus 35-40 degrees Celsius and, additionally, Ulan Bator in Mongolia is actually the world’s coldest capital city. On the other hand, the summer is hot and dry.

‘We often experience summers like the current weather in Denmark with around 30 degrees Celsius,’ explains Munkhbat Orkhon, who is manager of the club FC Deren and the boys participating in class B14.

’For us it is nice to come to Denmark to play football. We have several times participated in tournaments in China, where it is extremely hot in summer,’ Munkhbat Orkhon says. The football season in Mongolia lasts from April to October without a break. In the country there are no facilities to play football in winter.
‘However, futsal is very popular,’ he adds.

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Mongoliet2 2018

Fair Play above all

’We have ambitions and want to win football matches but, for us, Fair Play comes first. Munkhbat Orkhon smiles and, without knowing, touches one of the pillars of Dana Cup. As a matter of fact respect and Fair Play are some of the pillars of the tournament. Munkhbat Orkhon is manager of the young club FC Deren, which plays in the Mongolian premier league. The club, which is situated in the capital city, Ulan Bator, was founded in 2008 and debuted in the best league in 2015.

’In Mongolia we are quite a big club with around 300 players aged 6 years or older. FC Deren participates in Dana Cup for the first time and was one of the teams welcomed at the town hall by mayor Arne Boelt.’

‘We take part in class B14 and it is the first time the boys are in Europe. We have taken part in several tournaments in China, but this time we have travelled 8000 km to play football in Sweden and Denmark,’ explains Munkhbat Orkhon, who flew to Beijing, China, and from there to the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, before the Mongolian team arrived in Denmark and in Hjørring.

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Borrow a Massage Table

Denmark has not had proper rainfall in weeks. It means that many pitches at this year’s Dana Cup are extremely hard and, consequently, increasing the risk of injuries. In Dana Cup’s massage tent Carsten Høtoft expects to be very busy. Therefore, the masseurs might not be able to treat everybody.

‘Thus, as something new, teams may borrow a massage table in the tent, if they have a qualified coach or manager, who are able to massage sore muscles, says Carsten Høtoft.

First and foremost, the solid pitches will be a hard diet for achilles and leg muscles.

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Fire Hazard

Overheating catalytic converters in cars are a fire risk that can ignite the dry grass in the roadside and car parks.

Therefore, Dana Cup and Hjørring municipality ask all participants at Dana Cup to behave in a responsible manner to avoid a fire. The environment is very dry and, thus, the danger of fire is imminent. Moreover, one should not throw cigarette butts on the grass.


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PES: Legends and Idols

The Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) tent in the Center Area is a place where players can partake in playing against each other in games of 1v1 all the way up to 2v2 playing the new PES 2019.

Players from many different teams of many nationalities can be seen playing the game sitting on bean bags in groups, with feedback from the players being very positive. A group of Norwegian boys when asked what they enjoyed the most about the game went on to say they thought the ’realistic graphics of PES’ were really cool. A Brazilian player said that the most enjoyable part was ’playing as Coutinho’ and ’the legends option is very exciting’.

Not only can you play games in the tent, you can also play against pro players such as Alex Alguacil, the current ’PES 2018 World Tour Co-op Winner’. You can also win prizes like a signed David Beckham shirt.

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