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Photo: Boys from the Philippines

Dana Cup on the way to a new record


Never before has there been such a huge interest to participate in the Dana Cup as there is this year.

Over the last two years, the Dana Cup has set participant records with 1.011 teams in 2014 and 1.087 teams in 2015.

Registrations at this time are 40% higher compared to 2015.

Dana Cup's Director, Jette Andersen has just returned home from a huge football convention in Baltimore. This is a meeting place for thousands of coaches and leaders from all around USA and the Dana Cup stand received quiet a lot of attention. 

- Dana Cup is also experiencing an even greater interest from Eastern Europe, new clubs and new nations who wish to experience the tournament for the first time, says Jette Andersen.

- We have great expectations for this years tournament.

It will be a tournament where each and every participant will have the opportunity to meet loads of new friends, experience some fantastic football games and simply enjoy each others company in general. With so many participants as it seems now, we can live up to one of our tournaments major goals, which is to unite young footballers from all around the World in a peaceful environment and to enjoy some wonderful experiences. 

- I am fully aware of the challenges we are facing, when we have to accommodate so many young people and we also need to coordinate with our tournament organizer, dining, transport etc. But I am 100% certain that our organization, which has 35 years of experience, will face these challenges and continue to supply experiences filled with quality for all participants and also for the city of Hjørring, that will definately be a buzz in July. 

- It will be the 35th Dana Cup tournament this year and we have welcomed more than 100 different nations. In 2015 we welcomed teams from 45 nations and up until now we have 33 nations registered and we will increase this number so our international characteristics are preserved. 

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Photo: Turf City FC, Singapore

Turf City FC from Singapore - B12


Tell us briefly the history of your club/team?

Turf City FC is the first professional youth training program of its kind in Singapore. We accept only the most gifted and promising young footballers in the country and carefully nurture and enhance their talent and potential with our specifically detailed training program designed by head coach and ex-professional player - Luka Lalic. Club was founded in 2012, and achieved great results ever since wining multiple domestic and international cups, tournaments & leagues.

Is it your first time at the Dana Cup if not how many times has your club participated?

This will be our first time in Dana Cup. Last year we were in Gothia, reaching the round of 32.

What are your goals and expectations for the Dana Cup 2016?

We hope to beat the previous record set in Gothia Cup at least. Few boys talked about it in the video attached, maybe they can explain better.

Check out Turf City FC here and on YouTube here

Turf City FC, Luka Lalic - Welcome to the Dana Cup 2016.

DC NSCAA social

Photo: Jette Andersen, Moya Dodd and Alison Leigh Forman

Dana Cup is also a social experience


- It is an amazing experience for 20.000 young players when they participate in the Dana Cup in Hjørring and at the same time a healthly social experience when different cultures meet in and around the football fields.

This is confirmed by one of the three female members of FIFA'S Executive Committee the Australian lawyer, Moya Dodd who dropped in to say hello to Director Jette Andersen and Alison Leigh Forman at the Dana Cup stand at the NSCAA Convention in Baltimore.

The Dana Cup is present at the huge American event to secure participants for the tournament in Hjørring. 

Apart from being a member of FIFA's Committee, Moya Dodd is also the Vice President of the Asian Football Confederation and she knows the Dana Cup through her old national team mate Alison Leigh Forman.

Over six years they meet at different times playing for the Australian Women's National Team.

- It is very important that young people get the opportunity to meet and play football against each other in a period when you never really know if you will be a great player or just a football player, says Moya Dodd.

- In this period of time they need the social aspect of the game and it is truely a benefit for them when they get older and more aware of football. 

- The value of getting to know other people and their cultures is invaluable and the Dana Cup is exactly the right place for the young people to learn and gain experiences for a lifetime. 

The Dana Cup and Fortuna Hjørring are following Moya Dodd closely and her idealistic gender equality work within FIFA. Our womens club in Hjørring is behind the Australian and are supporting her efforts 100%. 

The Director of the Dana Cup, Jette Andersen took the opportunity at the meeting in Baltimore to invite Moya Dodd to attend the Dana Cup where she will definately receive a warm welcome and also from her old team mate, Alison Leigh Forman.


Photo: HIF-STEIN FB, Norway

HIF-STEIN FB from Norway - G17


Tell us briefly the history of your club/team?

Our club is a unification of HIF and Stein and was founded in the 1900´s. We have a very strong children and youth sector with hundreds of active footballers. Within our girls sector we have a strong tradition and have produced both national team players and Olympic Champions in football from the Olympics in Sydney.  

Is it your first time at the Dana Cup if not how many times has your club participated?

We will be playing with a girls team in G17 and it will be our very first Dana Cup. 

What are your goals and expectations for the Dana Cup 2016?

Dana Cup is not a natural choice for a club from the World´s most northern city. It is a very long journey but with courage and effort it will be possible. 

The trip will be a family trip. We have 18 players and in total 51 persons will be travelling to the Dana Cup. We are very much looking forward to the social aspect of the tournament but we are also training with the goal to perform at our best and get the best results possible. 

It will be an experience for both players and leaders, something we will remember for the rest of our lives. The morale at training is high and exciting and we are 100% certain that it will be a fantastic trip.

Check out HIF-STEIN her

HIF-STEIN, Jan Arve Reite - Welcome to the Dana Cup 2016.

video 2016

New Dana Cup video!


A new video aimed at sharpening your appetite to take part in the Dana Cup 2016 and future tournaments has just been edited and is ready to go.  

Dana Cup's fantastic partner Gistrup Film had a huge task ahead of them during the Dana Cup week in 2015. The numerous number of new structures needed to be recorded. 

New stadium – Bredbånd Nord Arena – new dining hall – FiberHallen – new event area etc. all of these needed to be included in the video.

Throughout 2016 and in the years to come, the new video will be reguarly updated with new experiences.

The new video will be downloaded onto our USB devices and shared all around the World at trade shows, promotional events etc.

You can experience the new video here

Enter the Dana Cup Hjørring here

2016 nscaa

Dana Cup at the NSCAA Convention 2016 in Baltimore


Dana Cup, will as usual, be attending the huge NSCAA Convention in 2016 in Baltimore from the 13th to the 17th of January.

Billed as "The World's Largest Annual Gathering of Soccer Coaches and Administrators," each year the NSCAA Convention draws approximately 10,000 attendees over five days.

The exhibit portion of the Convention annually showcases more than 300 exhibitors making it The Largest Soccer Trade Show in North America.

If you are planning on making a trip to Baltimore, you are more than welcome to come and visit the Dana Cup at Stand no. 1415 where we are spreading the word about our huge Danish Youth Soccer Tournament, making contacts with future participants and forming friendships - welcome!

bikram india

Photo: Amma FC from India

Dana Cup is feeling an increased interest from girls 


The first goal in the FIFA Women's World Cup was scored by China PR's Ma Li in the 22nd minute of the tournament's opening match between the hosts and Norway on 16 November 1991. The number of participating teams at the FIFA Women's World Cup increased from 12 to 16 teams for the third edition of the competition at USA 1999. Sixteen teams have participated at USA 1999, USA 2003, China PR 2007 and Germany 2011. In Canada 2015, 24 teams participated, with eight teams making their debut at their first-ever Women's World Cup.

FIFA's - Live Your Goals campaign targets and inspires women and girls to play football and stay in the game. The campaign was launched at the FIFA Women's World Cup Germany 2011 and has evolved into one of FIFA's most recognized women's football initiatives. The first, and most important, objective of Live Your Goals is to encourage women and girls to participate in football. Today, there are 30 million women and girls participating in football worldwide. FIFA would like to see this number grow even more in the years to come.

This general increase of girls and women footballers can also be felt at the Dana Cup.

Throughout the Dana Cup's 34 year history, there has participated 6.002 teams and it looks like the Dana Cup 2016 will be an even bigger year for girls.  

The teams are coming from all around the World. Exciting nations like: Bangladesh, Poland, Peru, Kosovo, India, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Australia and the United Arab Emirates have come to Hjørring to play football and experience the Dana Cup and there are coming more in 2016!

PietaHotspurs B11

Photo: Pieta Hotspurs, Malta

Pieta Hotspurs from Malta - B17, B15, B14, B12 og B11


Tell us briefly the history of your club/team?

Pieta' Hotspurs F.C. Youth Nursery since in 1987 & affiliated with the Malta Youth F.A in 1988. Pieta Hotspurs FC Youth Nursery is considered by many as one of the best on the Maltese Islands. Led by good technical staff the aim of our nursery is to introduce children of all ages to game of football in a supportive and fun environment while encouraging them to learn basic football skills and be self disciplined.

Each category section takes part in annual official national leagues organized by the Malta Football Association, tournaments and friendly's. Although winning trophies has never been on the main agenda of the nursery's committee, the lavish amount of them in our showcases spells out successful years of administration and football competition. Yet, not withstanding all this, we seek our true success in the number of players who will make it to our first team squad, national & international football scene and most of all to character formation of each individual.

Is it your first time at the Dana Cup if not how many times has your club participated?

Our club participate in Dana Cup 9 times, in 2001, 2002, 2005, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 with different age groups, This year our club participate with 6 teams in B11 (two teams), B12, B14, B15 & B17.

In 2012 Win B13 B Final, 2013 Third Place B14 in A Final, 2014 Third Place B11 in A Final.

What are your goals and expectations for the Dana Cup 2016?

Our aim is that our youngsters participate with other teams from abroad both for friendship and to gain experience ..hopefully this will strengthen their abilities both on and off the pitch ..education is our no 1 aim.

Check out Pieta Hotspurs here and on Facebook here

Pieta Hotspurs, Frankie Ciantar - Welcome to the Dana Cup 2016.

PietaHotspurs B17

Photo: Pieta Hotspurs, Malta


Photo: Lillehammer KFK, Norway  

Lillehammer KFK from Norway - G17, G15, G14 x 2 & G13 x 2


Tell us briefly the history of your club/team?

Lillehammer KFK was founded in 1987. The club is located in Lillehammer, mostly known for it's winter sports but the football scene is also big in Lillehammer, the city has two major football clubs. Lillehammer KFK is one of them and in our club we have only female soccer players. We have around 380 members and 33 teams starting from 7 years old up to senior level. LKFK also has a first team playing in the third division. It is a young team with an average age of 20 years. Many of our senior teams have participated in the Dana Cup before and two of our players will play in the G17 class at the Dana Cup 2016. 

Is it your first time at the Dana Cup if not how many times has your club participated?

Lillehammer KFK has participated in the Dana Cup many times, the last time was in 2015. We played in G16, G14 and G13 with a total of 5 teams. Our G13 made it to the quarter finals of the A-final rounds, G14 made it to the quarter finals of the B-final rounds and our G16 were knocked out after a penalty shoot out in the semi final of the B-final rounds.

Our G13 won their division here this year and also won the Faaberg tournament for 13 year olds, they will play G14 at the Dana Cup 2016. Our G14 team have had a fantastic season with a super effort in both the tournament and cup. They came 4th in the 14 class at the Faaberg tournament and will play G14 at next years Dana Cup. Our G16 team will play G17 at the Dana Cup 2016. They want to improve at next years Dana Cup tournament. 

What are your goals and expectations for the Dana Cup 2016?

We are travelling with 6 teams in total in G17, G15, G14 and G13 next summer. We will be around 120 persons in total. Our G13 will be participating at the Dana Cup for the first time and they are very excited and really looking forward to the tournament. One of the goals for all of our teams is to have a sporty, fun and memorable cup where they make new friends and many wonderful experiences during the week. The teams wish to do as good as they can and they wish to make it further in the tournament then they did this year. 

Check out Lillehammer KFK here and on Facebook her

Lillehammer KFK, Anne Elisabeth Abrahamsen - Welcome to the Dana Cup 2016.

kodeif interview

Photo: Kode IF, Sweden

Kode IF from Sweden - G15


Tell us briefly the history of your club/team?

Kode IF was founded in 1950 and is located in Kungäl, around 60 kilometers north of Gothenburg. We have around 500 members, both boys and girls teams. We are small club with a strong membership. Our team has stayed together since they were 7 years of age, the team consists of 15 girls who love to train! 

Is it your first time at the Dana Cup if not how many times has your club participated?

The Dana Cup has a very good reputation in our club. It is our first time but other teams from our club have participated earlier and they have only positive things to say about the Dana Cup.

What are your goals and expectations for the Dana Cup 2016?

Our expectation at the tournament, are for it to be the highlight of the season and most of all a social highlight. When the girls are together with other teams, it creates memories for the rest of their lives. We will prepare well and try to be at our highest level. We will fight in each game but we do not have any special expectations for the results. We look forward to a week with lots of football good weather and some great experiences together with the other players from all around the World. 

Check out Kode IF here

Kode IF, Anders Scheutz- Welcome to the Dana Cup 2016.

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