23. - 28. JULY 2018 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

"Beau Jeu" - the official Dana Cup ball 2016


Participants at the Dana Cup 2016 will be playing with the EM ball from adidas "Beau Jeu" – The beautiful game.

The ball with the special Dana Cup print is now ready, it only needs to be pumped up ready for the first games at the Dana Cup starting early morning on Tuesday the 26th of July.  

With such a special name the adidas Beau Jeu invites you to play beautiful football and score loads of beautiful goals.

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Enjoy Dana Cup from the center and organize your training games 


Craftsman have been busy repairing the beautifully located Dana Cup Town in the middle of the Dana Cup center area. Brand new mattresses and bed linen and the living room has been painted and new furniture has been set up. Within the area there is new garden furniture too. All this means that the Dana Cup Town is a great place to stay in the middle of the Dana Cup area. When you stay here you will be close at hand and live and breath the Dana Cup 2016!

The cabins have space for 2, 4 or 6 persons and there are still some available but you need to hurry if you wish to secure one of these spots for your Dana Cup week. 

You can order online here! 

The cabins are also a great option if you wish to arrive at the Dana Cup a little earlier or depart a little later. 

Lots of families have their holiday in Hjørring and the surrounding area before the start of the tournament and they also wish to have training games at this time. Use our "Training Game Forum" on our Facebook page to post your wishes for a training game. 

Here you will find others who wish to have a training game. You make an agreement with each other without any extra costs and all of our fields can be used for your training game, you just take the first free one.


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record 2016

Tournament schedule coming soon!


We are working very hard on the tournament schedule for the Dana Cup 2016 this week.

As soon as the final adjustments are made, it will be posted here on our website by the latest - Friday the 8th of July.

All registered teams will receive a confirmation with their collective orders, A or D-bands etc and a confirmation of where their team/s will be accommodated if they have the A-band.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all to the Dana Cup 2016 - our 35th edition.

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UNICEF and Dana Cup united


Children and youth are the target audience for UNICEF's work. It is the same audience that the Dana Cup works with. Therefore it is only natural for UNICEF and Dana Cup to unite when the young will speak and have a positive experience.

This is the second year in a row that UNICEF and Dana Cup are working together.

The partnership in 2015 was very good and now again in 2016 we are excited as 20.000 young people are coming to the Dana Cup in Hjørring.  

UNICEF will be at the tournament during the Dana Cup week, with different activities to raise awareness for the work UNICEF is doing and raise money for their work.

Dana Cup's sponsors and partners also support UNICEF activities.

You can keep updated about the different activities on our website here and via our App. 

Read more about our UNICEF project here and also via UNICEF here


unicef logo blue

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Dana Cup Golf 2016


Golf players who are travelling to the Dana Cup 2016 will now have the opportunity to stay in the swing and play on one of Denmark's best golf courses. And it is not just to practice, it is a little competition. 

Together with Hjørring Golf Club the special tournament will be played on Thursday the 28th of July. 

It will be an early morning start with breakfast at 7.30 am, a short breifing at 8.00 am and then the tournament kicks off at 8.30 am. You will finish off in time for lunch at the Hjørring Golf Club restaurant at 1.30 pm. 

There are prizes to be won. 

You can read more about the Dana Cup Golf tournament and register online here

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dsc kunst

Photo: Artificial or grass fields

Training camp and games before or after the Dana Cup 2016


Would you like to come to the Dana Cup a little earlier or depart a little later - you can stay at the Dana Cup Town, which is situated just 500 meters from the Dana Cup SportsCenters fantastic facilities in the middle of the Dana Cup center. 

There are hundreds of families holding their holidays in Hjørring and the surrounding areas prior to the start of the tournament and some of them are looking for training games in these days. Use our "Training Game Forum" on our Facebook page to note your wishes for a training game. Everyone who is looking for a game posts in the forum. You make your agreement with a team at no extra cost and all of our playing fields can be used to play your game on, you just take the first one that is free. 

The Dana Cup Town offers cabins for 2, 4 and 6 persons. 6 clusters of 10 cabins each with their own shared toilet and shower block. The cabins have a little terrace with table and chairs. Cabins for 2 persons have one room with a bunk bed and cabins for 4 or 6 persons have two rooms with bunk beds. The cabins for 6 persons have 2 mattresses in the loft. We can offer meals at the Dana Cup SportsCenter. Prices start from DKK 275 per person per night with full pension.

Take contact if you would like to receive an offer for a little training camp before the Dana Cup at the Dana Cup Town – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

dsc hallen

Photo: FiberHallen

dsc goal

Photo: Goal Station

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Photo: John Robert Larsen choosing the flowers and plants to decorate the city, making for a festive welcome for the Dana Cup participants along with all other summer visitors! 

The city is preparing for the Dana Cup


Hjørring wishes to give the almost 30.000 guests coming to the city for the Dana Cup a festive welcome.  

So of course flowers are an obvious choice!

The task was given to council member, John Robert Larsen, who is also the founder of the Dana Cup and Dana Cup's Honorary President.

John Robert Larsen visited the landscape gardener and picked the flowers.

He is looking forward to welcoming the Dana Cup guests in the best way possible but the flowers will also be a festive spectacle throughout the entire summer, showing the cities friendliness and courtesy for all visiting guests who visit Hjørring and the surrounding areas. 


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Direct TV from the opening


Dana Cup has adjusted the timing and will start the opening ceremony 30 minutes later than normal - see the schedule for the opening ceremony here

When participants at the Dana Cup 2016 arrive at the Bredbånd Nord Arena to take part in the opening ceremony on Monday the 25th of July around 8.10 pm, it will be 30 minutes later than earlier years. 

The reason for the move, is due to the fact that TV2 Nord will cover the parade through the city and the opening arena live. With the extra 30 minutes, the TV can transmit live when the parade starts at 7.30 pm from the HALLEN Park Vendia and will continue after the news break.

It is also possible this year to sit at home in your own living room, whether it is in Hjørring, Sao Paulo, Lima, Stavanger - yes all around the World you can enjoy the huge event in Hjørring. The colorful and entertaining opening ceremony is a tradition that puts the Dana Cup participants and the entire area in a fantastic summer mood.

Although it is not TV2 Nords transmission that will be sent so far. 

Dana Cup is sending live streams from the opening ceremony as earlier years. 

The tournament partner, Gistrup Film has a strong team with highly flexible technology that allows you to get up close and personal with the opening ceremony in the entire area. 

Gistrup Film produces the whole week and sends out to the rest of the World via the internet. 

- There are plenty of parents and family members from far away who follow their childrens experiences in Hjørring. This is shown from the online stats over the latest years, says Dana Cup Director, Jette Andersen.

- For us it is very important that as many people as possible from all around the World can join in and experience the Dana Cup. It is a tournament that unites the Worlds youth in a very positive manner. 

Here at the Dana Cup we believe that the adjustment in the starting time of the opening ceremony, due to the TV, is only an added bonus for participants to have a little extra time with their final preparations. It can be a little hectic when you have to get accommodated and eat before the opening.

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Photo: Jockey - José Guimarães Junior – always receives a warm welcome at the Dana Cup. Here, number 2 from the left next to Dana Cup's Director, Jette Andersen and on the right, Alison Leigh Forman are looking forward to his visit from Brazil this summer. There will be excitment when Jockey arrives after his task with the Olympic torch is over. 

Jockey will carry the Olympic torch


A special guest at the Dana Cup "Jockey" José Guimarães Junior has received a very special honor in his hometown Sao Paulo in Brazil. On the 24th of July, Jockey will carry the Olympic torch on it's way to the opening stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

260 persons from Sao Paulo have been choosen for this very special honor. 

Guimarães comments:

- This honor is dedicated to everyone who has worked together with me and my project and especially for the children who have live with me." 

At the Dana Cup we worried at one stage, Jockey would not make it to Hjørring because of this task in Brazil but from Sao Paulo they are telling us that José Guimarães Junior will be back at the Dana Cup with his boys from Clube Pequeninos do Jockey.

At home in Brazil, Jockey runs his club with players from some of the poorest sections of the city. His work is a major social and sporting effort within the city. He has participated at the Dana Cup over 27 years and travelled with some fantastic players who have grown up to be superstars. For example Ze Roberto in 1987 and Julio Baptisda in 1993 have played on the fields in Hjørring.

Rio 2016

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Photo: Wuhan Freeman FC

Wuhan Freeman FC from China - G15


Tell us briefly the history of your club/team?

Our club is newly formed this year, in collaboration with The 3rd Middle School of Wujiashan in the city of Wuhan. The 3rd Middle School has a long tradition in women's football for having nurtured 7 national team players over the years, and it has been named AFC (Asian Football Confederation) "Vision Asia" program target school for youth development. Players from our club have been played together for 7 years since elementary school, and this would be their first time to play overseas. We also have other age group teams for both boys and girls, but due to other considerations, we are only bringing one team this year.

Is it your first time at the Dana Cup if not how many times has your club participated?

This would be our first time at the Dana Cup.

What are your goals and expectations for the Dana Cup 2016?

Our main goal is to experience different football cultures around the world, to learn from our fellow clubs and trainers, and to exchange our thoughts in youth development. We simply want to provide a much bigger stage for our players to excel, to express themselves, and most importantly, to have fun!

Wuhan Freeman FC, Han Wang - Welcome to the Dana Cup 2016.


Photo: Wang Shuang, Chinese National Player from Wuhan Ladies

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record 2016

Dana Cup participant record on the way


It looks like the Dana Cup 2016 will be another record in terms of the number of participants. 

Registrations are now officially closed and here at the Dana Cup we are checking and adjusting the registrations that have come in. 

- We always wait a little before annoucing the number of teams entered in our tournament, as we like to be as correct as possible but there is no doubt that we will make a new record this year with around 1.150 teams. That is an 11% increase from 2015 says Dana Cup Marketing Coordinator, Alison Leigh Forman. 

If any teams have forgotten or missed the deadline, take contact to the Dana Cup immediately and we will see if we have space in our record tournament. 

In 2015 the Dana Cup in Hjørring held a record with 1.087 teams from 42 nations. This year there is not only more teams but more nations. At this time we have 56 nations registered. 

The following nations are participating:

Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Denmark, England, Eritrea, Estland, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala, Iceland, Indonesien, India, Ireland, Jordan, Kenya, Korea, Kosovo, Liberia, Malta, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, Palestine, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Uganda, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA, US Virgin Islands, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

Now that our teams are registered we are looking forward to our fantastic cooperation with our volunteers, cooperating clubs and the entire Hjørring Community. 

We stand united to ensure that the Dana Cup is an enormous experience for our guests. Every aspect is thoroughly planned so the 30.000 players, trainers, leaders and supporters receive a perfect welcome and experience in Hjørring in the end of July. 

We must ensure the surroundings and our entire event where the young footballers can meet and experience their shared passion for football, respect, unity, friendship and much more.

We are looking forward to seeing you here in Hjørring!

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