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 Referees Prepared for the Games

 Early Tuesday morning the referees will start the first games at Dana Cup 2016. Almost 2900 football matches will be played and 275 referees will ensure that the games are played according to the football regulations.

At two meetings on Monday the referees were informed about how the games are to be executed. For instance as something new, penalty shootouts after regular time will take place on the pitch where the game is played. However, after preliminary rounds teams play five minutes of extra time twice before a possible shootout.

Head of the jury, Finn Larsen, underlined that the games must start on time.

'With almost 2900 games a slight delay in each game could easily upset the entire tournament schedule. Consequently, one game can as a maximum be postponed 10 minutes if a team does not turn up on time; if a team is more than 10 minutes delayed the other team will win the game,' Finn Larsen stressed.

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 Hjørring Strongly Supports Dana Cup

 The positive publicity that Hjørring gets in connection with Dana Cup cannot be bought for money. Therefore, mayor Arne Boelt does not doubt for a second that, naturally, Hjørring municipality must strongly support the world's third largest football tournament.

'In the municipality we stretch ourselves really far making sure that Dana Cup can develop and continue to grow and become even more professional and, thus, interesting for football players from the entire world,' says Arne Boelt, who helps to promote the tournament. Hence, on Monday he will welcome two selected teams, plus he will participate in the official opening Monday evening at Femhøje stadium.

' Already four months prior to this year's tournament employees of the municipality meet with Dana Cup to discuss the tournament. Subsequently, we will meet a couple of months after the tournament to evaluate. For us it is important to be at the forefront, so that the municipality can help to ensure a safe and exciting football tournament. For instance, we focus a lot on safety, especially during Dana Cup. Additionally, we have participated in the construction of Park Vendia so that players and managers can have their meals in a safe and modern environment, which is used for sports on a daily basis and then prepared for Dana Cup. In the schools of the municipality we have opened up even more rooms for the players to stay in and we would gladly help to ensure that both Hjørring and Dana Cup continue to evolve,' the mayor underlines.

'Some believe that it costs the municipality a lot of money. No, not at all. We invest in knowledge and wherever I go on official errands, I meet people who know Hjørring and Dana Cup,' Arne Boels states.


 Referees Cooperate Across Borders

 With referees from the entire world Dana Cup has been an international meeting place for football referees for many years. Now the organisation that keeps track of the many football referees has become even more international.

German Thorsten Vekens and Danish Kasper Poulsen are in charge of the referee organisation at Dana Cup. And, consequently, it is an experienced duo, who has taken over management from Søren Bach, who has instead joined the tournament jury.

Thorsten Vekens participated as a referee at Dana Cup 1998 for the first time and has subsequently served as leader of a group of German referee talents.

Kasper Poulsen has for years been in charge of accommodation at Dana Cup and, accordingly, he knows the tournament in detail.

'Thorsten is responsible for placing referees at the different games and the quality of the referees, while I'm responsible for the administration,' Kasper Poulsen explains.

'At the moment we have 275 referees available, but the number changes continuously because, unfortunately, we experience that some referees have to cancel for various reasons,' says Thorsten Vekens, who adds that last year 260 referees had to be positioned. Fortunately, there is a long waiting list of qualified referees, who help out.

The third leg of the referee organisation is Thomas Jensen, who is a board member of the Danish Football Association (DBU) and helps to ensure that the referees are paid according to the rules DBU has defined.

'Dana Cup is very much a social football tournament and it rubs off on the referees as well. We enjoy ourselves when the last whistle of the day has blown. We have a closed Facebook page where we stay in contact throughout the year. Therefore, we would prefer that the referees stay here and are present the entire week. In this way we maintain the relationship with each other and we can quickly find a referee if the need arises,' Thorsten Vekens, Kasper Poulsen and Thomas Jensen stress.


 2900 Games Before the Winners are Found

 When the last final has finished on Saturday, 2895 matches at Dana Cup 2016 have been played – 140 more than 2015. With 65 more teams than in 2015, naturally, more games are played and more pitches are needed.

'As a consequence, this year we use 70 football pitches against 65 last year,' explains the head of the tournament Ole Vang Bruun, who spends months putting the giant puzzle that will eventually become the world's third largest youth football tournament.

In fact, he could easily put all the registrations into a computer program and let the software do the rest.

'But as a service for the teams we try to accommodate the many special requests that clubs may have. Many clubs want that the games the clubs are involved in, do not take place at the same time since some players might play for more than one team. If for instance, we have eight teams from the Oslo area we make sure, as far as possible, that they do not immediately play each other. Moreover, we also try to organise games so that teams from a larger area do not meet in the first matches. If a country has two clubs in the tournament we place them in each tournament half, so that they do not meet before the final, just as my ambition is that all teams must have at least one match in the centre area, but with so many teams I see that there are teams that do not get to play in the centre area,' says Ole Vang Bruun with regret in his voice.

'This year, we have 284 groups of four teams each and 17 groups of five teams each. 90 of the 284 groups had special requests, so it can easily become a fairly comprehensive puzzle making all the wishes come true,' explains Ole Vang Bruun with remorse in his voice.


 South Korea and St. Croix at City Hall

 In keeping with tradition at Dana Cup, two teams were selected for the official welcome at Hjørring City Hall, where the mayor of Hjørring Arne Boelt offered refreshments and gifts. However, before the reception representatives of the two teams lit the torch at City stage along with the mayor to symbolise that that the world's third largest youth football tournament has started.

This year the honour fell to Rising Star from South Korea and VIAYSO from St. Croix, representing girls and boys respectively at Dana Cup, as director of the tournament, Jette Andersen, stressed at the reception at Hjørring City Hall.

Jette Andersen welcomed the players to the world's most international football tournament, which 1,157 teams from 50 nations visit this year.

Mayor Arne Boelt also welcomed the players to Hjørring stressing that the town looks forward to welcoming more than 25,000 visitors.

Moreover, a representative from Rising Star explained that the team consists of players from different countries. The parents work in South Korea and, typically, the children are in an international school.

Similarly, a representative of VIAYSO stated that the team is made up of players from different countries in the Caribbean as well as from most of the USA. VIAYSO participates in Dana Cup for the first time in B14 and B19.

For the mayor, there was a fine gift, which among other things consisted of a bottle of rum produced in the Virgin Islands.

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 Playing and Shopping go Hand in Hand

 Now the official Dana Cup Shopping Guide 2016 is available.

When not playing football, we offer you the opportunity to prepare your shopping trip right here.

Accordingly, the Shopping Guide can be studied here, or you can pick it up at Information at Dana Cup and in SportMasters' tent.

Welcome to shopping at Dana Cup

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 Dana Cup VIP Event with Festive Music

 ABBA's melodies and songs sound forever. Although it was tones launched in the 70s and 80s they still create a great atmosphere among both young and old.

Dana Cup's leaders and partners will be able to experience that mood at this year's VIP event in Fiberhallen Tuesday evening.

Consequently, they will be listening to the popular group's 'Dancing Queen', 'Voulez-Vous', 'Waterloo' and 'Mamma Mia', which are truly catchy tunes.

Two beautiful and very musical Danish girls, who have developed a great ABBA show, will perform the songs.

The girls are full of life, joy and disco rhythms and, of course, they are dressed in the characteristic and very conspicuous ABBA costumes.

The girls sing and party with the audience inviting everybody to community singing.


 8,500 with Bus to Dana Cup

 With 1,153 teams Dana Cup once again breaks an outstanding record. With almost 65 more teams registered in 2016 compared to 2015, further demands are put on transport at Dana Cup.

'With an additional 65 teams we have to transport almost 1,000 people more to and from the ferries, airports, railway stations and other places, and already Sunday evening at 7 p.m. we had 52 buses on the road – of this we had 33 at the Color Line ferry terminal in Hirtshals', explains the head of the department of transport, Jørgen Nielsen.

'In addition, many teams have been forced to find other options for accommodation. Thus, we have incorporated the schools in Løkken and in Hundelev, just as it is necessary to play on the fields in Horne close to Hirtshals', says Jørgen Nielsen, who is also responsible for the organisation of the comprehensive free daily bus service between the schools, centre area and the football pitches in Hjørring.

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 Dana Cup festive, traditional opening

 Dana Cup festive, traditional opening

Marching band, songs, celebration chants and flapping tabs is the cocktail that characterize the opening of the Dana Cup. This tradition will continue at the Dana Cup number 35, at the opening ceremony on Bredbånd Nord Arena, Monday the 25th of July.

When the parade starts at the HALLEN Park Vendia there are two marching bands to kick it all off, the Brovst and Juelsminde Girls Marching Band. The two marching bands keep the parade in order along the route from HALLEN Park Vendia to Idræts Alle, Norgesvej, Blåsigvej, Sct. Olai Plads, Springvandspladsen, Østergade, Langelandsgade, Skolevangen ending at the Bredbånd Nord Arena.

Representatives from the 49 participating nations make the opening night one of the most festive in through the center of Hjørring. At the Bredbånd Nord Arena the party continues. There is entertainment with Kat Stephie and dancers, DFFC Freestyle Football demonstrate their ball skills which are out of the ordinary and then the actual opening is done by the Mayor of Hjørring – Arne Boelt.

The premier entertainment of the evening, will be delivered by the Danish Artist Wafande. He will set the mood among the participants and the locals who are at the stadium. There is a tradition that the city livens up during the Dana Cup week.

08.10.2013 Invitation

Changes in the tournament schedule


Now the final changes have been made in the tournament schedule, so remember to check your schedule online one more time before Tuesday the 26th of July before your first game.


All teams must check in at the Dana Cup "Check-in", in the HALLEN Park Vendia Thomas Morildsvej 11, 9800 Hjørring.

Just one leader or coach is needed at the check-in, not the team. 

MISS THE LINE UP – All teams arriving on Sunday, should check in on Sunday!

If a team has not checked in, in the HALLEN Park Vendia by Monday, they cannot participate in the tournament.

CHECK-IN is open:

Sunday the 24th of July - 10.00 – 22.00

Monday the 25th of July - 08.00 – until all teams are checked in.

24 hour telephone + 45 9891 1300

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

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adidas and SPORTMASTER ready for shopping!


If your looking for sports clothes and equipment, there are loads of bargains at the Dana Cup 2016.

adidas and SPORTMASTER have finished their shopping catalogue for the Dana Cup 2016 and you can prepare your shopping adventure by seeing the catalogue online here. You can go shopping in the huge SPORTMASTER traditional tent or in the brand new "outlet"! Both options can be found in the Dana Cup center area.

As you can see in the online catalogue here for the tent and here for the outlet, there are plenty of alternatives for both a young and old football hearts. The very special Dana Cup 2016 collection is also very tempting.

You are welcome to visit adidas and SPORTMASTER from Sunday to Saturday during the Dana Cup week.

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