23. - 28. JULY 2018 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

 Forus & Gausel IL (NOR) – Kaupanger IL (NOR) 0 - 2

 Two defensive errors were crucial when Forus & Gausel IL from Norway played their countrymen Kaupanger IL in the final in class G16.

After 20 minutes of play Forus & Gausel made a terrible mistake and then the players in green from Kaupanger easily went ahead 1-0: moments before the team had even had a goal correctly disallowed, and just three minutes into the second half Kaupanger missed a huge chance to win the game. However, due to another mistake in defence, Kaupanger went ahead 2-0 10 minutes before the end of the game.

A defender passed the ball to the goalkeeper and when she picked up the ball the Polish referee correctly gave Kaupanger a free kick a couple of meters inside the penalty box. Even though Forus & Gausel put up a wall of players, the opponents easily scored a second goal and, thus, the game was decided.

Early in the game people could see that Kaupanger was the better team even though Forus & Gausel IL did try their best.

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 Hjørring IF (DEN) – A/O Heeslingen JFV (GER) 0-1 (0-1)

 When A/O Heeslingen JFV from Germany went ahead 1-0 22 minutes into the first half, it seemed as if they were quite satisfied. At least, they were happy defending in the second half and, even though, the local boys from Hjørring IF kept attacking they could not split a solid German defence.

Heeslingen, on the other hand, make use of quick turnovers without ever becoming dangerous.

At the same time, Hjørring failed to convert possession of the ball into goal chances with a few exceptions when the players in white played well on the right flank.

Especially, towards the end of the game Hjørring IF had two-three great chances to force the game into stoppage time and Hjørring's hard-working striker will probably be terribly annoyed at missing a huge chance he got when the German goalkeeper got his fingertips to the ball, pushing it onto the crossbar. The striker only had to kick the rebound into the empty net, but he kicked the ball over the crossbar.

And then Saturday's first gold medals went to A/O Heeslingen JFV.

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 Norwegian Teams Won the Fair Play Trophies

 Fair Play is part of the DNA, which Dana Cup is based. Consequently, each year two teams – one girls and one boys – are nominated for showing Fair Play. It may be on the football pitch, in the school where they live or in the centre area.

At Dana Cup 2016 the Fair Play trophy goes to Forus & Gausel IL B13 from Norway.

The rationale is as follows:

In a game the opponents had a shot at Forus & Gausel's goal. It was then the referee's opinion that the ball went past the goalpost, but Forus & Gausel's goalkeeper immediately made the referee aware of the fact that there was actually a hole in the net and that the opponents had in fact scored.

Subsequently, the referee found out that there was indeed a hole in the net and all the players on the Norwegian team agreed that the goalkeeper had done the right thing.

Moreover, the guards at Højene School said that the Norwegian team always showed nice behaviour and, as a consequence, the players had been role models for the other teams staying in the school.

The girls Fair Play trophy 2016 goes to Nymark IK in class G15.

The rationale is as follows:

During the tournament the team has shown great helpfulness when playing. In one of the games the ball disappeared into the scrub. Despite having kicked the ball into the scrub, the players from the other team were unwilling to search for the missing ball. Nymark's players, however, were very positive and invited everyone to participate in the search. Everybody took part and the game could be resumed. Additionally, during the game the players did not question the referee's decisions and the game was therefore played in a very friendly manner.

Moreover, in Muldbjergskolen where several of Nymark's teams stay, the school guards say that all the teams have behaved nicely and have been a good example to others.

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 Byåsen IL (NOR) – Hauger SK (NOR) 1-0 (0-0)

 The final in G19 between Byåsen IL and Hauger SK, both from Norway, was played in pouring rain and in spite of the harsh conditions the two teams gave the spectators at rain-soaked Energi Nord Arena a fast-paced and physical final. Both teams are to be praised for having the will to win, but the final never offered many great chances. Yet, Byåsen came close when they hit the crossbar in the first half.

However, they had only played a few minutes of the second half when a perfect pass split Hauge's defence and a fast striker from the north of Norway scored the only goal of the match.

Then the game became much faster, but Byåsen was able to withstand Hauger's efforts.

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 Baccum SC (GER) – Gneist IL (NOR) 4-2 (0-1)

 German thoroughness did not disappoint. Gneist IL from Norway quickly gained the upper hand in the game but, nevertheless, Baccum SK scored the first goal of the match.

Gneist continued undeterred to be in possession most of the time, but they only managed to scored 13 minutes into the second half.

Baccum SK defended exemplary and Gneist were only dangerous from time to time.

With 1-1 after regular time, the game went into stoppage time but still none of the teams managed to score.

And then Baccum SK made the difference. As Baccum SK scored three times on penalty and Gneis only scored once, they won the final 4-2 and then former UEFA press officer Frits Ahlstrom presented gold medals to Baccum SK in G17.

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 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

 Quite often a picture is worth a thousand words. Follow the link below and judge for yourself when you see the highlights from today's close and interesting B19-game between Nigerian Dynamic Sporting Solution and Norwegian Volda TI FB. The Nigerian boys won 2-1.

Link: Picture galleri

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 EBK Tiikerit (FIN) – Fortuna Hjørring (DEN) 4-2 (0-2) after extra time.

 Finnish EBK Tiikerit produced an excellent comeback when they played the local heroines from Fortuna Hjørring in the final in G13.

The Danes took advantage of the afternoon's heavy rain to bring themselves 2-0 in the lead on a very wet pitch. Two good shorts from the distance fooled the Finnish goalkeeper, who could not keep out the ball.

However, Tiikerit fought bravely and after a mistake by the Danish goalkeeper the Finns equalised forcing the game into extra time. When EBK Tiikerit went ahead 3-2 in the first half of extra time and further underlined the lead with a superb shot from the distance, the local players and spectators had to surrender to a fantastic team from Finland.

It was an entertaining final, which EBK Tiiekerit deserved to win.

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 Pure Excitement

 In one of today's first 1/8 finals in the B-finals, spectators saw an exciting game between Honolulu Bulls SC from the USA and Norwegian Gneist IL in the B14 class, which featured Norwegian physics, American combinations and lots of drama. After an even first half in which both teams tried to pass the ball a lot, the game intensified in the beginning of the second half.

Honolulu Bulls SC went ahead 1-0. However, Norwegian Gneist IL fought back and deservedly equalised. This score, however, changed rather fast as the Bulls scored again. Then the Norwegian boys pressed hard, but in vain, and in a last desperate attempt the Norwegian goalkeeper went forward on a corner kick. This was a very good decision, because he equalised in the very last minute. Of course, the Norwegian players were very happy, while the American boys tried to focus on the penalty shootout.

The penalty shootout was close as both teams had good shooters. The decision only fell when one of the Norwegian players hit the post. Honolulu Bulls SC won the penalty shootout 5-3. It was a game both teams could be very proud of. At 3PM Honolulu Bulls SC will play Norwegian Skudenes UIL on pitch 4.

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 All Stars Mexico (MEX) – Düren-Niederau FC (GER) 3-0 (1-0)

 Justice does not exist in football. Nevertheless, Düren-Niederau FC from Germany probably think that the team deserved better than loosing 3-0 to All Stars Mexico in the final of B12.

From the very first whistle the Germans put tremendous pressure on the Mexicans, who seemed totally surprised. However, All Stars gradually fought back and deservedly went ahead 1-0 after five minutes of play. Düren-Niederau FC got back in the game and had three great attempts towards the end of the first half, including a nice bicycle kick which the Mexican goalkeeper saved miraculously.

Nine minutes into the second half All Stars Mexico scored again therewith securing the victory in a game that could just as well have tipped over to the Germans' advantage. One of the differences was efficiency in front of goal, which was for instance emphasised by the nice free kick late in the second half.

High praise also to Düren-Niederau FC. It takes two teams to create a good match.

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 Cantolao (PER) – Düren-Niederau FC (GER) 5–0 (3-0)

 With an almost frightening ease Cantolao outplayed a German defence time and again. Skills and football understanding were some of the tools, which the South Americans used to open the German defence scoring several nice goals.

With ease the players from Peru outplayed the German team, who simply happened to meet a better opponent.

When Cantolao went ahead 4-0 eight minutes into the second half, the small South Americans almost ended the game and, so, the final goal on penalty was just extra entertainment.

But although the South American team was better, there was still reason to applaud Düren-Niederau FC, because they never gave up fighting till the final whistle.

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 Skedsmo FK (NOR) – Ylämyllyn Yllätys (FIN) 4-3 (1-1) after penalty shootout

 The first game of the finals was very equal until the very end. Norwegian Skedsmo only won after extra time and penalty shootout. The Norwegian girls slowly gained the upper hand in the first half and, consequently, the players in white went ahead 1-0 after 15 minutes of play.

However, Ylämyllyn Yllätys make good use of the well-known Finnish fighting spirit because just three minutes later they equalised on a beautiful shot from the distance.

The equaliser gave the Finns confidence and, thus, they were the better team in the second half. Nonetheless, none of the teams managed to score in ordinary time and, accordingly, the game went into extra time and penalty shootout. And here Skedsmo scored three times and Ylämyllyn Yllätys twice. Thus, Dana Cup's first gold medals went to Norway.

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