22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

Five New in Club 100

At this year’s VIP party in Fiberhallen Tuesday night five clubs joined the so-called Club 100 – an exclusive group of clubs having sent at least 100 teams to Dana Cup.
Fana IL, Egernsunds IK, Stord FB, Kongsberg IF and Madla IL, all from Norway, are the new members of the distinguished club, and the chairman of Dana Cup, Ole Vang Bruun, gave the representatives of the clubs diplomas and flowers.

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Awards Handed Out for the First Time


With 36 editions of Dana Cup in the bag, many valuable friendships have been made over the years. These faithful friends of Dana Cup act as outstanding ambassadors for the tournament worldwide. Participating year after year they afterwards spread the spirit and positive knowledge of the tournament. It is thanks to them that a lot of teams make their way to Hjørring and Dana Cup.

As from this year on Dana Cup will initiate the presentation of the ”Dana Cup Honour Award” and this time the organisation would like to honour and thank four people.

Inger Mostad has worked vigorously and loyally for Dana Cup from her domicile at Dues Sportsrejser in Grimstad in Norway. She is the reason why our tournament hosts so many Norwegian participants. But Inger’s engagement is not limited to providing service in Norway alone. Every year she accompanies her Norwegian customers – our guests – all the way to Hjørring to make sure they are all right. A truly remarkable effort. Congratulations to Inger!

Ingo Müller from Düren Niederau in Germany attends Dana Cup every year with a huge group of young talented players, who always show good performance. It is our impression that Ingo really feels at home at Dana Cup. In any case, throughout the year he will remember us in Hjørring since his wrist is covered with pervious tournament bracelets. Ingo is a real Dana Cup ambassador. Thank you and congratulations!

Sven Erik Jensen has proven an important Dana Cup ambassador right from the day we wanted to get teams from North America to participate in the tournament. Year after year, Sven Erik has met with American teams – even from more exotic places in the U.S. This has made Dana Cup more colourful. Thank you for your on-going commitment and congratulation on the award.

José Guimarães Júnior also known by everyone as ”Jockey”
For more than 30 years Jockey has attended Dana Cup with talented players from his hometown, Sao Paulo. Here, he provides them with school and football education. Every year the “Pequeninos do Jockey”, the boys of Jockey, increase the standard at Dana Cup. Jockey himself has become a highly appreciated institution. Even though he had to carry the Olympic torch on its way through Brazil in 2016 he participated in Dana Cup. From the Gothia Cup in Sweden he travelled home, where he did his run with the flame and the next day he took a flight to join his boys at the Dana Cup. Thank you for your great effort and for being a unique example to all of us! Congratulations!


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Stage for Extraordinary Events

Dana Cup is a stage for extraordinary events. Football, friendships and events go hand-in-hand and become an experience for life. Nevertheless, the organisation behind the world’s third largest football tournament for youth has for many years wanted to create a stage to present extraordinary events. In particular, great football matches or interesting events, in general.

‘Therefore, this year we have turned the pitch closest to the Centre Area into a kind of Centre Court dedicated to extraordinary events. Three stands have been placed next to the pitch and, for instance, this year Liverpool FC have used the place to practice, events with New Balance and PES2018 but, actually, we are open to several different kinds of events,’ the manager of Dana Cup, Jette Andersen, underlines.

‘Center Court is also an obvious offer to locals to experience some of the highlights of Dana Cup up close,’ stresses Jette Andersen, who is also very impressed by the high standard in the Event Area.

‘First and foremost, I think that we are able to offer players, managers and families a broad variety of opportunities when not playing football. Additionally, I also think that the quality is high. At Dana Cup we want the best,’ Jette Andersen states.

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Free Massage for Sore Muscles

Free pleasures are often the best. At Dana Cup there is something about the talk because players, coaches and referees can get free massage to relieve sore muscles.

‘We are 10 masseurs, who are ready to help the participants every day,’ emphasises the head of the massage tent, Bente Lauridsen, who has softened sore muscles for 11 years at Dana Cup. The tent is situated next to the MASH-tent at Fortuna’s clubhouse and is open on a daily basis from 9.00 am till 8.00 pm.

‘When the football pitches are wet we see many players and referees with hamstring muscle injuries, while hard pitches cause muscle soreness,’ Bente Lauridsen says.

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MASH in Close Contact with the Hospital in Hjørring

Statistically speaking, between 600 and 700 players are injured in the Dana Cup. And the injuries include anything from blisters to broken legs or head injuries. Most people are treated in the MASH-tent at Dana Cup, but serious injuries are treated at the hospital, Regionshospital Nordjylland, in Hjørring.

’We have a close and excellent cooperation with Region Nordjylland. For instance, two of our laptops have direct access to the hospital in Hjørring. This means that we can book a time in the hospital X-ray department directly from the MASH-tent if we suspect somebody of having a fracture. As a consequence, waiting time is less and treatment faster and, at the same time, the pressure on the public health care system is less because we have already assessed the patient and filled out the necessary documents’, nurse Jette Nordberg underlines.

’In the MASH-tent we are able to stitch wounds or give injections against tetanus, for instance. We buy most of the medicine ourselves, while Region Nordjylland help us with a lot of materials such as surgical cotton wool,’ Jette Nordberg explains.

Without MASH injured players would be forced to seek help from local GPs or the hospital.

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Staffed as a Smaller Hospital

With almost 20,000 football players, playing about 2700 matches, injuries become a natural part of the tournament. At Dana Cup between 600 and 700 players are injured but, luckily, the MASH-tent, which is situated next to Fortuna’s clubhouse, is staffed as a smaller hospital making it possible to treat most injuries on site.

‘In the MASH-tent we have two surgeons, two cardiologists, one paediatrician, one neurologist, one practitioner, six young people who have completed their medical studies, six nurses, two SOSU-assistants and even an employee, who is educated midwife, so we are ready to treat virtually anything,’ smiles the head of medical care at Dana Cup, Jette Nordberg, who is a nurse.

‘In total we are 47 people – the highest number ever at Dana Cup. 25 are medical students focusing on sports medicine. Plus a few students from Norway,’ she adds.

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Robbie Fowler Still Having Fun Playing Football

This afternoon former Liverpool FC player Robbie Fowler joined a practice session with the Danish team Aalborg KFUM on centre court and, clearly, he still enjoys the game of football.

‘I actually think that I can still play. I love the game; loved it when I was a kid, loved it when I played for Liverpool and I still love it now, although I can’t run around as much now as I did. Basically, I love being part of any kind of football,’ said Robbie Fowler, who actually returned home early from Hong Kong in order to be at Dana Cup.

One of the fortunate winners from Aalborg KFUM, who had won the practice session with coaches from Liverpool FC and Robbie Fowler, was Christine Krebs.
‘It was fun to practice, in particular, to meet a famous person and to practice in a different manner than we’re used to,’ Christine Krebs smiles.

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Fun in New Balance Football Cage

In the Event Area at Dana Cup you can test two different types of football boots by New Balance while playing soccer in the small football cage with your friends. Promoter Dennis Mørk at New Balance stresses that all participants are very welcome to try out the new boots by New Balance.

´We’re going to be here every day during the week and we’re going to be open from 9.00 am till 6.00 pm. Grab your friends and have a nice game with us. If you are not enough players, we can still help you,’ Dennis Mørk smiles.

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Pro Evolution Soccer is very Popular

In between the matches participants at Dana Cup have already found a way to continue the fun. In the Event Area players flock to the PES2018 tent, in which they laugh and talk while playing the football game Pro Evolution Soccer. Senior Director of Brand & Business Development at KONAMI Digital Entertainment, Jonas Lygaard, states that the company is interested in connecting with young people.

‘Dana Cup is the perfect place to be with 25,000 young people. We would be happy, if we can show them that PES2018 is a great game; and, afterwards, they will hopefully tell their friends at home, in schools and in sport clubs, how fun and interesting the game is´, Jonas Lygaard underlines and adds that he hopes that the players have a lot of fun. Moreover, if you come to the tent you have the opportunity to learn from a professional player.

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Livestream in Demand

During this year’s Dana Cup the subscribers of Bergenavisen in Bergen and Ringerike Blad in Oslo, Norway will be able to watch livestreaming of games involving Norwegian teams, in particular, teams from the areas around Bergen and Oslo. Jonas Johansen from BA states that livestreaming of local matches is in high demand and, consequently, they are in Hjørring testing if livestreaming from international tournaments like Dana Cup is just as popular.

The subscribers of the two papers can watch livestreaming on the papers´ homepages: www.ba.no and www.rb.no.

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Referees Gain Experience at the Dana Cup

In New Zealand rugby is the biggest sport whereas football is not as popular. So even though Calvin Berg and Benjamin O’Connell have refereed football for several years, they still gain a lot of experience by refereeing games at Dana Cup.
Calvin Berg became a referee in 2008, while Benjamin O’Connell started 7 years ago. They are the first referees from New Zealand and they are both very excited.

’We’ll definitely return, but the trip is expensive and we had to travel for two days via Australia and Dubai before arriving in Denmark late Sunday night,’ explains Calvin Berg, who does not really originate from New Zealand.

‘I was born and raised in the USA, but five years ago I moved to New Zealand to finish my education. New Zealand is much more relaxed and unpretentious then the USA,’ he smiles.

‘After the Dana Cup we travel to a tournament in Sheffield in England. We are on a long and expensive journey, so we use the opportunity to gain more experience from European football,’ says Calvin Berg, who has swopped New Zealand winter with temperatures close to freezing with a typical Danish summer.

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