22. - 27. JULY 2019 - HJØRRING - DENMARK

Kristiansund BK (NOR) – Bærum SK (NOR) 2-1

Saturday’s first final in Class B15 was a pure Norwegian match between Kristiansund BK and Bærum SK. In many ways, it was a typical Norwegian game; well played, intense and fast-paced but, unfortunately, lacking any great chances.
Thus, the first half ended goalless. None of the teams came close to scoring.

However, in the second half things changed as Kristiansund BK went ahead 1-0. Yet, the joy and lead did not last more than a few minutes because Bærum deservedly equalised.
Still, the decisive goal was brilliant. A perfect corner kick found one of Kristiansund’s tall defenders and he did not fail. A perfect header settled a very close and entertaining final.

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Nymark IL Awarded the Fair Play Trophy

This year Dana Cup’s jury chose Nymark IL as recipients of the Fair Play trophy among the girls with the following reasoning:
Nymark IL, which has participated several times with many teams, is at Dana Cup this year with 10 teams in different classes. With its many teams, the club has been thorough with administration before the start of the tournament.

On the first day of the tournament one of the club’s teams showed real Fair Play. The team agreed to postpone the start of the match as the opponent were unable to make it on time.
Moreover, the club has shown exceptional behaviour at their accommodation. Together with staff, the club has made sure that the stay at the Dana Cup has been very enjoyable.

In connection with dining and transportation, only positive information is available.
During the completion of all the matches, the club’s teams have also displayed a very remarkable behaviour.

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Trondheims-Ørn SK (NOR) – LSK Kvinner FK (NOR) 4-5 after extra time and penalty shootout

In the last final on Friday, the many spectators saw a game between the two Norwegian teams Tronheims-Ørn SK and LSK Kvinner FK, in which the ball only hit the crossbar within the first 25 minutes.

No one can blame the two teams in G19 for not wanting to win. Both teams fought hard, but they were unable to create any real chances in ordinary or extra time that could have added extra spice to the match.
Then, in order to determine the winner of the final the game ended with a penalty shootout. Here the teams were almost equal but, as Trondheims-Ørn missed a penalty, LSK Kvinner FK won gold.


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Bjarg IL Awarded the Fair Play Trophy

This year Dana Cup’s jury chose Bjarg IL as recipients of the Fair Play trophy among the boys with the following reasoning:

Bjarg IL participates with nine teams in different classes this year and, in addition, Bjarg IL has participated in the Dana Cup for several years.
The club has had everything under control, and they have also been very interested in making sure that everything was in place before the start of the tournament.
Moreover, the club has shown exceptional behaviour at their accommodation making sure that everything was neat and tidy.

In connection with dining and transportation, only positive information is available.
During the completion of all the matches, the club’s teams have displayed a very remarkable behaviour.

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Bielawianka Bielaw (POL) – Fortuna Hjørring (DEN) 1-2 (0-2)

A strong collective, good movement on the pitch, spiced with solid individual performances; those were some of the ingredients that Fortuna Hjørring had put into the pot when the team played Bielawianka Bielaw from Poland in G17.

They had only played five minutes when the Danes went ahead on a well-played attack. However, things only got worse for the strong Polish team, as Fortuna Hjørring scored again three minutes later on a wonderful individual performance. The ball was taken and a good solo run resulted in the next goal.
The second half was physically hard and when Bielawianka Bielaw took advantage of some confusing in the Danish defence they equalised. Thus, it became an interesting match again.

However, Fortuna Hjørring resisted the pressure and, thus, repeated the victory from the Dana Cup 2017.

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Minsk FC (BLR) – AaB (DEN) 0-4 (0-4)

AaB from Denmark did not need many minutes to take control of the game. Having played only four and a half minutes, they went ahead 1-0 after three dangerous attacks in a row.

Minsk FC was unable to repeat the club’s victory in G12 in the first final on Friday. The Danish players from Aab were constantly dangerous in attack and the strikers were cynical. Consequently, three of the goals were scored after Belarusian mistakes.

On the other hand, the Danish defenders were very careful and they, more or less, gave away no chances except once.

The second half was about as exciting as a Czech short film Saturday evening at primetime.
Minsk FC had a few sporadic attempts but nothing that endangered the Danish victory.

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La Academia FC (GUA) – Frederikssund FB (DEN) 7-1 (4-0)

Strength and size were not enough for the Danish players from Frederikssund FB to beat La Academia in the B12 final. The South Americans were excellent dribblers and, not least, strong in front of goal. So, when they stole the ball from the well-playing Danes, they quickly counterattacked.

In just five minutes the South American’s number 11 scored three goals and, when he put the ball past the Danish goalkeeper seven minutes later, all the spectators knew who were going to lift the trophy while listening to the song ’We Are The Champions’ by Queens.
Frederikssund deserved to score a goal after eight minutes of play in the second half, but they could not change the final outcome of the game.

The dangerous striker scored six of La Academia’s seven goals and, consequently, he was voted man of the match.

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Skibsby-Højene IF (DEN) – Cantolao (PERU) 0-1 (0-1)

In the B11 final a single mistake cost Skibsby-Højene IF, Denmark, dearly against Cantalao from Peru. The mistake meant that the South American players could easily score the only goal of the match.

Normally, in the cold North one is used to enjoying entertaining South American football, yet, this time the local heroes from Hjørring often played the most beautiful football. However, the players from Skibsby-Højene IF were unable to create any big chances.

Still, the disappointed players from Skibsby-Højene IF could appreciate the fact that the team’s number 8 was voted the best player of the final.

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AaB (DEN) – Minsk FC (BLR) 1–3 (1-1)

AaB from Denmark and Minsk FC from Belarus were two fine representatives of girls’ football, when they met in the final in class G12.

From the start of the match, Minsk FC put a lot of pressure on the Danish players, who nevertheless managed to play and fight well enabling them to equalise after 19 minutes of play. The strong Belarusian striker with number 14 had earlier scored a beautiful long distance goal.

As Minsk FC went ahead 2-1 in the second half, the players from Belarus dominated more and more and deservedly won the final 3-1. However, both teams played well in the final.

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Olivia Bergman

Volunteers from the Dana Cup Academy

The fact that Dana Cup is well-organized is largely due to the approx. 1,500 volunteers, young and older, who solve a wide range of tasks each year. One of the pieces in this great puzzle is 17-year-old Olivia Bergmann, who, among other things, works in the kitchen. Normally, she is a student at the Dana Cup Academy, where she combines studying at Hjørring high school with football at a high level.

‘It works really well. I started at the academy after last year's Dana Cup,’ explains a smiling Olivia, who is originally from Allerød, where she spent a lot of transport time to and from training.

Right now, the academy houses students aged 15 to 19 from all over Denmark and Norway.

‘There is a good environment at the academy and Fortuna Hjørring is a good club, ‘ explains Olivia who, along with Fortuna's G17 team, won 1-0 over the Norwegian Viking FK yesterday afternoon, so will we see them in the final?

More information about the Dana Cup Academy can be found here.

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Having Fun Everywhere They Go!

Richmond Park FC was formed in 2014 with one boys' team but then grew the following summer to include three girls' teams. Currently the club has nine teams, drawing players from the Richmond Park area in South West London.

The chairman, James Tavendale, smiled when asked what the club’s aim was for the competition this year and said ‘First and foremost to enjoy the company of the football family here at Dana Cup! We try to make friends wherever we go and every year at Dana Cup one of the greatest pleasures is meeting people again that we’ve met at previous tournaments’. He went on to say ‘Sporting-wise our goal is always to be playing on Friday but as long as everyone is enjoying their experience that’s the most important thing’.

In addition, when talking about the tournament itself he said that the ’weather is Amazing! We love Dana Cup and love posting pictures on our Instagram ‘@richmondparkfc’.

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